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    Congratulations to ECZ :flower: :flower:

    Decent game :drink:

    It's pity that Tauron MKS Dąbrowa lost to Eczacibasi, but it was really good match, for Dąbrowa especially in the 1st set.
    Nonetheless, Eczacibasi deserved to win this match because they were better team.
    I'm sad because all Polish teams playing in the Champions League: Muszynianka Muszyna, Atom Trefl Sopot and Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza today lost their matches :( But I comfort myself that "our" girls met with really strong opponents and in the next match they will win!
    I wished from all my heart that Muszynianka win the match, but Dynamo Moscow is very strong team. But my favourite Polish team also didn't disappoint me!

    I know that this is controversial and sensitive topic amongst volleyball fans in Poland, which are divided on this question, but I have decided to create such thread.
    I think that Mariola Zenik is far much better libero than Paulina Maj. She is better in all elements which are important for a good libero: reception, defense and also setting if there is such a need. Maj is quicker than Zenik, but Mariola doesn't need to dive so often as Paulina because she knows where to be to get a ball, so some people talk that she is "lazy"
    what isn't true.
    Mariola besides has more experience: she plays since many years (from 2003) in Polish national team, participating in important international tournaments, including Olympic games in 2008 in Bejing and has also wide experience in clubs, playing for some years abroad: few seasons in Italy and one in Russia.
    All it makes Mariola Zenik much better libero than Paulina Maj.
    What do you think about it?

    I also prefer Paola Cardullo and I'm not the first person who thinks she is better in reception than Sykora. It is true that defenses of Stacy Sykora are more visually attractive, but it doesn't automatically mean that she is better in this element. A player may be better in defense without such spectacular actions, she/he only needs to know where to go to dig the ball.

    Although I am in China,but I heard your country like volleyball very much and have an big enthusiasm for it. :win:

    Yes, it's true. But I think in China there is also big enthusiasm for volleyball, at least for female volleyball. There is year after year a World Grand Prix tournament in some Chinese cities, Ningbo or others, so it seems to be a popular sport in your country.

    Paulina Maj can't fly around the court to receive every single ball :aww:

    You are right: She is simply unable to do it, because she isn't very good player! In Poland there are far more better liberos: Mariola Zenik and Agata Sawicka and at very least Krystyna Strasz. Personally I don't like her, but she is better than this weak libero Paulina Maj!

    On 4th photo is Anita Kwiatkowska :D

    I would never recognize her on this photo! :lol: I suspected it may be Dorota Wilk or another player which I can't recognize, but would never think of Anita in context of this photography. For me in this photo she is not so slim (maybe I even should call it "skinny") as we can see her on television playing on the court.

    I can not wait to see Sanja in action! :thumbsup:

    I see you are a big fan of Sanja Popović! When speaking about foreign Muszynianka players I prefer Helene Rousseaux and I'm very curious how will she play this season in this team. I think she is not worse than Sanja, only younger and lesser known worldwide. But her skills grow year after year and in my opinion she deserves to play in the best teams not only in Poland, but also in Europe!

    Realy great photos! I especially like number 3 and 4. On photo number 3 there is of course Mariola Zenik - as always beautiful, but I don't know who is on fourth photography. Is it Dorota Wilk (she has got a dog and although a dog is not a wolf, I thought that it probably may be her - Wilk = wolf in Polish for those who don't understand this language)?

    Atom seems to have changed their logo again. From the cool black & yellow atom first year, to the lumpy blue & green atom used last year, to just this exciting logo:

    The atom image that was on the front of shirts is replaced by PGE logo.

    Can I know why do you call "lumpy" this blue and green logo? I liked these colours, also on players' shirts , much more than black and yellow! It is maybe because I simply don't like black colour, neither on sport wear nor on shirts, jackets, coats etc. worn by "ordinary" people. It brings such a sad, "funeral" atmosphere!

    Very nice and interesting interview! I like Milena since many years to this day. It would be very nice if she would return to the Polish national team in future, possibly in 2013! Of course, someone can tell "We have better players", but I remember many wonderful moments with her in the national team some years ago and we can assume that not all her skills are gone. Let's see: for example reception. Polish national team has now many problems with this element and Milena was always good in reception. She ever played for some time libero in Romanian team, so she must have been really good in this element.
    But what will Polish coach Alojzy Świderek do - nobody (except him himself) knows!

    In my avatar I have included some description. It reads "Weg mit ihr!". I have noticed that majority of users speak English, but I couldn't translate this sentence into this language, so wrote it in German, because more people in the world (and there also, I suppose) speak or at least understand German than Polish. In English it would be "Out with her!", but maybe it is false translation. If someone here understands good both English and German, please help mi!

    I'm new to this forum as member, but I have read your posts since at least 2 years.
    I would like to tell this at beginning : I'm great antifan and enemy of Paulina Maj - my nick in Polish is "The antifan of Paulina Maj"!
    I have read that someone wrote sometime about me that I am some crazy woman or man, which hates Paulina. It is almost true, but one thing is false - I'm not crazy! I wrote since another months in Polish volleyball forums, mainly in (Former) Plus Liga Kobiet, now Orlen Liga official forum about that awful and extremely weak libero which is Paulina Maj!
    I though: This is time to register here to tell people around world how weak this volleyball player is. Someone wrote this even before, I tihink this was turrican, that Maj is very overrated libero. I agree totally!!!