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    i am glad that that annoying perugia team lost the final game of the series in front of their own fans after leading 2-0. i hate the way they celebrate after they make a block. it is so irritating. especially that clown podrascanin. i hate him and the coach. they dont deserve to be in such team anyway. podrascanin is definitely gone. he is not at desired level. he doesnt belong to that team. and that coach, even though they swept all the cups in italy last season, that coach sucks. and it became evident that he does. the only reason they swept lube last season was lube was loser. they also lost the cl. otoh lube won the most important cups. lube can enjoy their victories they won in the last 5 days all summer long while perugia players may be happy with blocks they made this season.

    I think they need to shut down their club because they won silver at CL.

    Enough is enough.

    winning it all is all that matters. if you win you win, if you dont you dont. imoco didnt win, once again.

    maybe they should create their volleyball culture instead of buying other team's players every season.

    i know you are extremely confident that they'll win next year now that egonu is gonna join them and zhu is gone. i suggest you dont hold onto that thought too much. semi finals are two games. final is one game. anything can happen. its not like they are 7 game series. plus fb will be very scary team. also people are gonna count vakıfbank out and i think they are gonna make some surprises next season.

    for the seven consecutive years vakıfbank or the teams that beat vakıfbank won the whole thing. i am glad this trend continued today. you cant just avoid vakıfbank and win it all. no vulturing. you gotta beat the best team(unless you are the best team) to be champion.

    what i wonder is if conegliano is ever gonna win cl.

    i mean they barely got out of group with the help of not one but two other teams.

    in the qf your opponent crushed you in first game but their best player is not in her best shape in the second game and due to foreign rule they dont have any good back-up like you do in that position and you take advantage of that.

    in the sf in the second set they should have lost the set but not only did they get away with an out call(it should have been called block-out and fb should have gotten the point) they bought the referees and made them call out a flat-out block-out call. that set was way more crucial than it may have seemed. and in the final you get to avoid the best team. i mean what more do you want? if you cant win in these conditions, when are you going to, right?

    i am so happy lube won cl after italian league. it was so painful for them to lose last year's final after having match point and being the better team in all of the sets(even in the ones they lost). the team had a lot of ups and downs throughout the season but managed to win the two most important cups. changing the coach was the main reason the team took a turn for the better.

    again conegliano failed. they didnt show anything. they aint a champion. they didnt win nothing outside of italy. they choked when it mattered most. cl is a different stage. it is where players like egonu shine. they didnt belong to the finals. eczacı would have been there if boskovic was healthy.

    i guess no molten no love, right?

    Congrats Novara !!!

    Not only that they won CL they got ticket for WCCH !!!

    Historic season for Italian teams, so proud at them :rose:

    why though. you're not italian. should people jump on the bandwagon to support usa in olympics since they have great athletes in pretty much every sport and be proud of the medals they win?

    and why the referees were not calling any double touch in the first set against imoco players. usually i like susana rodriguez but she didnt call double touch 3 different times for whatever reason.

    i am delighted the best player on the planet won today. she deserved it already by beating vakıfbank(aka the actual best team in the world. the fact that they lost to novara(cough egonu) doesnt change this fact. sometimes best teams dont win.)

    and the best opposite(!) of the world choked again. she sucked so hard that she got replaced. 1/11 lmfao. even wolosz was 4/6.

    sylla. i am not gonna lie. i am happy that you lost. and i am exhulting at your performance today. you were beyind terrible. i dont why tirozzi didnt replace you. hope you never win anything. people bitching about ebrar's antics as if sylla is any different.

    Sorry, this comment is embrassing and you should be banned.

    We are volleyball fans, don’t create hate because our teams lost, federation members made wrong decision or referee made a mistake - we still discuss about other HUMANS! It’s so easy to forget so basic stuff...

    why. i am not creating hate. egonu is my favorite player. even crovolley will confirm how much i love her.