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    Honestly as someone who is just a casual user of this forum it has become exhausting. I usually just like to lurk and read what other people thought of the game, because no one else I know really likes volleyball, and I like to see if others had the same opinions of the games as I did. So it is super frustrating to come on here and literal pages are filled with comments that have nothing to do with the games. It’s ruining the entire point of this site. It’s not that hard to see that neither side is ever going to be convinced that they are in the wrong. People need to grow up and realize that if after a few comments are exchanged and you still fundamentally disagree with the person to the point where you are unable to be civil with each other you should either:

    1. Block them so you no longer have to see their opinion or interact with them.


    2. Continue your argument through personal messages so that everyone else can continue having discussions for what this thread is actually meant to be used for.

    It’s literally not that hard to just ignore each other.

    There are sudden and very unusual changes in the percentages. I am almost sure Cev will arrange the results according to their own wishes:whistle::whistle:

    maybe the weird percentage changes could be explained if cev found a way to stop people from voting multiple times by clearing the cache like someone said you can do earlier? I just can’t believe Orro is ahead of Maja and Cansu

    I agree that turkish fans are usally voting only turkish players but Fans from other countries are voting only for their own players too. look at fedorovtseva and milenkovic... It's not just Turkish fans who vote unfairly. Since the number of Turkish fans is high, the Turkish players lead the vote.

    I don’t blame Turkish fans for only voting for their players, most people vote that way even if I personally don’t like that way of voting I understand it. The problem is that cev is having people vote in the first place. If we simply look at population difference alone in the top 3 placing countries you can tell how unfair a voting method is. Turkey has over 70 million more people than Serbia and 20 million than Italy

    I think this is great. If everyone will be selected from 3rd placed team. They will realize this is a bad idea and won't do it next year lol

    true enough but it’s going to look pretty embarrassing to CEV if they just accept the results. Plus it’s sad for all of the players involved. I doubt the Turkish players are going to be happy to be in the dream team this way, and there are so many players from both Serbia and Italy who will miss out on an accolade they deserved. I also think there are some players from Turkey who rightfully deserve an award (specifically Eda) so it’s not as if I think no spots on the dream team should go to Turkey

    side note since someone mentioned this the last time I spoke about awards: I realize that individual awards aren’t necessarily that important to players, they much rather have the team medal, however everybody likes to be recognized when they have done something exceptionally well whether in sports or in life.

    I like the new format especially for the teams that cant play in world stage even though some matches in pool stage can be boring sometimes.However, participating in ECH might get some attention in these countries so that volleyball can grow this way IMO. If some top teams think that some of the matches are useless, they can play with their back up players in 1or 2 matches:whistle:

    this is exactly how I feel, not everything is about how interesting it is at that moment. Giving weaker teams an opportunity to play bigger competitions will make them stronger and ultimately make volleyball more entertaining in the long run. I personally don’t mind having some boring matches that I don’t feel the need to watch, I wouldn’t have enough free time in the day if there were any more interesting matches than there already are.

    I thought about that too, but I don't like it. Though most of the time I don't like official dream teams either :aww:

    I usually disagree with the official one, but the fan voted one is literally just a popularity contest, it almost never has anything to do with how they actually played this tournament. At least with the official one even if I don’t agree, the players usually deserve a spot on the dream team to some extent

    As a fan of Rasic, I feel sad that her final year in NT is such a big flop that I really didn’t expect it to be coming;( She got my attention back in the days when she played for RC Cannes. What a journey in all these years and she’ll always be the best European MB in my mind.

    There are so many teams who would do anything to have a Olympic bronze and European silver. I know the players don’t feel like this is a huge achievement right away, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t done something amazing

    For me Maja was clearly the best (but obviously i'm subjective in that sense), but 3 awards for Serbia would be too much, but who knows. Cansu was really good till that semi final when she was also good mostly but really struglle in decisive moments.

    I think Maja did the best anyone could possibly do considering she really only had 3 reliable attackers, there’s not much a setter can do when both your OHs are essentially liberos. But I do think Cansu has shown that she is a world class setter and she is likely only going to get better. I still think Ognjenovic deserves the award

    I can’t believe how bad this cev announcer is at pronouncing names of players, it drives me absolutely insane. It’s literally his job. It’s not that hard to learn that certain letters aren’t going to be pronounced exactly like they are in English, it just sort of feels disrespectful to not learn how people’s names are said

    Lazovic brings so much energy and fire on to the court that I think is almost as important as her attacking and receiving. Players talk all the time about how it’s hard to motivate themselves to win something they’ve already won before, so having a good player who still hasn’t got those achievements helps so much to energize the rest of the players I think

    They did add points this afternoon/evening sometime, but I took a screenshot of the rankings on the 24th before the matches and when I looked at the rankings earlier today all the points were still the same as on my screenshots from Thursday. So they must just be updating them every few days.