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    No. The rule has changed. The allocation of the European cup spots is purely based on playoff results.

    Winner, runner up, and 3rd place (a newly created series between the loser of the semi-finals) will get the CL spots. 4th place will get CEV cup spot.

    The 4 losing teams of the quater-finals and the winner of the preliminary round between 9-11th teams will fight for the 5th place which will get the challenage cup spot.

    Starting from next season, the regular season will be boring cuz strong teams will save the energy for playoff. As long as the rank is higher than No #8 after regular season, you don't need to work hard to rank higher. It makes no sense. Perugia already showed us a bloody example. LOL

    1. Italian league was the only one giving CL spot to the regular season (RS) winner. Based on your logic, all the RS in other leagues are boring.

    2. If there is only round robin of 4-6 teams in a group stage, it's not difficult manage a intermediate ranking to enter the next stage. But it's 12 teams playing 132 matches for 22 match days. It's difficult to predict and control the match results. The ranking is not just based on your performance, it's also based other teams' performance.

    3. The rules were implemented in this season. Every team was still fighting for winning of each matches. It's professional sports.

    4. Peruiga lost to Milan due to it's own problems. They had enough time to train, to try out, and to make the team in shape since they secured RS winner on 22nd January. But in the end, they did nothing. They are the only one to blame, not the rules.

    Lube won 3-0 and entered the semifinal.

    I think Zaytsev played the key role in the reversal. He stepped in to receive for 5 rotations. Lube's reception was still shaky but got better. Despite taking a lot of passing and defending duties, he still scored a lot of points.

    Congrats to Lube.

    Because they want to secure a CL spot. According to Superlega's rule, rank #1 after regular season will automatically secure one spot for CL next season.

    Not anymore. The rules has changed in this season. The CL spots go to the winner, runner-up, and 3rd. There will be 3rd place play-off. The winner gets CL spot, and the loser gets CEV cup spot. The Quarterfinal losing teams will compete with the winner of the preliminary round between 9th and 11th teams for the 5th place who will get the Challenge Cup spot.

    So if Perugia loses on Monday, they can only fight for the Challenge Cup spot.

    Superlega is a tough league. You can not guarantee a good ranking in regular season if you keep you starters on bench to save their energy.

    Perugia secured the 1st place in Regular seacon on 22nd January, 6 rounds before the ending of regular season. They could have let their starters rest afterwards.

    OMG. Ishikawa was substituted by Vitelli due to cramping. At 13-13, Vitelli made an effective block touch and created transition opportunity, then he made the quick attack and brought match point for Milan.

    Other coaches would use another OH to make the substitution, or at least wouldn’t leave the MB on court during reception, especially when facing service from Leon. Only Piazza would dare to do this.

    Zaytsev had a solid performance, but the OHs’ performance was very inconsistent. That error at 12-12 from Yant killed Lube’s last chance to advance

    The MB’s attack hasn’t been reliable at crucial time since Simon left

    Krick just got outplayed this season by Sanguinetti, because theoretically he's not limited by limits of foreigners to play with Stankovic.

    Well, I didn't mean the limit of foreigners. I meant Brehme is not much better than Krick. Since Krick lost his starting position, I don't think Brehme can easily win it back.

    Rinaldi and Stankovic stay, and Federici joins as the new libero. So the foreigner limit will also not be a problem for Brehme on the court.

    The question is if they can keep their composure on technical level with Keita in reception in the playoffs. Civitanova has shaky reception as well, but also by far more experienced lineup.

    Service-reception will be the key factor. However, the statistics also show that Verona has the 2nd best attacking performance after Perugia, even though their reception is way worse than Perugia. So if Lube wants to win, they also need to improve the blocking.

    The regular season is finished. Quaterfinal of the playoff:

    1-8 Perugia-Milan

    4-5 Lube-Verona

    3-6 Modena-Piacenza

    2-7 Trento-Monza

    Perugia and Trento are definitely favored for advancing to semifinals. However, it will not be easy for Lube and Modena.

    Nikolov is promising but not ready for this level yet. You could be a young great attacker but if you shanked those reception constantly, definitely a liability to the team.

    The 3 reception errors from him was a big reason for the loss of set 3. His performance is rather inconsistent. But this also the problem for the other two OHs.