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    Today’s match between Stocznia Szczecin and GKS Katowice may be the last one with Stocznia’s roster as it is. From the beginning of the season players got only one salary and main sponsor withdrew his promised support (Orlen). Bartosz Kurek can leave club already today and he has a lot of offers.

    good information...so maybe today Szczecin can be lost the match against Katowice? what do you think?

    Time For Pronostics:

    Kazan - HPK 3-0 match without history..kazan will be win with 20 or more points of handicap...

    Beziers - Plovdiv 1-3 i think the bulgarian roaster is more stronger than french....

    Lodz -Schweriner 3-2 this is the most balanced match


    Dinamo Moscow - Fenerbahce 2-3 the most important match i think Turkish girls can win this match, Dinamo is playing bad,very.

    Eczacibasi - Uralochka 3-1 Turikish Team will win i think.

    Cannes - Minsk 1-3 i see the russian roaster more strong

    Conegliano - Scandicci 3-1 italian derby will be fantastic i thougt 3-0 for Conegliano but the injury of Hodge can be hard for Conegliano...Scandicci instead has found Vasilieva.


    Vakifbank - Stuttgart 3-0 German team havo no chance.

    Chemik Police -Bucuresti 3-1

    Novara - Budowlani Lodz 3-1

    Yours ?

    Time for pronostics today:

    Halkbank - Roeselare 3-1 (the turkish team is stronger than belgium)

    Zenit St Peterbourg - Chaumont 3-0 France have no chance here.

    Belchatow - Gdansk 3-1 (Polish derby can be interesting but i think home team will win without problems)


    Arkasspor - Tours 3-1

    Zenit Kazan - Frankfurt 3-0

    Kozle - Karlovarsko 3-0

    Friedrichshafen - ACH 3-1

    Perugia - Dinamo Moscow 3-1 (this is the most interestint match, i think perugia is a seriuosly candidate to remove the scepter to Kazan this year...)


    Berlin Volleys - Noliko Maaseik 3-0

    Lube Macerata - Modena 3-1 (very interesting Italian derby...in season Modena - Macerata was 2-3 but very fighting match...i think Lube can win again but Modena will be on Fire.)

    Yours ?

    Predictions time:

    Uralochka - Dinamo Moscow 1-3

    Dinamo Kazan - Minchanka Minsk 3-2

    what about these matches?

    i think that Minsk can do a joke to kazan....both matches will not end at 3 set....

    your opinion?