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    Why was Guidetti in the hall? Does this mean he doesn’t have covid? Even with three negative test results with new variants that are seen, I would have been more careful. Kubra and Melis were absent.

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    Guidetti: 2018’den bu yana şampiyonluğu bırakmıyoruz:

    I also saw pics with Eda and Vargas attending the ceremony... will they ever learn it??? I mean literally half of their team is infected, just. stay. home.

    Agreed! I think it's a smart move for both the coaches and H. Jasper herself to play libero

    I just took a look at the 2019 VNL roster. I'm wondering why Aniek Siebring is not on the longlist this year? Maybe she is not in the picture anymore

    She played in Finland this year (and her team became the champions btw)

    If they want to sign Smarzek and Busa, there indeed will be no place for Dijkema and Lippmann. I'm sure Lokomotiv Kaliningrad wanted to keep Lippmann, but she will have had a lot of offers so probably will leave. Transfering a foreigner opposite (Smarzek) makes sense. On the other hand IMO it wouldn't be wise to sign Busa and let Dijkema go. Dijkema played pretty well all seson long and there aren't many good Russian setters who could do the same job as Dijkema. Also Voronkova improved her reception a lot, so doesn't necessary need Busa to cover her in service reception. Both Ezhak and Kurilo wouldn't contribute less than Busa I believe.

    Yes I agree - Dijkema is one of the key players and her connection with the middle blockers seems to be pretty solid. Her connection with Lippmann is also really well but I don't think she will stay in Lokomotiv. I'm definitely not convinced by Smarzek as a replacement for Lippmann

    :!:Can we take a moment for the fact that three of the four starting MB's in this final series are from 1979, 1981 and 1988??!! (Walewska, Gattaz, Thaisa)

    Considering that their position is one of the most physical and injury prone positions I find it absolutely amazing to see that they are still playing on this high level and important matches

    I know Martinez got injured but still it's just amazing in my opinion. On the one side I guess its great to have these experienced players still on a high level. On the other side, it can be worrying that there're apparently no competitive youngsters who can fight for the starting spot

    Is this a reliable source? It says Osasco is interested in Laura Dijkema, but it will be hard to sign her since she won the Russian Championship and Lokomotiv Kaliningrad wants to renew her contract. Next to that Monza also should be interested, but that's hard to believe since they have Orro as their setter.

    But Smarzek and Busa were rumoured to play for Lokomotiv right? If so, there's no place for Dijkema (and Lippmann).

    Dijkema already said she'd love to play another season in Kaliningrad, but afaik it's not official yet because the club hasn't made a decision

    She was called in 2019, and I think that was a very important year to see new faces or even different faces. She eventually declined because of her physical condition at that time.

    I think people tend to underestimate Carol all the time. Gattaz did not have an amazing season too. They have almost the same number of points/sets, but Carol has much better blocking and service stats. In fact, I consider her one of the best blockers in the world.

    In summary: I think Gattaz won't make it to Tokyo because there are players with better conditions than her right now and who can contribute more to the NT. Calling her to practice only to cut her for the third time won't be nice.

    I agree. I have said it before and i'm gonna say it again; Carol's blocking skills are sublime. She definitely should get a spot in the roster for Olympics. Thaisa is locked for Tokyo and considering Ze will bring three MB's there's only one spot left. And in my opinion, Bia is the last person to deserve it. Her performance wasn't quite good and tbh she's not in the best shape either

    I'd rather give Adenizia a spot then