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    yes, FINALLY we gotta give credit to my Rebecchi team!

    Everyone says foppa... everyone says pesaro rules....!
    Everyone says "forza picci", and someone else... "forza leo"! Althought years passes for everyone... :lol:

    ...........but finally you have someone from rivergaro! :D and we are gonna dominate the championship for the next years! ;) (ahah...... I dream)

    even if we are considered "poor" and "little" by many people :whistle:

    Flier? Who is Flier? Once upon a time she was good................... now......... hmmmmm :aww:

    The match goes on but the only good solution and last chance is to put her out... (sadly)

    but the situation doesn't seem to change...

    No way!! neither a cute and talented player can help today...

    so our poor marco can only close his eyes...

    and give the better opponents a clear victory...

    see you soon for another critic report by oksal ! ;)

    Quote from "samba player"

    with Zorzi explaining the fast (how do you say in English fast, the slide maybe right?, the typical female MB attack) of Bown and Gioli and of Rinieri (the same one that Sokolova does).

    Yes you're right, the so called "fast" in vulgar italian :lol: is int.lly called "slide attack", where the mid hitter swings behind the setter to attack. it's more likely what happens in basketball when the hitter takes off of 1 foot for the final shot. This happens only with females and anyway... yes, the dashboard was simply :good: thanks for pointing that out ;)

    About the match I give you my worse (CELLA) and my mvp (CRISANTI) :D I liked lucia very much, she did her job in the best way she could and her serve in the last set put the final cross over jesi :)
    the armony in perugia last night reached stars, they were all so happy to stay togheter, especially marinova she was so funny in her smilies :D and even if they all had just 1 training togheter the previous day they found the best equilbrium! great defense by pachale :) Congrats Perugia and my best wishes for the championship!!

    As for jesi... well, not much to say by my side, the tandem cella - toga - rinieri was completely a disaster and marcelita didn't even have the sense of measure. Definetely not in fit. The only good player I noticed during the match (even if for a few cause the caoch..... hmm never mind) was negrini, the lady with a big tattoo on her shoulder, but she couldnt carry by herself the whole team over that shoulder anyway lol. But let's give 'em time... yeah... :roll:

    Del core deserved to be elected MVP of the match (she battled between with gioli for this, they both were great and everywhere in the court!) but anyway she could avoid some comments at the end of the match like "jesi played a good match..." cause... well you know, some players after a win are just too good in giving comments to opponents and del core was also very sweet last evening :lol: I can understand that they are all friends with eachother but a little sense of critic wouldn't harm at all, at least when there's this evidence.

    Anyway I will heal my aim always full of critics now... its my constant I know... and I am sorry! ;)

    Oh, and I almost forgot, on a final note I wanna give me appreciation to sky for the great organization as always with all interviews and cameras, amazing replays etc.. The whole coverage of the match (and the after match) was indeed great :) and this is just the beginning ;)

    I told nastja already a couple of months ago that this would happen, and she didn't want to believe me (as always :lol: ) but anyway it's indeed a pity for all of you out of Italy... but sometimes if there will be any good nightly matches I can stream them in live for you.

    Anyway, we will start on 4th October by broadcasting live the Italian Supercup in Milan, with Perugia against Jesi and the night after Altamura against Chieri ;) and the 10th's novara's turn... :roll:

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    i think oksal comes from lasko spelled backwards. lasko, the italian men's NT substitute player. am i correct? long shot.hehehe

    you might be right but.... shhhhhhh....don't tell anyone :) must be a secret ;)

    Quote from "elisa"

    Nearly correct!!!How did you guess it??

    She looked at your IP address :D
    welcome elisa! I want her to guess as well where I am from :D