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    I think I like the new system where each continent has their own competitions and send one team, meaning 6 teams. Rest of the spots are decided in world qualifications where European teams probably will most likely get all 6 spots as they deserved it for so long.

    The current system makes sense neither economically nor socially as previous post explained it. Worst of all, these low quality matches make the sport less watchable.

    Maybe Brazilian users are worried to see Brazil losing to a European team in quarters? :D I am sure majority of federations love the current system where they pass 3-4 teams easily and get some nice points which helps them to climb in world ranking. Harder the competition means risking their chance of losing a nice spot not only in OGs but also in world ranking.

    I honestly doubt that Europe would get all six remaining spots, 3-4 of them probably, but there are a few Asian countries, and even Dominican Republic(They took Brazil to 5 sets) can pose threats to some of the European teams

    Your argument is a joke. If NED is not going to make it, then that’s because they are not good enough. Are we supposed to base on last OGs as to which team should qualify? Then 12 teams should remain the same forever!

    So by your logic Argentina is good enough but NED isn’t even though NED will almost certainly beat Arg every time they play each other? That’s not a fair assessment because one has a much easier path than the other, it’s not about who is good enough. If the continental qualifications were first then the intercontinental qualifications second, and NED didn’t qualify it would be fair to say they weren’t good enough, but in the current system you can’t conclude such a thing.

    Having continental qualifications first would really be the best solution to make sure the Olympics are both diverse and still be competitive. Each continent would have at least 1 country, including Africa which although they aren’t as strong as a lot of other countries I do think it’s important to have at least 1 team there. And then with the teams like China, Brazil, America, Serbia out of the way, I think the intercontinental qualifications would be a much better way to decide who deserves a spot at the Olympics based on who is the better team regardless of what continent they are from. I really don’t think it is fair that countries like Korea, Netherlands, Turkey, Thailand and Poland miss out on the Olympics while countries like Argentina, Canada, Puerto Rico can earn spots much easier and go even when they aren’t as strong

    Yeah again. That is why Glass, Wolosz all the way over Maja. Sorry. I will never love high sets, She played the same in Moscow that is her way of game.

    Just finished watching the Serbia v Poland match..

    just saying but Wolosz set more high balls to Stysiak and Smarzek than Maja did to Boskovic and Mihajlovic, plus Maja used her middles more. So honestly if it’s high sets you don’t like you should really prefer Maja:whistle:

    VNL really made a mess with not being important but yet being exhausting. Choosing tournaments is bad but seeking for rest should be fine too when it's reasonable.

    This season might be for finding replacement for the players that will retire after OG

    I’m definitely not a fan of the VNL and preferred the wgp because it at least earned ranking points. But at least now that it’s worth basically nothing it gives the new young players more opportunities to gain experience at the international level, and help coaches see who has the most potential

    The Dinamo Instagram page keeps replying to people who ask where maja is, that she is ill or sick, not injured. But maybe it’s a translation error. Hopefully she gets better soon whatever it is!

    There are some very big and significant differences between Serbian and Russian, and the two are not mutually intelligible. Still, of course you can pick up the basics far more quickly than with a totally unrelated language, like for example Turkish.

    sorry yes, I just meant it would be easier to learn in the sense that they are both Slavic languages, not that they are the same language. In the same way that it is easier for me to learn other Germanic languages than it is trying to learn other language categories since English is my first language

    EuroVolleyTv offers a 30 day free trial, you can sign up and if u cancel before the 30 days they won`t charge you. They are not available in the USA,Canada,Poland and Italy. But I did sign up using a VPN using Germany as my location. I will see if it works.

    edit: It works :).... the stream is great. ( I`m watching the replays from today).

    I think it’s just the live streams that aren’t available in USA, Canada, Poland, and Italy. You can watch the full match replays 48 hours after the event(which honestly still sucks).

    did she sign with them only to play Champions League? I hope so....the least she plays now...the better she will look in Tokyo.

    I don't think so, she played 2 sets against Sakhalin yesterday. I just noticed she isn't even on the bench today and thought it was odd.