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    I love seeing the Swiss celebration, you can really see how much this win meant to them. It’s easy to forget after mostly following the teams that are fighting for medals that don’t get super excited over a pool phase win, that for some teams simply being in this competition is a pretty big achievement

    I wonder if Terzic is actually going to try and transition Caric to OH or if he has just been doing this simply as a blocking substitution. I don’t think it would be a horrible idea if she can receive half decently. It seems like it would be a shame for her to spend her whole career on the bench if she stays playing as opp in NT

    Unbelivable that even in ECH and with low level team serbia play the same with boskovic

    What happened to maja?

    Boskovic only attacked 7 more times than Busa according to the statistics, and both the middles got a lot of sets considering it was only 3 short sets. I don’t know what more you expected, opposites are always going to get the most balls in pretty much every team, but the distribution in this match was honestly good.

    I know people hate watching boskoball ( and tbh I don’t like it either, it’s boring), but winning a match with boskoball is better than losing a match while having great distribution, which is probably what would happen against a lot of higher level teams if the other attackers aren’t able to score. What Serbia desperately needs is a new offensive OH that can be a reliable scoring option and then Maja would probably chill on the boskoball tactics

    Annie's gum... the hero we did not expect... but the one we deserved


    but like where did she put her gum when she picked it up? The rally started immediately after, please tell me she didn’t put it back in her mouth :what: or was she just holding it until the point ended lmao

    I really don’t think it’s that people don’t feel sorry for Italy’s loss. I think it’s more so that it doesn’t receive such an emotional or shocked reaction on here because it wasn’t as unexpected as China not making it out of the pool stages or Korea beating Turkey. It was really a coin toss on which team would come out on top in this game and we were all mentally prepared to be saying goodbye to a team who we all expected to be fighting for medals no matter who lost this match

    I am impressed by Serbia's libero. She's not stable in Rio 2016, esp in Gold match.

    But today she was amazing with some big digs, which helped the momentum shift back to Serbia in set #3.

    Ognjenovic again, proved herself one of the best setters in the world, even at her age.

    IMO Popovic has always been a pretty excellent libero, although she really flopped in the final in Rio. But in the past both her and Serbia’s passing OH have had to cover for Mihajlovic, which is not an easy thing to do, so it looks messy, but she still manages to get the job done. She’s often unappreciated but I would say she is the main reasons for Serbia to have been able to successfully play with a 2 man receiving system the last few years

    I think USA can still get through the QF. This is just a bump in the road. They can beat Serbia.

    I think USA would still have a hard time beating Serbia even though they are lacking their normal fire power. USA doesn’t have a lot of players who are strong out of system, especially now if JT isn’t able to play. Plus we saw how much they struggled with Russia’s block today and and Serbia is still one of the top blocking teams.

    Such an exciting game to watch! This game (and the game against China) is the first time in forever that it’s looked like they believed they could win. It’s like Russia woke up and realized they have everything it takes to be a high level team, they just needed a little self belief and fighting spirit!