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    Is Ishikawa injured? Still not playing until now ;(, first time i heard of Takuya Takamatsu, is he any good, such as yanagida? Nishida? 3 have the same height ^^

    You're welcome!
    Nishida (No.7) enters court from 19:50.

    Miyaura is also short opposite but he has good techniques/ball control/basic skills as you mentioned.
    I hope Nishida & Miyaura duo play at Tokyo 2020 ^^

    Thank you for this Ryu.. yes i remember watching this tournament. Yes they sre both really good opposites. Just wondering since Nishida is playing very well, otake might need to be sidelined most of the time. I homestly seems to think that nishida is more explosive than otake.but otake has the height to compete internationally :drink: Is Shimizu be ready for the World Championships? :drink:

    The roster for last leg will be announced tomorrow.

    She played last game of 3rd leg, so I don't think she's injured...
    I hope she will be the roster and play as starting 6.

    Thank you ^^ . Looking forward to watch them play again. Hopefully they will win their remaining matches.

    Thank you for this info Ryu.. i have watched some of Kento miyaura games during u17 asian champs last year i think, he does have a good hitting skills too, and a different way of serving . I didnt took much notice of nishida then as hes the 2nd opposite. Japan have lots of young and upcoming talents which will be useful for NT in the upcoming years to come :thumbsup:

    @Ryu you know if koga is playing this last leg of VNL in poland? Just wondered as she hasnt been playing lately these past weeks. Hopefully shes not injured or something :S

    Can i ask if it was Kento Miyaura was the opposite then for the u19? This means he likes to prove to anyone that he can be the main one and not just the 2nd option. Well he’s been playing well these past matches.

    I think Japan made a big mistake on introducing Nishida to the world this early. They could have made a splash in the world championship and no one will have an idea how to stop him. From what I see he should have some scouts working on figuring him out every day.

    True in a way, but playing now will give him vast of experience playing with the big guns and gives him some confidence he needs come world championships, and this could really help the team more.

    Who knows what is the real reason, only Nakada knows. We can only assume. I don’t really see Ishii being the leader of this team. I just hope her always on court since the start of this tournament will make her better. :whistle:

    what happened to her? i don't recall her performing THAT bad last week.

    She hasn’t been playing much last week. Only end of 2nd set and 3rd set against nt Argentina. But she still made 5 points during that. Honestly i still prefer koga over ishii. I dunno why ishii is always on court even if she gets too many errors.

    This what makes Japan a joy to watch everytime. You can’t be always sure you can win against them, they have a very good fundamentals in playing. A great concentration. Not tall team compared to others but compensates it with very good technique :super: :obey: :dance6: