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    If my memory serves well, the CL spots are calculated by the order:

    regular season champion -> superlega champion -> superlega runner-up -> regular season runner-up -> regular season 3rd winner.

    If this is true, Perugia, Lube and Trentino (regular season 3rd winner) will take 3 spots of CL next season. And Modena only got a spot for CEV cup.


    1st: League champion, 2nd: Regular season No.1, 3rd: League runner-up, 4th: team with the highest regular-season ranking beside 1,2, and 3. The regular season no.1 cannot be higher than Scudetto. Otherwise, the playoff is meaningless.

    CEV Cup spot goes to the national cup winner (the same for all european leagues). If the national cup winner gets the CL spot, then it goes to someone else.

    Most coaches nowadays like to have the OH2 as the main attacker (Leon in Perugia/Poland for example) and to score break points at front row, male or female. OH1's job is mainly to side-out (and not get stuck on rotation 1) but clearly Cate this year just could not do it.

    I agree with you that OH1's job is mainly side-out, especially at rotation 1.

    Novara started last season with Herbots as OH1 and Bosetti as OH2. However, there were problems with reception. Later, Lavarini switched Bosetti and Herbots and have kept it like this until the 4th set of last night. Last season, Bosetti's attacking was pretty good and side-out wasn't much of a problem. But this year it becomes a huge problem since her attacking efficiency dropped a lot. But Nika's attacking at right side is not good. So he never even tried to use Nika as OH1.

    Most teams use their strongest attacking OH as OH1 and 'defensive OH' as OH2 because OH1 has to attack in 2 rotations while setter is in the front row. The only exception is when the team wants to use backrow attacks from zone 6, then they put the OH who is a better backrow attacker as OH2

    I think this year most of the pipe attack in Novara was done by the OPP, not the backrow OH. I would rather say it's mostly because of reception, Lavarini kept Bosetti as OH1.

    so we (Americans) do our rotations backwards... figures lol

    oops :lol:

    I have always thought that R1 is the weakest rotation, cuz Cate is attacking at P2 and Karakurt at P4 during first tempo. Both have struggles a lot, and Novara is often got stuck there while receiving. But this is not just half rotation while receiving, it also includes the half rotation Hancock serves. That's a strong service rotation which creates some transition opportunities. So the efficiency is not the lowest.

    What I don't understand is why the efficiency of R5 (0.183) is much lower than R6 (0.265). R5 is Washington and Cate front row. R6 is Chirichella and Cate front row. It seems R5 should be stronger in attacking.

    Thank you for the explanation. In my impression, the rotation number should be where the setter stands, e.g. R6 is setter stands at position 6. It is counted counterclockwise. What you showed here is counted clockwise, the other way around.

    I'm a bit confused. If Cate is front row for 5, 6, and 1, that means the rotation name here is the position of other OH. So R5 is the rotation that setter serves, right?

    May I ask where you found those states?

    Is there a reason why they play Mingardi as OH with Gray? Is it because Bosetti can't set well to zone 1 and 2?

    L. Bosetti's back set is not very good. That's the reason they put Mingardi as OH so that she can attack at position 4 in the front row. Ungureanu stands next to her to receive. However, when Mingardi is in the back row, the high ball can be bump set to position 1.

    It seems both Herbots and Daalderop are leaving. Gray is coming to Novara, so the starting OHs will be Bosetti and Gray. If Adams comes, she would be a backup OH.

    Even Herbots stays, I think she will be backup like this season. Gray will definitely be the starter over her.

    Herbots is one of the greatest talents in OH position. If I had to say my current All‐stars‐six Herbots would probably be in it, or at least I would consider her... but I would definitely not consider Daalderop.

    Lavarini's choice to kick her in the bench was outrageous, and that was very surprising to me.

    Also the rumours about Vafikbank signing Daalderop are surpring to me. A top team like Vakifbank should sign Herbots straight awaay, not Daalderop (nothing against her... but Ubi Maior Minor Cessat).

    I think Vakifbank's foreign player choices can indicate the level or at least potential of the player. They have had interests in Daalderop two years ago. If Herbots is better than Daalderop, why don't they show interests in Herbots?

    Herbots is NOT better than Daalderop. Passing, they are at roughly the same level. Defense, Daalderop has improved a lot. Herbots is not better than her. Attacking, Herbots' attacking options is rather simple, hitting hard. Daalderop has shown that she has more hitting options. Blocking, Daalderop is definitely much better. Serving, Herbots' top spin serve is a bit better than Daalderop's flot serve.

    I think Ebrar has been the least of Novara's problem this year. She played with Carlini, Naz and Cansu before. So I don't see any concern with Poulter

    I don't think that Ebrar will a problem for the next season. So far she is the best of Novara. If Novara has a stabil setter, it would be different team for sure.

    Currently, Novara isn't not running a very fast system. Part of the reason is because of the setter. Next year, Poulter comes. We all know her style. Gray fits this system well, and she is coming to Novara. But Karakurt is really slow. I haven't see any speed improvement since the beginning of the season.

    Killing high balls is not a problem. The problem would be the speed difference at the left and right side. That means we may see lightning fast and flat balls set to position 4, but slow high balls to position 1 and 2 so that Karakurt can keep up with the pace. This is a very unbalanced system.

    they should bring in Thompson.

    Thompson is the ideal solution to the opposite problem. But Washington has to leave so that they can hire another American player. Moreover, there has been rumors that Thompson has had an agreement with Monza. So I'm not sure if she is still available or not.

    She had some chances this season, both as a starting player and as a substitution. But her performance wasn't convincing at all. Comparing to Daalderop, Herbots is not better in any aspects. It's not Lavarini's fault that she doesn't get court time.

    Yes, Lavarini hasn't won any title in the last three year. How could Busto won anything? As for Novara, there has always been week points in the team, especially the setter. Next year, Novara would have some chances, but the opposite position could be a problem. Clearly, Karakurt is too slow for Poulter's setting style. Let's see if the club hires someone else as reinforcement or they try to adjust either Poulter or Karakurt.

    Pool Play? Meh... is it 12 matches against the same 8 teams? That would be boring. Or am I reading it wrong.

    Yeah.. I don't fully understand the new formula. Teams will be split into 2 group of 8 teams and every team will play 12 games. 12 not 14? That's weird.

    It wasn't quite clear how the pools are arranged. I do have some thoughts on the arrangement to fit into the number of games that mentioned in the announcement.

    No. 1: The 16 teams are divided into 4 groups (let's say ABCD). Each pool consists of two groups. The teams only play against the teams in the other group, not in their group. Then every week each team will play 4 games. Each pool play 16 games. All together there are 96 games for the preliminary round. Every week pool 1 and 2 swipe one group. Then each team will play against the 12 teams in other groups.

    For example

    Week 1: Pool 1-AB, Pool 2-CD

    Week 2: Pool 1-AC, Pool 2-BD

    Week 3: Pool 1-AD, Pool 2-BC

    However, how to distribute these groups is a problem, since there will be six hosts.

    No. 2: The pools are decided first, then each pool will be separated into two groups randomly (maybe by drawing of lots). Each team will play against the 4 teams in the other group. In this way, the team may play against another team for more than once.

    It's just my guess. So the exact format need to be clarified by FIVB.

    Bonifacio is going instead of Folie but no other news

    I still don't understand why bringing Folie to Tokyo since her physical conditions wasn't very good and couldn't really contribute much as the 4th MB.

    For ECH, they need Gennari for receiving and maybe change of OPP since Sorokaite mostly used as serving sub during the Olympics. Of course another libero is needed.

    And I don’t get it why is Christina in the court She has done nothing :mad:

    Come on. Chirichella's blocking made a lot of rebounds. She didn't lose points when dealing with balls below the top of the net. Fahr lost several points on this. Moreover, her slide attack is much better than Danesi.

    I know you don't like her, but please be fair to her. Fahr's blocking was totally lost when againt China. When Chirichella came in, the blocking issue was fixed. As for Folie, I guess she won't have much court time due to her conditions. When against China, she didn't even warmup.

    After the 3 friendly matches with Serbia, the staring line-up is clear now.

    OH: C. Bosetti, Sylla

    MB: Chirichella, Danesi

    OPP: Egonu

    S: Malinov or Orro

    L: De Gennaro

    The only uncertain position is the setter. Neither Malinov nor Orro shows consistent performance. So it's not clear who will be the starting setter. At the moment, I would say paring Malinov with Sylla and Orro with Pietrini could help the attack at left side.

    The reception is the biggest issue at the moment. C. Bosetti is the only OH with relatively reliable reception. There is no backup OHs with good reception in the list. This could cause problems.

    The middle blocker choices are rather easy. Both Chirichella and Danesi hold their starting postions. Looking the performance of the 3 friendly matches, the "people-hated" Chirichella had the best performance, and the "people-loved" Folie showed that she was not even ready. I really doubt that if Folie will be ready at all. Moreover, the shaky reception makes the attack from MB become difficult. We will see if bringing 4 MBs will make a difference for the team.

    For the OPP and libero positions, there is other options. Maybe Sorokaite enter the court as OPP for one ore two matches. But I think she will most likely reserved as backup OH.