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    I believed Bosetti Chiri and Denisi could score more, but Sylla and Egonu were outstanding in this match so they are were setted much more than other players.

    Italia libero deserve the best libero again, many times she stopped Zhu Ting just amazing. If the blockers cant stop Zhu Ting, Italia still have a hope when she behind. She and Bosetti in the back made a very strong defense which created many chances for their team.

    I think stop Boskovic is easier than Zhu Ting. Italia did it in the semi, do it again in the final :)))

    Good luck to Italia :D

    Regarding Italia serving, I remember Antonov's in World Grand Championship. Almost were precise, powerful and consistent.

    Tonight will be the good chance for bench players of USA ITA BRA show their contribution to the team.

    Hope Kubiak can play this crutial match. I believe only him now can glue the team together. It liked the first second week of VNW, Pol won almost matches and played smoothly. And then his absence after that Polska lost many unexpected matches. Is Poland need only 1 point to secure a spot in next round ? Their set ratio is better.

    Both Italia MBs only got 2 blocks for 5 set match, which show how weak they are to compare with other strong teams.

    They now rely on Zaytsev so much, but some at moments he is overload and not precise will lead whole team down. Juantarena still have problem with his receiption while Lanza or Mauriotti is not consitent on their spikes. I think Italia can be in semifinal, and with home advantage can get a medal but not a candidate for the champoin.

    2. I hope Kubiak come back in the final, but it maybe not due to his eyes condition as someone already confirmed. Actually, he is not an excellent OH, but his consitent and leading will make different. I saw Mika played well some previous mathes, wish he has good form in final.

    6. I beleive US now can beat any teams but can be defeated by any in top 6 as well :wall: Sander is comming back home with wife and waiting for his first baby :D :D

    POl needs their captain back, the team lost their way to find a victory. I do not think they can through to final 6 if playing like that. USA played really well at their home. I was impressed the perfect setting to Smith and Holt by Christenson. Defalco had some powerful attacks from zone 4 making the fan crazy :)