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    Mbh was not performing well in Chinese legaue maybe her mind and focus was already in vakifbank lol.

    Mbh is good, she can be dominant if she would want to. But she is inconsistent as well specially in passing. Not sure if vakif can maximize their players. Imoco is still top team to beat.

    Eczacibasi is a great team if they'll play as a team.

    I agree with you. Tryout for foreign players are waist of time money and effort for both the kovo and players itself.

    1. You don't expect all these 30 players will show their skills in 3 days only :what:.

    2. These are professional players already and why will you conduct tryout if before the tryout the coaches already choose who will be their import? Doesn't make sense.

    3. I don't believe that in choosing foreign players it's the coaches pure decision who will they gonna choose. Agents will definitely is helping coaches.

    4. Why don't they get 2 foreign players instead? Just incase of any injuries and allow only 1 foreign player inside or just like what japan league is doing get 1 asean or asian players.

    I agree. I would even put her chances ahead of Akinradewo and Adams. Just for the fact that shes playing this season and they're not. We dont really know what level Foluke and Adams are going to be in until we see them play early next year. So with that I'm fairly confident that Dixon is going to be in Tokyo. She's the front runner for the vets and Ogbogu, barring any injury is right there with her. If we're only taking 3 MBs then most likely Foluke and Adams are competing for that (sadly..)1 open spot. Washington's best chance is probably Paris but would still be in the mix if the vets ahead of her are not ready.

    Is that confirmed? Well, IDK how much $$$ vakif is throwing her way but money talks. That and she probably expect to not play every game anyway. I'd assume..practicing with a lot of the best players in the world is also better than practicing in the gym in Anaheim with the fringe players that are currently not playing pro. I would think that's a good enough reason for anyone.

    Then if that is the case, should have accepted vakif offer before she accepted club in china. there was a news the reason why she announced late re: her transfer club coz she can't decide where to play bet. vakif and club in china.

    MBH to play with vakifbank by end of CVL on jan. isn't it the reason why mbh is now playing in china is to have plenty of rest before vnl/olym next year and able to practice with other NT player? it doesn't make sense now.

    I agree, Ebrar is doing fine. why they keep transfering foreign players? ebrar and mbh has almost the same defense and offense. except for maturity mbh is more experience. but you can't put gabi in bench because she is good in that aspect as defensive OH.

    Maybe they will try MBH-Gabi & Ebrar.

    Haak can take rest.

    so who will replace taykor cook?

    Lol how many times did they replaces this foreign player? why they keep getting her service if in the 1st place she has history like this?

    I mean they are doing this tryout for foreign players with 30 good players and still they end up with the same player.

    Not sure if coaches are choosing foreign players but i beleive agents or sport agent has a bit part of marketing their players to the club team.

    I know Foluke won't giveup her slot that easy, she will work hard to get her spot back. Adams does not have club team but i think it's their tactic to totally heal her injury and be 100% comes tokyo. These two ladies haven't play this season until next season so other teams won't be able to do scouting and all. I still think that laraom, hill, rob and bartsch will be the 4oh 2setter and 1 libero and rob as sub.