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    Jwo and courtney will play libero in VNL for sure. But i hope they try krob to play that position against china, italy, serbia and let see if it really work? What you think? Or just hide it to avoid scouting and surprise them in Olympic?

    I really don't get why so many people want to see Robinson as libero. During WCH 2018 she was the libero and USA failed big time that tournament:gone: She just isn't a libero IMO, same as Courtney who isn't a real libero either. I would take Wong-Orantes as starting libero to the Olympics. She now has experience of playing 2 seasons overseas, so I believe her reception skills improved. Next to that team USA has 4 good/decent receiving outside hitters, so it will take some of the pressure away from the libero in serve reception. Main job for the libero would be defense and setting. Wong-Orantes clearly the best in these aspects! ^^

    Agree. She should start as libero but for important matches? I will definitely ask krob to wear that libero shirt in case jwo flops. Isn't it Pleasure to watch when you see 3 receivers in the court and you are not worried about the passing. Strong team and strong servers if you have larson, krob/hill and jwo. You know you will target the least experienced

    It's going to be be Courtney as libero and Krob as an alternate player.

    There's just too much risk with JWO and if I were a coach, I would slap the hell out of Krob if she refuses to play libero before an important match. Like girl you ain't calling the shots here. Sue me for physical abuse after we win the olympics. :wavy:

    Can't stop laughing! Definitely, it's olympic and if i am a coach i wont put my whole trust to jwo who is currently luck of experience. Krob is doing everything right now to prove that she is an OH. But no need for that she is a great OH and one of the best and complete OH. But right now with the roster we have she is more valuable in libero than OH. Larson, hill, mbh can definitely deliver and do their job but for that libero slot you trust everything to jwo for that position in how many matches?

    But from rumours conegliano is already looking for replacement. I really don't think megan equal or better replacement. But eho else among the top OH is available that can replace her? Krob is the perfect option for me but not sure if imoco is interested.

    Im still not convinced she'll retire... she's too good (and the money she's getting is too)

    Yeah, but wondering why she is retiring. Is she tired? Maybe just take a rest and come back? But you know she's been with 2 best club team in the world vakifbank and Conegliano and winning and all. I think she's don't have that feeling and eager to win and all because she already been with the best team for years. She should maybe try asia and or a beach for a change.

    I think they have like 1 week or max of 10 days before joining the NT. Covid test and quarantine for 7 days and then another free days to do and go where you want and then go back to the gym.

    Krob also just had her flight back to US yesterday i think. But swp wondering might join as well in few days

    Lol comparing polands NT players to Conegliano's? Seriously?! Poland is number 13 world ranking. I don't think maja or even carlini can lead the team with only 1 or 2 top players compare to usa and serbia.

    It's really helpful when you have someone like eguno or Boskovic or haak or even zhu who can lead the team but there is also a disadvantages like other players aren't really dedicated in scoring because they have this mindset that they have someone who can score and i don't like it. That's what happened to this match, imoco won, but i felt like novara deserves to win this match than imoco because they really play all as a team and give it all.

    Italy has big chance in making it to the finals and even win the vnl and olympic woth how these local players playing and plus they have a super talented eguno who can carry the team.

    Wolosz has to establish her middle and distribute the ball next game. Eguno needs to recover in carrying imoco today. Eguno and sylla only 2 players from imoco got double digits the rest hard to score. Though hill was the best passer this match with 76%positive and 56%perfect.