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    7 matches, Lubian had in total 4 blocks and 26 errors.....This is unbelievable. How come she became the starting MB and keep it all the way to the end

    Bosio had 6 blocks. Sylla also had 4 blocks, but only 12 errors.

    Weitzel crying is heartbreaking though;(

    It's not her fault. The setter should have set to another position. Three consecutive slides at crucial point were too many. Kästner's reverse setting was very inconsistent today. The MBs were struggling a bit.…racha-na-italia-1.3228249

    A Brazilian player told Bruno Voloch (our GLP, except way more annoying) that Paola, Moki, Chirichella and Bosetti went to FIPAV to try to get Mazzanti fired some time ago and said they wouldn't play for the NT if he stayed. FIPAV took Mazzanti's side.

    This is so fake.

    If so, why was Moki upset when she was not included in the NT? She could see that happen.

    If so, why did Bosetti and Egonu even join the NT training in July? They claimed they won't play for the NT

    If so, why did Bosetti even told Mazzanti that she was avalible for OQ after the ECH? This is just slapping her own face if what's written in that post really happened.

    For the German women's NT, it's unfortunate injuries occurred this summer. For German men's NT, it's unfortunate that Winiarski lacks coaching ability. His reaction on what's happening on courst was very slow. He was always slow on substitution. He had no ideas which player should be on court. He gives little useful information during timeouts.

    Schott's attacking was bad. His passing was also not good. Kampa's connection to MBs was much worse than Tille. His setting is not as good as he used to be. Grozer was just wasting energy on court.

    The same goes to French NT. Giani is not better than Winiarski.

    Pasini defends himself in the comments

    Pasini's altitude in two of his recent posts are really disappointing.

    The analysis on Italy: between present and future

    "Paola has stopped growing, while the competition (and the opposing walls/defenses) have grown. Today's Paola doesn't hit with the same incisiveness of 3 years, and the same could be said about her for defense. It is clear that most of the fans do not understand this."

    The defeat of a relationship gone bad

    "As dozens of people have said, while admitting the "faults of Paola" never publicly explained, this exit from the scene in this way is a defeat for all of volleyball. However, the fact that she has taken a step back is also a defeat for Paola, even though her starting point is clear."

    Why do you still blame her? Mazzanti and FIPAV have no faults?

    In the comment session of the instagram post from DVV, they answered that Weber is sick. That's why he is not in the roster.

    Doesn't lippmann's main reason to play beach volley is qualifying for Paris? is her team that good to aim a medal?

    if she return indoor volleyball germany would have huge chance to qualify for the OG.

    Then what about Laura Ludwig? Lippmann just dump her to chase the Olympic dreams and leave her alone?

    It's not all about Lippmann herself. She has a partner who is also seeking to play OG one more time.

    Watched IRA-BUL game for 3 sets. The Bulgarian team is highly relying on Nikolov. He took more than half of the passing duty. Of course the service targeted him. But if the other OH and libero could help him a bit more on reception, he would contribute more on the attacking. But it seems like impossible.

    Feel a bit bad for Brazil, Bovolenta should already be playing with a senior NT, it's kind of obvious he's already way better than any opposite but Romano.

    I think that's common that the federation wants to have good outcome in the U-series competetion. He will move to senior next year for VNL, at least. Also, he will probably move to Lube in 23/24 season.

    Italy would be so dominant team with Porro tho.

    Why didn't Porro come?

    Third week roster for Germany

    OH: Moritz Reichert, Christian Fromm, Tobias Brand, Ruben Schott, Denys Kaliberda

    MB: Lukas Maase, Tobias Krick, Anton Brehme, Florian Krage

    OPP: Linus Weber, Yann Böhme

    S: Lukas Kampa, Johannes Tille

    L: Leonard Graven