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    Thailand’s first match is against Germany today at 1930 gmt+7. The Thais are in a tough group and they are smaller than everyone else, but they are tenacious and have great fighting spirit...

    Let’s go Thailand :super:


    Huh Nootsara made a comeback? :love::love: Is it because other setters are injured? Or a general comeback?

    So the team travelled to Japan today. Nova Marring took the place of Hester Jasper back and Britte Stuut is with the team for the training internship in Japan. She'll go home when the rest of the team heads to China. I am unsure if she was already training with Rote Raben and got called away, or that she didn't join the team there yet

    What a game yesterday!! I never ever could've imagine a 3-0 against Italy, and we got 12 important points for the world ranking. Italy looked dead with no fire in their eyes at all. There's always drama around them and most girls deserve better than that. I really can't imagine threating your superstar opposite like this

    And another great game by Marrit Jasper. She finally got the opportunty to be more than a serve/backrow sub and she took it with both hands. We're also so lucky with our middle blockers. The gap Belien and De Kruijf left is unoticable, there is no gap actually.

    The final was great to watch as well. What else could one wish for than an exciting 5 set match? Turkey is the well deserved winner of the tournament. My personal dream team would be:

    S: Ognjenovic (showed she still has it. Turned around the match against NED on her own, while being sick)

    OH: Daalderop, Karakurt (hate to admit it but her performance was outstanding for someone who switched positions so recent)

    MB: Eda, Lohuis

    OP: Boskovic

    L: Gizem

    Can't wait for Olympic Qualifiers starting in a few weeks!

    Egonu's aura is kinda worrying :white: Compared to her even Goncharova would look like a fountain of emotions, I think I haven't seen a single smile of her since she's on court :what:

    I was about to write about Paola Goncharova. If you can come from the bench and do this you're a real superstar. She let her actions speak for her


    Egonu is a top player but not a god. No way a monster performance withought having time in the court before. In this occasion would be better for her to stay on bench because if she play she will not be good and she will be critisized a lot from the Italian people.

    Well Egonu is a volleyball god actually.

    It's so wild to me that unarguably one of the two best opposites in the world has to sit on the bench

    Semi final day! This is the first "big" match in a long time for us. Serbia is a favorite for gold to me so it is gonna be a though match but it would be very well deserved if they move on to the final. I don't want to have another 4th place haha. It's such a pity that Nova got injured because she could have been the perfect subsiture this match.. but I am glad the other 3 OH's are performing well. I am also happy that Plak is getting better and better each match.

    The match result depends also a lot on Boskoqueen and Oqueenovic' performances. If Tijana indeed isn't 100% fit it would be in our advantage for sure. But, blocking is Netherlands' strenght so even in de case of boskoball we're not completely doomed. I remember very well the VNL 2018 match against Serbia in Rotterdam. To me it is the Lohuis breaktrough match where she and Belien single handedly made the comeback from 0-2 behind to win the match 3-2 with amazing blocking skills.

    I think there's a chance that we take this one 3-2 again, but let's see tonight. Above all I hope it won't be a clear 3-0 for Serbia because that would be a bummer as it is the first world class opponent we face this tournament. It would ruin all self confidence