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    So next year Vakıfbank's foreigners will be:

    Rasic( no rumours of replacement, so her transfer news was bogus), Haak, Kelsey, Gabi, Grothues(I expect Bosetti to decline)

    The Turkish league only allows maximum 4 foreign players in the roaster for every match. Since they have Rasic and Haak, they only need 2 foreign OHs. The 3rd one doesn’t make any sense.

    Grothues isn’t a good choice for Vakifbank. Her attacking is very weak now. Gabi+Robinson/C. Bosetti would work.

    So both Conegliano and Vakifbank are gone play their second matches at home.

    Is their gone be match for 3rd place ?

    Both Conegliano and Vakifbank are gone play their FIRST matches at home. It was decided during drawing of lots.

    There will be no match for 3rd place.

    I actually remember reading an interview of Slöetjes where she said she is getting the best sets when she plays with Naz. I remember her hitting alot against single blocks when Naz was setting to her, one of them was one of the best actions of last edition of CL.

    Of course one-on-one is good for the spikers. They don't face too many blocking hands.

    But I won't say "running sets" are definitely "good sets". In terms of the quality of the ball, Naz's settting to position 2 is not that good.

    when you are in important time, you should set your ball to the main player in your team. sometimes we complaining Naz because she set balls to slotjes when they have a hard time instead of zhu at the start when they cooperate. remember how vakifbank won imoco last year?Naz replace cansu and set balls to zhu even though zhu hurt her foot. she set stable balls to zhu.look at the balls after 8:3 in the tie match.....nothing to say.

    Naz's setting to position 2 is not so good. I feel like Sloetjes can't spike the ball comfortably. But her setting to position 4 is better.

    Cansu Ozbay's setting to position 2 is mostly good. It's good for Sloetjes to spike. But her setting to position 4 is just very inconsistent.

    Carlini is the biggest issue for Novara. Why so many people are obsessed with her? :what:

    She could set some good balls to position 2 earlier in this season. But now, her setting makes Egonu have a hard time on attacking. :aww:

    Her setting to position 4 has never been very good. And her setting to position 3 is just a nightmare.

    Juantorena seems to like it (he is Bruno's N'gapeth replacement lol) , and that generally seems to dictate the outside attack. To be fair to Juantorena he makes it work most of the time. Leal is a bit of a nightmare because it seems to take a lot to get him into the game - fast set, low set, high set ,etc - He seems quite mentally fragile so its not so much about the setting it is about how he feels. I guess this is the problem Bruno also faces with him (together with Bruno's tendency towards manic style setting.

    In this team there are few too many unstable people - Bruno with his setting, Leal with passing and hitting, Balaso with his passing and defence... this is why it takes them so much effort to win against consistent teams - because the other team doesn't need to do much more than keep being consistent - case in point whats hppening today.

    I agree with you. I think some of Bruno's setting to Juantorena is even faster than last year Christenson's setting. Juantorena did a good job to kill those spikes. However, sometimes the balls are a bit too low.

    Since Leal's passing is a nightmare, Bruno's consistency is really crucial for Lube. They need to score as long as the passing is okay during first tempo and seize the chances during transition.

    There was news providing more fact about Matt Anderson going to Modena next season.

    It's said that Matt Anderson has signed 2-Year contract with Modena.

    He signed nothing. It's Just a verbale agreement. He will sign when the club season is over.

    We need to wait for the offical statement after the club season. Before the contract is formalized and signed, nothing is for sure. It could change.

    AGIL is rumored to be in touch with a world class player, which can change everything. If she joins, they can compete for the title again.

    MBs and Libero are not game changer, so these two positions are excluded. Since they are going to lose Egonu, they need to add at least one domestic player in the starting line-up. I think it will be the setter. There are rumors that they are interested in Orro. Or maybe they can call back Cambi.

    Then it must be OH or OPP. The player is world class and foreign. My guesses that the player could be:

    OPPs: Slöetjes (already rumored), Tandara (some people think she is world class), or maybe Vargas (future world class).

    OHs: Larson, Kim, Natalia, Gabi (highly unlikely). However, I won't consider Kosheleva is world class now. Her passing is poor and she is not really in very good shape.

    Just pure guesses.