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    Then how about laola1? No more free CL live stream?

    I just found something interesting.

    The newly launched EuroVolleyTV is created by Sportradar. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Sportradar has already acquired the core business of Sportman Media Holding, including and, in 2016.

    Therefore, I guess there will be no more CL live on Laola1.

    Did United Volleys already lose the 1st and 2nd round both in a 2:3 game? Now they won 3:0 in the 3rd round. The chances for them to advance to 4th final was slim?

    What do you mean? They only need to win 2 sets in the away match to advance to 4th round. That's what they did in the previous two rounds.

    Someone said Perugia might sign Kovar as a substitute for Lanza.

    I heard the rumors. We can only wait and see which club he signs in the end.

    I hope Lube's sports director sees the problems. The whole team is built by him. If Lube keeps loosing, Medei might got fired first, and then it will be him.

    World Club matches and CEV are coming soon. It's not easy for an "old" team like Lube. Juan 33, Stan 33, Leal 30, Cester 30, Simon 31, Bruno 32. If you rest Juan, whom are you gonna put on court, Barnes, Massari or Brenden? As long as Lube's starters are not injuried that bad, Medei will keep them on court, like what he did in previous seasons.

    Lube can beat Perugia for sure, but they lost in all clutch games in last season. That's why they got 3 runner-ups in Italian League. With Leon in Perugia, the chances of Lube beating Pegugia look slim in this season. The last game Perugia beating Lube was a slaughter. Let's see how they adjust in the future.

    Barnes got injured before WCH, and Brenden replaced him. If Juan rest, they need an italian OH to keep a foreign MB on court. So it should be Massari. However, it's definitely not the best option. Another option is to sign Kovar back after the suspension which ends at the end of Novermber.

    Brenden Sander is just like Milan in the last season. He will rarely be on court, or maybe just serving substitution.

    Chemistry is nothing if it means not having any healthy players.

    Lube beat Perugia without Juantorena or Sokolov as titulars. I think it's entirely possible they can beat any team without Juantorena atleast.

    I agree with you.

    The WCH cost too much of Juan's energy. He needs to rest not only physically but also metally to adjust his status. He can continue train with the team, but better skips a few matches. Or maybe he needs a little bit more time for his familiy, since his wife just gave birth about two months ago. Anyway, Juan is the key player. They need him for more important matches.

    Lanza's attacking is pretty solid in this game, but he still struggled with his reception. In last 3 games in a row, Lanza's reception % is even lower than Leon. That's not a good sign. This season Perugia replaced Aaron Russell with Lanza to help the reception, given that Lanza' reception avg % in his whole career is over 50%.

    They replace Russell with Lanza mainly becacuse of the number of forigners, I would say. Without Lanza, Podrascanin will definitely be benched.

    Lube needs to work harder for better passing and better connection between setter and spiker. Otherwise, it's very difficult to kill the ball during first tempo.

    If EVERYBODY in the team wants to be the star, then the team will face problems!

    If I were Medei ,I would prefer Stankovic to Simon. Right now I think I can block better than Simon 😀,at least they can’t get block out from my block so easily

    I agree. Stankovic is also a better team player. As a veteran in the club, he means much more.

    What's wrong with Leal? It seems that he needs to be covered by Juantorena and Balaso while passing. If his attacking is also affaected by receiving, then he become a weak link.

    I didn't see much of 1st set, but for the remainder of the match her connection at least with Veljkovic was pretty good.

    I'm kind of surprised that they build a rather good connection within such a short time. Last year Carlini's setting to MB was not good at all.

    Lube's passing was horrible. Balaso sometimes needs to be covered by OHs. That's a disaster. The two benched OHs are just too weak. I think they need to sign Kovar back.

    Bruno is flopping with a rather fast speed. The ball he set has no speed, no quality. Sometimes it's just kind of torturing the spiker :wavy:

    btw.. i didnt like Novara's setter duo..

    It is said that the club wanted to keep Skorupa at first, so they sent Cambi on loan to Bergamo. After the League final, things changed and they didn't want to renew with her anymore. It was too late to get Cambi back. Later they signed Carlini. To be honest, Carlini's performance in Scandicci was not good.

    I was dreaming they could sign Lloyd, but it didn't come true. :wavy: