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    Pool Play? Meh... is it 12 matches against the same 8 teams? That would be boring. Or am I reading it wrong.

    Yeah.. I don't fully understand the new formula. Teams will be split into 2 group of 8 teams and every team will play 12 games. 12 not 14? That's weird.

    It wasn't quite clear how the pools are arranged. I do have some thoughts on the arrangement to fit into the number of games that mentioned in the announcement.

    No. 1: The 16 teams are divided into 4 groups (let's say ABCD). Each pool consists of two groups. The teams only play against the teams in the other group, not in their group. Then every week each team will play 4 games. Each pool play 16 games. All together there are 96 games for the preliminary round. Every week pool 1 and 2 swipe one group. Then each team will play against the 12 teams in other groups.

    For example

    Week 1: Pool 1-AB, Pool 2-CD

    Week 2: Pool 1-AC, Pool 2-BD

    Week 3: Pool 1-AD, Pool 2-BC

    However, how to distribute these groups is a problem, since there will be six hosts.

    No. 2: The pools are decided first, then each pool will be separated into two groups randomly (maybe by drawing of lots). Each team will play against the 4 teams in the other group. In this way, the team may play against another team for more than once.

    It's just my guess. So the exact format need to be clarified by FIVB.

    Bonifacio is going instead of Folie but no other news

    I still don't understand why bringing Folie to Tokyo since her physical conditions wasn't very good and couldn't really contribute much as the 4th MB.

    For ECH, they need Gennari for receiving and maybe change of OPP since Sorokaite mostly used as serving sub during the Olympics. Of course another libero is needed.

    And I don’t get it why is Christina in the court She has done nothing :mad:

    Come on. Chirichella's blocking made a lot of rebounds. She didn't lose points when dealing with balls below the top of the net. Fahr lost several points on this. Moreover, her slide attack is much better than Danesi.

    I know you don't like her, but please be fair to her. Fahr's blocking was totally lost when againt China. When Chirichella came in, the blocking issue was fixed. As for Folie, I guess she won't have much court time due to her conditions. When against China, she didn't even warmup.

    After the 3 friendly matches with Serbia, the staring line-up is clear now.

    OH: C. Bosetti, Sylla

    MB: Chirichella, Danesi

    OPP: Egonu

    S: Malinov or Orro

    L: De Gennaro

    The only uncertain position is the setter. Neither Malinov nor Orro shows consistent performance. So it's not clear who will be the starting setter. At the moment, I would say paring Malinov with Sylla and Orro with Pietrini could help the attack at left side.

    The reception is the biggest issue at the moment. C. Bosetti is the only OH with relatively reliable reception. There is no backup OHs with good reception in the list. This could cause problems.

    The middle blocker choices are rather easy. Both Chirichella and Danesi hold their starting postions. Looking the performance of the 3 friendly matches, the "people-hated" Chirichella had the best performance, and the "people-loved" Folie showed that she was not even ready. I really doubt that if Folie will be ready at all. Moreover, the shaky reception makes the attack from MB become difficult. We will see if bringing 4 MBs will make a difference for the team.

    For the OPP and libero positions, there is other options. Maybe Sorokaite enter the court as OPP for one ore two matches. But I think she will most likely reserved as backup OH.

    But again We all need to realize Folie literally started to train with the rest of the players before 1week. But Olympics are in two weeks.

    At least She gots 2blocks

    Folie's level has dropped a lot. The coach wanted to protect her, so she didn't train with the team. But with so little time remaining, it's rather difficult for her to back in shape. Not to mention that her blocking has never been at top level.

    Does Folie have any contribution on court? Just sending points to the opponent. :down:

    Popovic has roughly the same height as Folie, but her blocking is way better than Folie.

    After watching some of the matches, I find the defense at position 1 and 2 is not good. The only good floor defender Carlini is not the Olympic roaster. I think Kiraly chose Hancock was because of her serve. However, I doubt that her serve would make a big difference. For instance, it didn't work at all when against China. Moreover, Poulter's performance at VNL was very inconsistence as well. Thinking about their style, Hancock is not a good sub for her. I still think Carlini would be a better option.

    Hill's position is really awkward at the moment. She it the 4th OH and will likely just enter as a service or back row sub. I can understand why Kiraly wanted to take her. After all, Hill is the representative for the their system and it was Kiraly that chose her for the system. However, Hill is not in her best shape anymore. SWP could be a better option, but Kiraly values the experienced player more.

    Mazzanti is waiting till the very last moment to judge Folie condition, let's see in Belgrade, but I am starting to think that will be 5 OH and 3MB.

    The deadline for submitting the final list is 5th of July. So I think it will be decided before the matches in Belgrade.

    Disagree. She's not that good blocker, in previous years she had 0,37, 0,68, 0,53, 0,61 and 0,41 blocks per set. She's visibly worse than Danesi. It is not true that her blocking skills are so good. IMO Danesi, Folie and one of Fahr/Chirichella should go to Tokyo. Fahr has bigger potential to me, but Christina is more experienced and it may help in difficult moments.

    Kill blocks is just one aspect. Rebonds and faults are also important. However, it is not reflected in the statistics. Some players have high kill block numbers, but they may have also quite a lot of faults. Moreover, height is also important. De Kruijf's blocking is not bad, but her height and arm span make it easier for some players to spike over the block.

    Danesi is a good blocker, not just because she has high kill blocks, also because of the high rebound numbers and low faults numbers. Chirichella's blocking is not as good as Danesi's, but she is overall a good blocker. The problem for Folie is her height.

    Could someone explain this argument to me

    The French thinks Bruno touched the net when blocking. They asked for a challenge, but the challenge came too late so only the last action can be reviewed. But the French insisted they requested a middle-rally challenge. However, both of the referees didn't agree with that.

    Unlike clubs (like in Italy) wherein they can review all that happened.

    1. The challenge system in FIVB events is much better than that in the Italian league. Floor touch is almost not able to be reviewed; the replay quality is worse; Moreover, the challenge system at FIVB events has the ball tracking system for ball positions, like the hawk-eye system in tennis. Therefore, they can show a lot of different measurements and statistics.

    2. Using Net Touch challenge to review the actions and other possible faults at the net is a common practice for the teams. But the final decision at the referee's hand.

    They're even particular with time like after several seconds you can no longer use the challenge. Ex. the mid-play challenge.

    This is the same for all almost all volleyball events. No differences.

    Coz even the commentator said they cant challenge her call.

    As I said, the German team wasn't challenging her call, cuz that call (illegal attack) wasn't challengeable. Therefore, the challenge result CANNOT overrule the decision. But what they want to challenge was a possible fault at the net from the opposite side or to more clearly review what actually happened at the net in slow motion. What showed in the replay questioned the referee's decision. But she didn't acknowledge her mistake and kept the original call. The final decision is all up to the referee.

    I dont think you can revise a call. Giani's clever to show her mistake via the challenged. But i dont think you can change the decision. Unless maybe if they accidentally blow the whistle. But i am not a ref as well, so you can correct me if i am wrong.

    The referees cannot change the challenge results. However, that call by the referee wasn't net touch by German players, so the challenge couldn't directly overrule the referee's decision. But the referees can correct their calls if they realize they made a mistake. I have seen this many times.

    According to the regulations, all faults that occurred in the review should count, not just what you challenged. But it's rather a grey zone, especially for reaching over the net to touch the ball, which is rather ambiguous. Kang Joo-Hee's decision was an illegal attack by Zimmermann. The review showed it wasn't. But what Kang did was just use the review to interpret her false decision. She was just arrogant.

    Furthermore, she went and showed yellow card for Giani. I can’t stand people who are stubborn and arrogant. You may make a mistake but there is a technology in order to correct those human mistakes, instead of correcting your mistake decently, you go and act more arrogantly. This is unacceptable and those kind of mistakes should be reported and initially, referees that are making those crucial mistakes shouldn’t be allowed to join international competitions.

    She was very arrogant. I don't why she showed such an attitude, but her performance and ability definitely should be questioned.

    I thought she said that zimmerman's a backrow player and his hands touched the ball. (He argued that he was trying to set but the ref stands by her decision that he went for a joust. (As mentioned by the commentator "joust at the net")

    If you look at the challenge review, Zimmermann tried to set the ball to the middle, and the ball was completely at the German side and was not flying towards the french side. Then Chinenyeze reached over to touch the ball. That was definitely not a joust.

    I hope so and this should be standard procedure.

    What is more painful with this situation is that Germany took challenge and everyone had clear view on the situation. That’s an absurd for me that she didn’t change her decision! :thumbdown:

    The challenge was net touch. Of course, there was no net touch, so the result was "No Fault" to the desired challenge. However, as I remember from the regulation, any faults that are observed during the review should count, and it doesn't have to be the desired challenge. A lot of teams have been using net touch to review the over-net hitting, but it's rather a grey area, and the referees rarely reverse their calls. There should be clearer guides on this from FIVB.

    Scandalous decision by Korean referee at 14-14 in tie between France and Germany. 👎👎👎

    This referee's decision today was more favorable towards France. That ball was clearly an over-net touch, but she claims that it was a block and legal. :down::down::down:

    I’m curious, how many players will be picked for dream team? Is there a separate dream team for the entire CL run or just dream team for the players who played in the finals?

    No more dream teams have been picked since Super Finals were launched. In 2019, there were only 2 MVP awards.