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    btw.. i didnt like Novara's setter duo..

    It is said that the club wanted to keep Skorupa at first, so they sent Cambi on loan to Bergamo. After the League final, things changed and they didn't want to renew with her anymore. It was too late to get Cambi back. Later they signed Carlini. To be honest, Carlini's performance in Scandicci was not good.

    I was dreaming they could sign Lloyd, but it didn't come true. :wavy:

    Guys, are you watching from Is the streaming stable? Mine has been crappy in the past few days, including today. I can't go on for two minutes without any interruption.

    The streaming has never been stable. I have had problems since I subscribed it. It happens quite often that the streaming is interrupted and shows the scene of beginning of the live “This event has not started”. It’s really frustrating.

    Bohme is playing as Opp in Germany. I never saw him playing as Opp.

    Giani is using VNL to try everthing.

    I think he is not satisfied with OPP position. But Fromm and Bohme are not good choices, I would say. The young Weber could be a suitable candidate.

    Since GER is not participating WCH, why is he still trying everything? I think their main goal is to enter the F6. If they could have won the past two matches, there is still a chance for them. Now it's highly impossible.

    Congrats to the Netherlands!

    Germany should have given more time to Orthmann to play on court, like what Italy did for Pietrini. Geerties' attacking has improved. However, she still looks a bit too thin. Stigrot did a good job on OPP position.

    On the Netherland side, I would say Lohuis is much better than Koolhaas. Her blocking was solid, and she did a good job on defense. Daalderop's performance was impressing.

    The main problem is that DVV can't afford a full-time NT coach. Koslowski has a regular contract for the whole year as coach of Schwerin and only a fee contract (Google translator tells me that this is the term :D ) with DVV, that means he only gets paid for the actual work he does from May till October there. In other words that means that Schwerin still pays him also from May till October even though he doesn't really "work" for them in that period, so they also have a disadvantage by him being NT coach.

    And taking the thought further, assistant coaches of NT then also shouldn't be allowed as coaches in VBL. Saskia van Hintum managed to get Denise Imoudu and Lisa Gründing to Aachen now that she's NT assistant, why do Stuttgart and Dresden not complain about that as well?

    But DVV can afford Giani's contract. I don't think that contract is cheap.

    Match of the week: Turkey - Netherland

    Not only is it a crucial match to get a spot in final 6 for both teams, but also because of the drama :drink:

    What has happened to Germany today? They defeated POL, USA and CAN, and lost to AUS? :what:

    They lost their rhythm from set 4, and made too many mistakes. Besides, the AUS's performance became much better in the last two sets.

    Sossenheimer's performance was not good today. I don't know why he was kept on the court. Zimmermann's setting became really conservative in the last two sets and the connection with the attacker started to lose. Two attacking mistakes made by Fromm in tiebreak kind of killed the last chance for GER.

    Anyway, the young German team still got a long way to go. It's a lesson for them.

    I don't want to say this but we should also give credit to the VNL format and the fact this is also Germany's main tournament if we are excluding the mediterranean games.

    I also partly agree with you. This is the most important tournament for them, so they have to make use of the chance.

    I would like to ask why Lisa Gründing is out?

    It's a crazy move for Lube. I can't imagine Lube without Stankovic.

    Stankovic is currently on the roster for next season, and it's almost finished. They need one more setter and one more OH. However, the anti-doping case against Kovar is an uncertainty.

    Liu Xiaotong is not going to Germany, and Zhang Yichan is in the Roster. The captain will be Yuan.

    It is said that Buijs was injured during the warm-up on Tuesday, and Daalderop is also injured (not recovered or injured again?). If so, it can explain why neither were on court in last two matches and why Anne's performance was very poor today.

    Netherlands have two difficult matches in Stuttgart against China and Turkey, but kind of free lunch against feeble hosts Germany.

    I think the only uncertainty is the Chinese team. If they let ZHU rest, then it will be much easier for NED to win. If they only send young players to compete, then even GER has the chance to win them. Anyway, the first match NED vs TUR is crucial for both teams.