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    if SRB didn't want to send A team, why didn't they give up their spot and let ITA or TUR be there?

    btw, speaking of brother-sister duos, there's a plak in the NED men's NT, is that her brother?

    no team is going to willingly just give up their spot and get 0 points. They sent their b team because they still want some points and it helps the team become stronger. Plus this team is still proving to be able to compete at a good level, it’s not like they sent a completely incompetent team that all the other teams can play their bench against

    I’m confused.. you don’t like her because she was upset after losing a gold medal match at the Olympics? An Olympic gold is basically what these players work for and devote their whole lives too, I think I would find a player a lot more unlikable if they weren’t a wreck after losing such an important match. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean...

    tbh taking any sets against the top teams in this tournament should be viewed as a victory for the serb b team. their usual bench players/young players are gonna benefit a lot in the long run by getting to play against these teams top level players.

    Btw many fans in the hall said Terzic was belittling and cursing the Italian judge terribly, the way he spoke was offensive to women according to them. And many fans booed his every move after that, particularly the female ones.

    I wish I was in Ankara :obey::love:

    I'm not a fan of neither of these wannabe Alpha coaches tbh

    in an interview Terzic said he struggled communicating to the team because it was too loud to hear. Which I don’t doubt because the hall seemed ridiculously loud just watching the video. If they couldn’t hear what people standing right next to them were saying, it seems unlikely that fans who are a few meters back could hear what was actually being said

    The only significant fact is that Croatia was stolen yesterday when the match broke. I have mentioned it and will always mention whatever you think heavenly.

    The argument that it was a friendly match is not exactly a justification for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    when a player is injured everyone’s first concern is that players well-being as soon as they realize it’s happening, the last thing anyone is thinking about is the last point. If the croatian players didn’t feel it was necessary to contest replaying the point, then I don’t see why your throwing such a big fit over it. Sometimes bad calls are made, it happens in nearly every tournament(even more important ones), but it is just one more aspect of the game, it sucks but it happens. Also it’s not really unsportsmanlike conduct considering it’s not the Serbian teams fault that the point was replayed, it was the refs call

    I think I like the new system where each continent has their own competitions and send one team, meaning 6 teams. Rest of the spots are decided in world qualifications where European teams probably will most likely get all 6 spots as they deserved it for so long.

    The current system makes sense neither economically nor socially as previous post explained it. Worst of all, these low quality matches make the sport less watchable.

    Maybe Brazilian users are worried to see Brazil losing to a European team in quarters? :D I am sure majority of federations love the current system where they pass 3-4 teams easily and get some nice points which helps them to climb in world ranking. Harder the competition means risking their chance of losing a nice spot not only in OGs but also in world ranking.

    I honestly doubt that Europe would get all six remaining spots, 3-4 of them probably, but there are a few Asian countries, and even Dominican Republic(They took Brazil to 5 sets) can pose threats to some of the European teams