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    Zaytsev had a solid performance, but the OHs’ performance was very inconsistent. That error at 12-12 from Yant killed Lube’s last chance to advance

    The MB’s attack hasn’t been reliable at crucial time since Simon left

    Krick just got outplayed this season by Sanguinetti, because theoretically he's not limited by limits of foreigners to play with Stankovic.

    Well, I didn't mean the limit of foreigners. I meant Brehme is not much better than Krick. Since Krick lost his starting position, I don't think Brehme can easily win it back.

    Rinaldi and Stankovic stay, and Federici joins as the new libero. So the foreigner limit will also not be a problem for Brehme on the court.

    The question is if they can keep their composure on technical level with Keita in reception in the playoffs. Civitanova has shaky reception as well, but also by far more experienced lineup.

    Service-reception will be the key factor. However, the statistics also show that Verona has the 2nd best attacking performance after Perugia, even though their reception is way worse than Perugia. So if Lube wants to win, they also need to improve the blocking.

    The regular season is finished. Quaterfinal of the playoff:

    1-8 Perugia-Milan

    4-5 Lube-Verona

    3-6 Modena-Piacenza

    2-7 Trento-Monza

    Perugia and Trento are definitely favored for advancing to semifinals. However, it will not be easy for Lube and Modena.

    Nikolov is promising but not ready for this level yet. You could be a young great attacker but if you shanked those reception constantly, definitely a liability to the team.

    The 3 reception errors from him was a big reason for the loss of set 3. His performance is rather inconsistent. But this also the problem for the other two OHs.

    Lube had some transition chances in set 4, but all lost. The second touches were really bad. Their attackers need good balls from setter to kill. If the setter's setting is not consistent, then chances are often wasted. But it's difficult for De Cecco as well. The passing hasn't been good for the whole season.

    MBs' attacking doesn't contribute at all. Chinenyeze's performance is quite disappointing in this season. The two Italian MBs are not better than him.

    I was doubting too but who is going tp play as an OH?. I do not think that Rosamaria will go to them but I think that they are trying to transfer her because they do not have any better option

    If Akimova goes to Novara, I think Rosamaria will not go. Neither will she be willing to play as an OH.

    Novara's first OH choice was Frantti. But it seems she it going to Vakif. Another rumor was Szakmary. But she would probably be the backup for Bosetti and replace Giovannini. Based on the performance and the interview from the owner of the Main sponsor, they may keep Carcaces. The only one missing is the starting OH that play together with Bosetti. If they cannot get Frantti, who else will they go for. Lanier would be a good option, but it seems she is going to Conegliano.

    Has he ever worked in female club? I don't think so, so you may wonder what would be his role in the whole Vero Volley Consorzium.

    But yeah, he was overall pretty good in Civitanova in not taking part in bidding wars with other clubs, so Perugia paid monstrous contract for Leon, Modena overpaid Leal for nothing while Civitanova was building more balanced squads without such huge contracts. But he's not perfect, giving 3y contract to 33yo Zaytsev was extremely dumb considering the second season in a row they want to get rid off it.

    No. He has been working with men's club all the time. I think Vero volley wants to use his strength to help building the women's team. He is already 68. I would say either he stays at Lube until retirement, or jump to another team now and achieve something new in a few years.

    Of course he is not perfect. But Monza has been investing a lot in the women's sector but the results seem to be unsatisfied. Cormio to Monza is risky for both sides. If it achieve good results, win-win for both sides. Otherwise, it could end up with failure for both sides.

    The original says Civitanova is interested in Mozic, but he has valid contract - so it may mean something, but probably means nothing. Rumors about Atanasijevic are weird as well, one, they're heavily linked with Lagumdzija, two, they went into rejuvenation mode and then would hire 32yo past his prime Atanasijevic? I don't think so.

    I don't think Atanasijevic will be their choice. Lube is focusing on young players now. Except for De Cecco, I think they will not have players over 30 years old in next season. Maybe Diamantini will stay as a backup MB. Moreover, they are trying to get rid of expensive contracts, like Zaytsev and Anzani, probably Chinenyeze as well. Even though Atanasijevic is not at prime anymore, his contract won't be cheap. Not to mention that his level is not even as good as Zaytsev. So it's more reasonable they choose Lagumdzija.

    De Cecco, Balaso, Bottolo, Nikolov, D'Amico, Diamantini, Garcia, Zaytsev, Anzani, Chinenyeze are under contract. But Lube will probably replace the last 3 players. I don't think they will renew Sottile and Gottardo. Ambrose will probably go to a lower level team. The uncertainty would be Yant. I don't know if he has valid contract for next season. So according to rumors, next season Lube will be like:

    OH: Nikolov, Bottolo, Yant?, Mozic?

    MB: Galassi, Diamantini?

    OPP: Lagumdzija, Garcia?

    S: De Cecco

    Libero: Balaso, D'Amico

    If they hire Mozic, either he replaces Gottardo or Yant. As for MB, Bieniek, Vitelli, Larizza are all owned by Lube. If they want to focus on foreign OHs, then two local MBs would be better options. Otherwise, Bieniek would be a good choice to replace Chinenyeze. Then they can sign another local OH play OH together with Bottolo. As for setter, they can sign a young foreign or local setter as backup. Lastly, the idea of moving Zaytsev to position 4 is a bad idea. The problem is not reception, but attacking. His attacking at position 4 hasn't been good for some years. Play as an OPP would be the better for him.

    Let's see what Cormio will do to build the new rejuvenation project for Lube.