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    Rachel Adams is a very good attacker and very nice person i wish her good luck in her new team and i thought Gibbemayer is a better blocker and balanced MB ,am i wrong ?

    Actually i am not a big fan of rachel's game. Firstly, she is not good at "little" things such as serving,defence, passing with finger or bump pass(i am not familiar with the english of these terms, i hope i am using the correct words). Like most other MBs, she misses serve a lot. and it is not like she has an effective serve. As for attack and block, again i dont think she is world class. In offense, she gets blocked a lot, or hit out. And in block, she is not very good at all. Most of the time she cant touch the opponent's attack and cant slow the ball down.

    But do i think gibbemayer is better choice? i am not sure. she is the back up of rachel in us nt after all. I think Eczacı could have gotten better player in that position. I mean these players are great. Dont get me wrong, but if you wanna make a run for championship in champions league, i think you need more than those kind of players. Zhu is so dominant and possibly fener will sign with KYK. Eczacı is gonna have a lot of trouble trying to compete with these two teams next season.