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    another disastrous performance by eczacı in blocking. 6 blocks in 4 sets. rasic would have made as many blocks on her own. they should pray for not drawing imoco in quarter final or they wont even win a medal.

    Are the quarterfinals pool crossing already set? If not CEV will simply pick which quarterfinals they want.. I can already see them forcing Fenerbache against Vakifbank or Vitra.

    i think they cant do that. all turkish teams along with novara will finish the as the best 4 first seeds. so they shouldn't be facing one another by my calculations. or am i missing something.

    and if this is correct, 2 of these 4 teams, the ones that wont face imoco or scandicci, will have a cakewalk to semi final.

    ebrar will most possibly be loaned to some team in turkey. what i dont get is why vakıfbank keeps passing up signing with egonu. haak is also great but when you have the chance/opportunity to get better player, why dont you. gui must hate egonu, this is the only logical explanation.

    in fact, if i were vakıf, i would get both haak and egonu(to replace zhu). egonu is the only player that could replace zhu. she is not trash in reception. she showed she could receive, she is definitely much better than kosheleva in that area. plus, she doesn't have to receive much(unless it is a jump serve). you can get by receiving with two players in women's volleyball, no?

    so a lot has happened while i was gone. thanks for not wondering if i ended up dead.

    what is going on with conegliano? they started the season really hot. i thought they were gonna win it all. they were that scary, even scarier than 12-13 vakıf. wolosz was struggling last i watched. i know they have injured players but they shouldnt have struggled that much. they have a deep bench. sylla i guess is far from her WC performance. thats the main issue. but i believe they are gonna step up their game. i dont like novara's playing style. i think imoco is gonna be the team to beat when playoffs arrive.

    this tournament showed eczacıbaşı have some serious problems. firstly, they should sign with naz no matter what. it is just not going to work out with gamze, thats for sure. i dont know if this move could save their season cuz with that contribution(or no contribution) from middles, they have no chance in CL. and in the local league if ebrar can play the way she did in CWC vakıf could put milena on court and can destroy eczacı in the middle position. in that case they'd have no chance in turkish league either.

    if i were them next season i would form a "semi serbian team". KYK is not as explosive as she used to. i'd rather have mihajlovic in that position. but you gotta receive with two player. i would use meliha as a receiver and if she fails you can put güldeniz on court. i mean i dont think güldeniz is worse than serbian's receiver( i forgot her name, she was the third option in that position, she was not even supposed to play) and serbia won WC with her receiving. and for the middle, i'd get veljkovic and eda. eda might seem far-fetched for now. but fenerbahçe is struggling in football. and next season i am guessing they will use all their money on football and they might not allocate any money for volleyball and this could enable eda to leave fener.


    this line up is much more balanced. you dont need to play with different line up in CL and local league cuz there would be 3 foreign players. and in this line up you know you are gonna get something from middle.

    scandicci crushed imoco. volleyball is interesting. imoco seemed unbeatable couple of weeks ago, but they lost to both novara and scandicci. hill was off today. too bad there is no megan to replace her. scandicci blocked&defended really well. it is good to see them improving. they were disaster at the begining of the season against novara.