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    Turkish league is maybe also not an option anymore, and since a lot of players want to play in Europe, Italy is starting to become the only option. Seems some Turkish clubs are struggling financially and its really serious. Halkbank basically sold their club to Samsun Anakent. Bursa have talked openly about it that their budget is decreased and Belien left them so far as a result. GS is signing young Americans. And most other teams remain silent thus far. But like some said for a clear idea we have to wait a few more months! Players like Hooker, Akinradewo, Rahimova etc. can still change the game.

    Jeez, do you still live in 2012? Hooker? She's not the player she used to be, get over it. I'm sick of people still praising her in 2018.

    Good decision. I feel like his mission is to turn everyone here into Zhu's haters. Of course he's not the only one. :rolleyes:

    OMG, do you even realize it's people like you that have brought Zhu Ting haters? Your ID speaks for itself.

    Well you and Sydney can answer now my very simple and very specific question without been afraid of "off Topic" or you can ask Sydney and beri to provide to us a simple and stupid link of Gozde Instagram to confirm their claims that Gozde was supposedly been attacked by many Zhu Tings fans.