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    I saw another msg in twitter world. Another player from the Philippines might be playing in japan. and guess what? the player is the older sister of Santiago. her name is aleona Santiago? but they did not reveal the name of the team. and I also saw an article from the Philippines that a male player also will be playing in japan league. his name is mark espejo a 4x mvp of collegiate conference in the Philippines. hmmm looks like japan has limited choices. only from Thailand and philippines?

    I was actually reading some comments in twitter world. and there are fans who noticed regarding the current squad of Japanese team. the latest concern was the Head coach was biased?. during the Friendly match between japan & USA. most of the time the coach chooses who are playing under her team in japan league . which is the NEC red. the playing time of other players were cut off.

    I saw some of her highlights in youtube. she play different position. not sure what will be her position in ageo. I believe each team are allowed to have two foreign players. so, they might have another player aside from Santiago.

    It will be difficult for the Japanese players to play in Europe. simply because they have different style of play. the "communication" is a major aspect of that. I remember Saori playing in Vakifbank and Galatasaray. her coach said she didn't do well. not because she is not a great player but because the "type of play in Europe is different compare to asia. we have Zhu & KYK who are both shine in Europe but that is because they are very tall same as European players and had a coaches who trained them very well.

    I Think the player that you are referring to from the Philippines? Not sure but they said that her name is Alyja Santiago. 6'5 and half. MB/OPP and there are rumors in twitter that she will play with Ageo? not sure though if this is final.

    ohh so the 2nd foreign player must be coming from ASEAN countries only? that is difficult. I mean asean countries doesn't have that "strong" players compare to other Asian countries like China & Korea. most likely they will get players from Thailand only? I read somewhere that chatchu-on from Thailand will be playing in japan under JT marvelous with brankica. I read a tweet as will that a player from phillipines will also play in japan? forgot her name. :what: :drink: