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    And it's also ridicolous to generalize a whole category of fans and to trashtalk a team just for ONE SINGLE person's comments on a small forum like this. Also, people here were talking about Conegliano's fans as a whole, so sorry, but I wanted to defend myself and the other italian fans I know, who are generally very respectful.

    No one was hating on Conegliano’s fans as a whole though. They were just saying that the one very vocal fan makes them want to root against conegliano even though they otherwise would like the team. I would say that most people on this site are probably fans of both Turkish and Italian teams, it’s just kind of off putting to deal with users who refuse to respect that their favourite team isn’t always going to be other people’s favourite team too

    But why is it trolling because I express my opinion and I don’t agree with you :gone::rolll:

    My opinion no matter what Conegliano is the best team in the World and CL title would be just a crown of this season.

    And next season we are fighting for WCCH and CL title again :box:

    it’s trolling because you act as if your opinion is fact and not just an opinion. and you refuse to respect anyone else’s opinion if they don’t agree with you. You don’t have to agree with other peoples opinions but you don’t have to be so confrontational about it all the time

    I mean in combintion with setter like Maja is that OH duo seems pretty solid, reception for sure will not be the problem anymore, OTOH both player aren't the most dominant attackers, but first of all you have Boskovic on opposite, and also i like the Maja - Gabi connection, the main question is the MB, because they are much important for Maja perforamnce. But with good coach that team even with 3 foreigners of (Maja - Boskovic - Gabi - Ogbogu) looks good IMO.

    I think that might be good enough for the Turkish league because of foreigner limits, but I don’t think they would stand a chance in champions league without another really great middle, especially if vakif gets zhu back and keeps haak

    Edmonton and Toronto did a great job hosting the Stanley Cup qualy round and finals in the bubble. Wonder if Canada would be interested in hosting?

    I wish, but it would never happen. Here hockey is a part of our culture, so that’s why we hosted the nhl playoffs, but most Canadians don’t think of volleyball as much more than an after school sport, I really wish that we would invest more in volleyball but I doubt it will ever happen. Plus the nhl paid for the bubble costs, not the host cities or teams, and Canada’s volleyball association would never be able to afford to do the same thing

    If they were better team they would won it no matter of what. They were still leading, they had whole another set but they couldn’t.

    They are huge pro players it is not like this is something that happend to them for the first time.

    yes they shouldn’t have let the refs terrible calls affect them so much, but it is something that can really get in the heads of players, we’ve seen the same thing happen before with even the best teams. But people have a right to be mad about the ref though, if the roles had been reversed and conegliano had been the team the ref stole a point from causing them to melt down you would be complaining too.

    Lol I had a feeling it was trust issues. What's up with that? Those 2 need to work it out.

    I don’t think it’s trust issues fully. She’s clearly more comfortable setting rasic but that’s not really a fair comparison because they have played together for basically forever, and maja and zehra have played together for 1 shorter than normal season so their connection still needs to improve obviously. But I also think it’s a rotational thing, maja and rasic are in the front row together, and she usually sets her middles more often when she’s in front row no matter who the middles are, at least that’s what I’ve noticed in previous matches

    I don't think that it will be possible to hold the 2021 VNL because of covid, but somehow FIVB still pushes a schedule out. Thoughts?

    For example, quarantining for two weeks in each new country is certainly not possible... not to mention the different regulations each country has for foreign citizens entering and leaving.

    2021 VNL is still a long way out, and the covid situation and regulations may be vastly different from what they are right now. It’s a lot easier to have a schedule planned and then cancel it if it’s not possible to actually hold the VNL than it is to try and plan it last minute if covid has been contained by next summer

    Calm down! Corono viruz isn't that severe as what you thinknit is! The media is just over killing it with lot's of drama. Have you done your research? Most of those infected and died people are old and with underlying conditions not just because of viruz. Have you check the percentage of survivors of this virus? Nope because they media are focusing too much on the # of death. Strong Immune system is the key. you had fever, cough and colds and you became okay and healthy again and you didn't know you got infected with the viruz and survived. It's like a simple flu and that's it!!!!

    It’s not like death is the only concern though, especially for athletes about to head to the Olympics. If they get sick, even if it isn’t fatal, it will stop them from being able to practice properly and give them not enough time to recover before the Olympics. Or if they are exposed to the corona virus they will be put in quarantine for many weeks, which again could harm their Olympic chances. I think cancelling all tournaments would be excessive and unnecessary, but relocating all of the times China is set to host to a less risky location seems like a reasonable decision

    I call bullshit on this post, because of those Serbians who are top 3 so far in votes in their respective categories (Tijana, Maja, Stefana and Brankica), only for Brankica is it debatable whether she objectively deserves such a high position (judging on this year alone). For the other 3, no one in their right mind would deny that they were among the 3 best in the world, on their positions, in 2019. You're only saying that because the OP is himself Serbian (not to mention wildly hypebolic, because if anyone truly believes 99% of voters were from one country, then I have an Washington sea-side property to sell them).

    I think they put that because in the beginning the Serbians had really big leads (probably because it had just begun). Like I know when I voted, most of the Serb players had like at least 50% of the votes for each category. But now it has evened out a lot more, and only setter position has a big lead the last I saw

    In the McClaren report published in 2016, there were at least 8 positive samples prior to London 2012 of Russian volleyball players.

    In the OQ played in Berlin 2015, Markin was tested positive with meldonium (he scored 17 points in the final match versus France with the magic help of the pills) but of course, FIVB didn´t disqualify them or at least sent them to the last OQ in Japan.

    I´m sad for those players who never used doping substances and they wouldn´t be able to participate in Tokyo 2020, but fo the rest of them...

    testing positive for meldonium before it was banned in 2016 should literally be a non issue. If it’s not a banned substance then players are allowed to use it, if they tested positive for it now that would be a big issue. People take lots of supplements that aren’t banned because they feel it helps them perform better, they can’t be expected to know if it will ever be banned in the future.

    I don’t support any athletes who dope, but it’s pretty awful to just ban a whole nation including the clean athletes. It’s not like an individual could have any control or stop state sponsored doping system. There has to be another way for athletes to prove that they don’t be dope, and those athletes should be allowed to participate in what they have worked their whole lives for