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    Lube had some transition chances in set 4, but all lost. The second touches were really bad. Their attackers need good balls from setter to kill. If the setter's setting is not consistent, then chances are often wasted. But it's difficult for De Cecco as well. The passing hasn't been good for the whole season.

    MBs' attacking doesn't contribute at all. Chinenyeze's performance is quite disappointing in this season. The two Italian MBs are not better than him.

    I was doubting too but who is going tp play as an OH?. I do not think that Rosamaria will go to them but I think that they are trying to transfer her because they do not have any better option

    If Akimova goes to Novara, I think Rosamaria will not go. Neither will she be willing to play as an OH.

    Novara's first OH choice was Frantti. But it seems she it going to Vakif. Another rumor was Szakmary. But she would probably be the backup for Bosetti and replace Giovannini. Based on the performance and the interview from the owner of the Main sponsor, they may keep Carcaces. The only one missing is the starting OH that play together with Bosetti. If they cannot get Frantti, who else will they go for. Lanier would be a good option, but it seems she is going to Conegliano.

    Has he ever worked in female club? I don't think so, so you may wonder what would be his role in the whole Vero Volley Consorzium.

    But yeah, he was overall pretty good in Civitanova in not taking part in bidding wars with other clubs, so Perugia paid monstrous contract for Leon, Modena overpaid Leal for nothing while Civitanova was building more balanced squads without such huge contracts. But he's not perfect, giving 3y contract to 33yo Zaytsev was extremely dumb considering the second season in a row they want to get rid off it.

    No. He has been working with men's club all the time. I think Vero volley wants to use his strength to help building the women's team. He is already 68. I would say either he stays at Lube until retirement, or jump to another team now and achieve something new in a few years.

    Of course he is not perfect. But Monza has been investing a lot in the women's sector but the results seem to be unsatisfied. Cormio to Monza is risky for both sides. If it achieve good results, win-win for both sides. Otherwise, it could end up with failure for both sides.

    The original says Civitanova is interested in Mozic, but he has valid contract - so it may mean something, but probably means nothing. Rumors about Atanasijevic are weird as well, one, they're heavily linked with Lagumdzija, two, they went into rejuvenation mode and then would hire 32yo past his prime Atanasijevic? I don't think so.

    I don't think Atanasijevic will be their choice. Lube is focusing on young players now. Except for De Cecco, I think they will not have players over 30 years old in next season. Maybe Diamantini will stay as a backup MB. Moreover, they are trying to get rid of expensive contracts, like Zaytsev and Anzani, probably Chinenyeze as well. Even though Atanasijevic is not at prime anymore, his contract won't be cheap. Not to mention that his level is not even as good as Zaytsev. So it's more reasonable they choose Lagumdzija.

    De Cecco, Balaso, Bottolo, Nikolov, D'Amico, Diamantini, Garcia, Zaytsev, Anzani, Chinenyeze are under contract. But Lube will probably replace the last 3 players. I don't think they will renew Sottile and Gottardo. Ambrose will probably go to a lower level team. The uncertainty would be Yant. I don't know if he has valid contract for next season. So according to rumors, next season Lube will be like:

    OH: Nikolov, Bottolo, Yant?, Mozic?

    MB: Galassi, Diamantini?

    OPP: Lagumdzija, Garcia?

    S: De Cecco

    Libero: Balaso, D'Amico

    If they hire Mozic, either he replaces Gottardo or Yant. As for MB, Bieniek, Vitelli, Larizza are all owned by Lube. If they want to focus on foreign OHs, then two local MBs would be better options. Otherwise, Bieniek would be a good choice to replace Chinenyeze. Then they can sign another local OH play OH together with Bottolo. As for setter, they can sign a young foreign or local setter as backup. Lastly, the idea of moving Zaytsev to position 4 is a bad idea. The problem is not reception, but attacking. His attacking at position 4 hasn't been good for some years. Play as an OPP would be the better for him.

    Let's see what Cormio will do to build the new rejuvenation project for Lube.

    I think the context is that the reporter asked her about Ebrar's status and she answered. Not that she feel the need to bring up Ebrar out of nowhere.

    It's same for both Danesi and the manager. They were asked about Karakurt and answered.

    From the content in the previous post, I didn't see Danesi blaming Karakurt. She said "I don't wanna point her out cause we are a team. If she can't guarantee high scores, we need to do it as a team." It's a team sport, so achieving it as team even if someone is not performing well.

    Novara's president could have replied nicer, especially during a difficult time for Karakurt. He was asked about the transfer. He answered "Why deny it? It's the truth, but don't ask me if this could have distracted her."......It's already well known. Transfer done during mid-season is normal. As a professional, she shouldn't affected by this.

    Novara could have done better. After last night's home match, they could have given the MVP to Karakurt. Apparently, she is recovering from all the stuff happen off court. Giving her some credit is a nice gesture. But anyway, the two interviews have been overinterpreted. We don't need to overreact on such things.

    Good news is that there are young generation who are good at slide, such as Atamah (2005) and Manfredini (2006).

    They have the potential, but also need time to grow. Gardini played really well last season in A2, but at the beginning of her first season in A1, she struggled.

    MB's attacking sometimes really depends on the setter. Akinradewo's slide attack was definitely one of the best, but the connection between her and new generation USA setter was not that good. It degraded her attacking. Other examples are: Danesi-Cambi, very good connection and attacking upgrading; Veljkovic-Carlini, bad connection and reduced attacking power.

    I mean saying that Novara is not having money is joke. I mean they have 3 players who are starters in Italian NT. Bosetti, Danesi, Christina are not cheap players…And I think same goes to Fersino and Bonifacio.

    Bosetti renewed twice more than one year in advance; Novara needed to outbid Monza to sign Danesi and competed with Scandicci to renew with Chirichella; Even though Bonifacio is willing to sit on the bench, her contract is not cheap; Fersino is on loan from Conegliano, won't be too expensive.

    They spent more money on these players. Their MB lineup should be the most expensive one in the league.

    Chirchella is bad and needs to be ditched.

    If Chirchella is so bad, why doesn't Lavarini use Bonifacio-Danesi duo? Why does Mazzantti still put her in the starting lineup? The coaches are not stupid.

    In fact, she is not bad. I don't understand why so many people in this forum hate her that much.

    I watched last 3 matches Novara played (2 league + 1 CL), and she played well.

    in a perfect world, they ditch Chirichella. That leaves an opening for a foreign MB. (Maglio pls)

    Chirichella, Danesi, Bonifacio all have valid contracts for next season. So it will be Chirchella-Danesi duo again. This lineup is good!

    The 4th MB Gomez has 1+1 contract. I don't think Novara will sign another high level MB. Renewing the contract with Gomez is a more reasonable option.

    Not a big fan of Blengini, but his substitutions in set 4 are critical of Lube's come-from-behind victory against Piacenza. Since Zaytsev was not ineffective in set 4, Blengini replaced the starters with Gabi and Diamantini (to maintain 3 local players on court). At 20:21, Lube was stuck at a rotation with only two quality spikers with Diamantini being a non-factor in offense. Blengini decisively sent Chinenyeze back to play an effective decoy for the spikers on both wings, while Lube still managed to keep both liberos on court for those few points.

    The backup libero substituting Nikolov in the back row for 3 rotations is the regular substitution for Lube. Without this, Chinenyeze cannot enter the court when Garcia is the OPP. In the last point, when Yant served, Zaytsev needed to be back to maintain 3 local players on court.

    MB has been a problem for Lube in this season. I wonder who will be brought to Lube for next season. Zaytsev can help with reception, which is good, but it's difficult for him to maintain high level physically throughout 5 sets due to the age. On the other hand, the young OHs are too young, inconsistent but also normal.

    Both Garcia and Zaytsev have vaid contracts for next season, but I'm not sure if Lube will make a change. Zaytsev's contract is too expensive for Lube. Lube wanted to resolve the contract, but he doesn't want to leave. Garcia's performance is okay, but lacking court time isn't good for him, especially when he is aiming to represent USA attending Paris 2024.

    Lube is still struggling. There are some problems that have been exisiting since the beginning of the season.

    1. Passing is very inconsistent. It had collapsed several times at crucial moments.

    2. The middles' level dropped too much comparing to last season. Chinenyeze is not a top tier MB. He is not performing well in attacking, blocking, or serving. Anzani's level has dropped a lot. They need to search good MBs for next season.

    3. They lack a real leader in the team. The captin De Cecco's body language and attitude on court are not positive. Zaytsev doesn't want to be a leader. The other veterans doesn't have any leadership. When the team is not performing well, noboday can stand up to make the team focus. Blengini is also not doing a good job building such a team with a lot of young players.

    The season is still not over, but if they don't bounce back, they will be in big trouble.

    Lube could have had a great comeback, but with 0-4 opening in set 5, it was almost impossible. The decision to start with Yant serving was not a good choice. He had the hot hands, but got stuck receiving at position 1 and out of attacking. Both Bottolo and Garcia were not so reliable on attacking in the front row. It was very difficult to recover.

    Yant had a great perfomance. I was waiting for breakthrough from him since the Club World Championship 2021, but hadn't seen it. Perhaps, tonight it came, since the blocking at the end of set 3. Unfortunately, the team lost, Otherwise, it could be confidence boost for him.