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    The Question is every year the same. What is included the Budget? If we don't know this nobody can say Team A have xxx and Team B have more or less

    The budget of Stuttgart (1.7 million) was mentioned in the local newspaper and confirmed by the sport director of the club. The cost is for personal cost.

    Here is the link: https://www.stuttgarter-nachri…cd-bb72-7c3681798f63.html

    I couldn't quite remember the source that Schwerin has 0.5 million more. However, the sport director of Stuttgart mentioned that both Schwerin and Dresden have higher budget. A recent news stated that Schwerin has around 1.5 million budget for 20/21 season, 30% less than this season. It means they had at least 2.1 million for 19/20 season.

    Schwerin head coach said that club will cut 25-30% of their budget for next season and it will be super hard for them.

    Last season they had budget 1M.

    If my memory is correct, Stuttgart had a budget of around 1.7 million for this season. Schwerin had 0.5 million more than Stuttgart, which means they had 2.2-2.3 million for 19-20 season.

    From what I saw about Carlini this summer with her NT, I think she's a setter who likes to play with her opposites, but still she runned a good balanced offense. I did like her but I don't know why she didn't show the same level when she played in Italy.

    The problem for Carlini is her setting to middles, especially to Position 3. During the last two seasons in Italy, she was just torturing the MBs.

    I like Poulter, I do think she has a brightest future and Karch seem to love her too, but for me USA needs Hancock... what she is doing in Novara this season is just amazing and even last season with Monza. She is constantly proving herself and showing that she is not just about skills, she feels the game.

    The problem for Hancock is her setting to Position 4, very inconsistent. Hancock’s setting to Pos 4 often makes the OHs difficult to spike.

    Attacking from Position 4 is very crucial to USA NT. If the setter can’t set good balls to Pos 4, then she doesn’t have the spot in NT.

    Does it mean Robin is mad at Caprara right now because he left AZE NT two months before qualification tournament?

    Haha, Robin doesn’t have to be. Caprara wasn’t coach of any national team after Eurovolley 2019.

    6 groups consisting of 4 teams. We're gonna have every team playing 3 matches in the group so there will be 6 (3+2+1) matches for every group, thus 36 matches overall in the group stage. The 12 first two teams from each group and the best four third placed teams will qualify to the 8Fs. So the elimination round will be 16 (8+4+2+1+1) matches (including the match for the third place). So overall, we'll have 52 (36+16) matches in the Olympics.

    Now let's see how's the current format: two groups consisting of 6 teams. During the group stage there are 15 matches for each group, therefore 30 matches during the group stage. The elimination round is 8 matches (4+2+1+1) with including the third place match. So considering the current format there will be 38 matches, and in the suggested format it'll be 52.

    So I don't see how it's "unrealistic" as you mentioned. 14 more matches wouldn't be so much that we can go as far as calling it impossible and unrealistic. The group stage can be done in one week and the other next week the elimination round begins. Doesn't sound like a tournament which makes plays exhausted, it's actually quite realistic with this format. The only thing is that the team's will play less matches in the group stage (from 5 to 3)

    It's impossible. IOC would not allow more players to attend Olympics. Otherwise each team could have 14 players in Olympics already.

    Yes, I know. It how Fivb/Cev works. I was trying to talk about the decision is a bit fair or not. As I mentioned, I would prefer Netherlands. But it would be more weird Poland to host another olympic qualification 6 months later.

    Poland won't spend so much money on women's volleyball. They won't even have the intention.

    I don't know what the Netherlands thinks about the European qualification. The host definitely has some advantages. But it's not cheap.

    Poland already host OQ this year, they shouldn't host European qualification too. I would prefer Netherlands to host.

    Ps; Turkey hasn't host major FIVB tournament yet. China/Japan host everything, Netherlands will host WCH'22. Not so much complain about this decision.

    European qualification belongs to CEV, not FIVB. Turkey is going to host the ECH finals this year. Of course people can complain.

    The hosting spot is only about money. It has nothing to do with what tournament they have hosted or they are going to host.

    They need to get the hosting spot for the European qualification tournament. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for them to qualify.

    I am not Zimmermann‘s biggest Fan either but, regarding yesterday and to his defence i have to state, that he has played now almost every match since the start of the tournament, hopping from continent to continent week by week. He Even was the only setter who travelled to brasil. Yesterday, like the whole Team, he faltered after the lost second set and physical and mental exhaustion was visible.

    At this point you can start to question the overall roster management, having players (Kaliberda, Karlitzek, Kampa) who for whatever reasons are Not ready to play but occupy places in the roster.

    I would say Giani has to take some responsibilities on some of the losing matches. Sometimes he made some strange moves during the match. Like the last match against Bulgaria, he took Fromm off court in set 3. When Fromm got back on court in set 4, he couldn't perform the same level as in the first two sets.

    According to DVV, Kampa didn't participate the in the first four-week competetion because he got a baby. That's understandble. Now he is back. Hope they will have better results this week.

    Australia nad Portugal are missing as it’s unknown yet which country will be relegated.

    If China already has their calendar, it means that FIVB already have it.

    What I meant was that maybe they haven't decided to take part in which week.

    Or are FIVB going to switch the core and chanllenge team?