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    About LOVB, I wonder if players get a say in which team they are going to play, or if it's all assigned by the league.

    To be honest, I was kind of meh on LOVB because six teams just didn't seem enough to me to make it exciting, but now I'm actually looking forward to it. If they can make all the teams equally competitive, it could be really fun. And Folie is a great signing for sure.

    That's the plan! Compare to italy and turkey who have alot of teams but mostly mid to lower aren't exciting lol. These 6 teams will be more exciting and competitive if they will distribute the players equally.

    Centerpiece for beating PTT, Karayollari and Sariyer..

    I was just about to comment that Busa had great last few games when she got a chance to play full sets once Frantti was benched, both in attack and defense. Numbers and her performance aside, they always start playing much more in system when Busa is in and that helps everyone.

    The problem is the coaches point of view is different with yours. Lol frantti is not on it in this past performance after that rumor that she is leaving vakifbank. Maybe busa will take her place for next season. I am also again not sure why you are too much focusing on her is it because busa is not getting alot of playing time because of her? Look at JTs performance, isn't supposed to be her main job is to make more points? 🙄 but i understand why both Americans are struggling because of the setting style of cansu's. I am also uncomfortable with gabi taking alot of space with Frantti in reception. They should just give her more space to cover to gain her confidence. This is not how she plays in italy and teamUSA, she is getting same space as others when it comes to receiving.

    I really hope busa will start in match against conegliano so you can stop shitting frantti too much 🤣 but i am not sure if cansu's setting style will improve and that JT will contribute alot because van has more great sets than her that's how busa got alot of points today's match!

    Watching Scandicci, I feel like Zhu Ting may not be a great addition to Imoco. She is/was amazing for sure, but I doubt she can handle the pressure Plummer is experiencing every single game.

    Also I'm not sold on Gabi for Robinson.

    Robinson is the best OH2 lol. Gabi was good a yesr or 2yrs ago. But this season. Whatever her fans saying she is not on her prime. We'll see next season. Maybe Wolosz will make her the best OH again lol

    gray should play libero to practice her reception. My god. What is she doing during practice? She is probably the worst OH in terms of reception and still big club team like Eczacibasi wants to keep her. Plummer will keep gray on bench for whole season.

    Busa is actually really solid in block out attacks, and she isn’t even bad OOS, her attack is problematic when it is in system cause she can’t hit dominantly like Frantti who is physically just superior (but only against lower teams who leave middle open to attack, once MB is in place Frantti can’t do shit cause she has no versatility in attack). Frantti is still covered in reception and although she can manage handling smaller ground to cover, collective reception line suffers because of that.. at least when you have Busa in back row Gabi wouldn’t have to worry to cover half the left side in reception and can focus on being ready to attack..

    You can't put busa there to save vakifbank 🤣 you need an elite opposite who can cary the team and that is not thompson! You are too dramatic on frantti and you don't even noticed how bad cansu,zahra, thompson, alexia are? 🙄

    I bet Novara's board is mad. They just shelled out 100k on Markova to fight for that CL spot and today's loss makes things significantly harder for them considering they still have to play Conegliano and Scandicci.

    Let's see who they're gonna throw under the bus this time.

    Did markova played today? They still have a chance if they beat Scandicci and the rest of their games.

    Yeah, I can agree with that.

    Just keep in mind that Imoco has great system built already, good pass+ Wolosz will make any average attacker into above average.

    I’m not sure how Zhu would perform with fast style from Wolosz, and I don’t think she is the best option for them, but they definitely would have all-star team (not that it’s guaranteed to work)

    It's giving me zhu-hill-naz in 2017. 😊

    I don't think it should be a problem. If they make sure to have 4 Italian MBs and Moki+Bardaro, they could even get a foreign Opp2 because there will always be 3 Italians on court! This way they can easily rotate the four OHs. And with this kind of OH/MB power, the second opposite doesn't need to be a 'carry the load' type, scoring 10+ points in 3 sets should be sufficient (and they could mix 'n match with the setters, so everyone can make minutes and get rest when needed).

    As much as I love Robin, I think going for this tactic of 4 Italian MBs is the smartest if you already have Lubian/Fahr as powerhouses. Besides CL she barely plays anyway because she's dependent on Gennari/Piani to play as well then, which cannot be compared to the other options on their position.

    Conegliano will be unstoppable for sure. Good for the team but not so good for the players and league. Those who will be staying on bench could have been a starter in any team and increase the level of competition specially now that the USA opened new leagues there will be a shortage in every position. Lanier for example and even Alsmier are a starter for any team. But Conegliano being greedy will delayed their development as a player, the league will be boring if only 1 or 2 club are getting these players.

    So what will they do with that alot foreign players? Lol







    Japanese setter


    Also now it supposed that she was not necessary to play all the matches. Lol. They have Pusic. She would have a lot of time on court. Probably she want to play all the matches otherwise I do not know why Gaspari ignores Pusic when she is making changes all the time to the other positions.

    Exactly! Lol that maybe because they also have unstable OHs but then bajema also joining Scandicci 😅 i hope they sign LYY.