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    Ohhh kurobe, i thought they could win the match against pfu.

    Lee is playing OH and she is receiving ball, i thought in japan no foreign player allowed to receive the ball because they are 1st option for offense. But lee needs to work on that department. Dingdin never had a chance to play too? I saw her highlight i think she is better in wing.

    As exoected toyota won against jt marvelous. I wonder what will happen now to jt knowing that drews might join the team next week and other teams are now prepared same withu hitachi with h. Tapp.

    Wait... So you saying, Hill, bartsch, tori and lower are TeamB? 😂

    Just because they are playing against less strong team and they are now Team B?

    So, if akinradewo, adams come back who will be team A and B and C?

    I still believe kiraly has a purpose why carlini wasn't playing that much in world cup.

    Coming olympics next yr. It's everyone ball game

    Other articles mention that the contract was terminated by mutual agreement. As far as I know, the same thing happens with other players in recent time. I guess the Korean teams must have compensated the players so that they would agree to end their contract with the team.

    Or maybe they are not satisfied with her performance (written in her contract) and injury issue is just a coverup.

    Maybe because no other foreign players available at this moment. If not all, most of them are with their club teams already. So, there is shortage or limited player to be selected. Maybe taylor was the last option.

    If they want to go home early and join their club team. Drop the game, lose and go home after 3 matches. 😂 But of course it won't happen because this is team A of USA and they should win this match to end the NT season with high note!

    If they will let Hill rest again this tournament then remove her from the roster and bring next tournament someone who can play.

    Not to mention the lesser time to gel with the team and the system. Just let Karsta play OPP already lol.

    It will be unfair as well for karsta because she has club team too in italy waiting for her.

    Wondering how important is this tournament? I am 100% sure lot of american players that doesn't have contract yet with the club. They should have revisit their data and check who are still available.

    They should just play their 2nd stringers who played minimally during the World Cup.

    Shouldnt annie and hannah be in Japan right now? Their league starts in like 7 days...

    I know! Their club team in japan will surely suffer. The team will play without their foreign players.

    Wait why team A going to norceca continental championship? These players are for sure tired and just want to rest before playing with their club teams.

    Can they just send team c, d, e there?

    While Denso really upgraded their team this year, there are a few teams who did basically nothing:

    • Toyota lost their setter and a libero and drafted only one college kid to add to their other eight swingers
    • Hitachi drafted only one college MB. They will probably employ a foreigner MB but it's not set yet with the season starting in a week
    • Saitama got Tominaga back. That's it
    • Toray drafted only two players but they're good ones: U20 champion libero and OH

    Aside from hisamitsu, toyota and denso. TORAY is a strong team this season as well. They were able to draft the u20 OH mvp. That's a huge upgrade, however kurogo is still recovering from her injury and she might not play in a couple of games until full recover?

    I always wonder why there's no korean players playing abroad except KYK. Is the rules and regulation making it harder for them to play outside korean league?

    Watching recent world cup, I think some of them has the potential to play in Europe. Having experience abroad can be good for national team players in international competition

    Probably because communication is one of the problem why asian players specifically china, korea and japan even thailand. English is not their native language, though club team can provide translator but it's difficult and would take time for player to adjust. Other conflicts would be the culture, the type of plays and the pressure.

    Of all asian foreign players that played in europe only kyk and zhu ting was successful. Even saori kimura struggled in turkey with vakif and galatasaray.

    Foreign Players:

    Hisamitsu → Fabiana(MB)

    Toray → Kulan(OH)

    JT → Kamulthala(MB)-Drews(OP)

    body → Neri(OP)

    Denso → Jack (MB)-Thuy(OH/OP)

    Okayama → ?

    NEC → Tomsia(OP)

    Ageo → Susnjar(OP)-Jaja(MB)

    Hitachi → H.Tapp(MB)

    KUROBE → Lee(OH/OP)-Dindin(MB/OP)

    PFU → Doris(MB)-Thanacha(OP)

    Himeji → Ivna(OP)

    Who is/are your favorite?

    Why hill & tori not playing much this tournament? Specifically hill.

    Is it because krob, bartsch, larson are doing better than here or they just want here to hide and have plenty of rest for the upcoming pro season?

    Also, krob, hill and bartsch are on the same batch yeah? If kiraly wants to develop a new OH in preparation of larson's exit after OG. He should have bring foecke instead of hill. Yeah?

    I personally think krob is perfect for libero position. I don't know how she feels if the role will be given to her? But i saw her video vlogs, she mentioned that libero is the hardest position that she played because she can't help offensively! She also said that there are instances that she want to helo the team get a point and win and she wants to emash that ball but she can't because she was playing libero position.

    Krob is doing fantastic job this past two years. My suggestion would be..

    In final roster for Olympic. Get 1 libero may it be jwo, courtney or lake. And put krob as OH. Now,, krob can play OH in other matches but she should play libero against strong teams like china, serbia and italy. These teams are very tall, aggressive and strong server. They use alot of jumping to distract the reception of their opponent and krob can help with that aspect. In terms of offence, she can't out play strong and tall players from these teams i mentioned. So, better instead of krob at the bench out her as libero and let larson/mbh/hill do the OH position.