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    Yes possibly. Personally my knowledge of Asian players isn't that good so I don't know who could do that job so well and of course not many Asian players come to play in Europe at all so it may not be easy to transfer them.

    I agree, lot of asian can dominate europe if they will be given a chance. I know that language barrier might be one of the reason but so as same with other players who came from brazil, poland, canada etc... European club are only focusing getting players in europe or america but they should do some research and online searching, youtube is very helpfull. Thailand has good players. If they got kyk and zhu why not able to get other players too. Korea has good players and japan. Vietnam saw highlights of 4t very tall and playing in taiwan. Saw Philippine player in youtube who played in japan league jaja santiagosan who can play both wing and middle. Even Indonesia with manganang too.

    but this just show how shit fabris is

    lowe is medicore opp and she is better then fabris rofl

    imoco needed injured boskovic and entire team of ecz to play like crap in order to win

    Bitch, win is a win. it is not imoco's fault why bosko is injured. and what happened to KYK and Larson? hahaha you excuses is not valid

    I don't root for Ecz or Imoco. But I hope Ecz win this game. IMHO, Imoco does not deserve to advance to semi final this season.

    Bitch? they deserves the semis. all these players are well experienced. Imoco's players are good as ecza, it is just that ecza's player are more famous. but, skills wise? they are equally good. and don't forget the "LUCK"

    jaja from the Philippines. saw her highlights in youtube. she is good and lot of potential. she plays MB,OH & OP. ageo can maximize her if they will put her in the wing side. although almost all club team has a middle blocker as well. she is more of attacker than a middle blocker. if ageo can improve her blocking techniques that would be great for the team.

    Why japan league only allows ASEAN country? they should change it to Asia instead for more options.

    but this is also good for the Asean country for their players to have more opportunity to improve.

    The second foreigner, as I understand it, can only be from an ASEAN country. So no Chinese or Koreans. I was hoping for a definitive answer to BOSKOBITCH 's question. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

    I ran across a clip on the youtube about the two Filipino girls. Said they were a bit overwhelmed by the intensity of Japanese training, but they're having fun. I'm kind of excited to see Jaja (Ageo). I don't know the other player who's on Toray. The clip was kind of weird though, mentioning Jaja working alongside 'fellow foreigner' Kenia Carcaces. As far as I know Carcaces isn't with Ageo any more. Ageo

    I think the person who wrote the article was not updated about the new team foreign players. they have Katarina Barun now as their new member.

    Exciting to see this jaja Santiago from Philippines. she had lot of videos in youtube and she is I think good but has more potential to improve. I think her prev. team in phil asked her to train in wing side to maximize her. she even played OH in Asian games and a top scorer of their team even with limited training. 16 pts against china? that is very impressive.

    I agree with you on some things, but I have different opinions about others. This WCH Larson has been superb in attack, especially these last few games where no one is stepping up, she always scores when needed.. wheather it's a hard hit, or smart tip she does her job, leads by example. It's true Hill is playing badly, her reception is shaky, but also she gets defended pretty easily even on those super fast sets, which hasn't been the case so far. In her defense Carli has been giving her many balls off the net, and there's no way to use those. I agree on Akinradewo, but she has had quite a few blocks this WCH.. to be honest I think her attacking is bad, especially today, but of course all the sets she got were trash. Even if the set is good, Carli is running such a predictable offense that Foluke faces 2 blockers most of the time. Dixon has been useless I agree.. Gibby should start, maybe even Adams. The OPPs are not that disappointing this tournament IMO.. Lowe has been good most of the time, whether it's part of the double sub, or playing full time.. And Murphy was good today, and yesterday too.. problem is Carli forgets about them, especially when back row. The thing I liked during the friendlies against Brazil is that Micha and Lauren, both used them on the pipe, or simply setting a right backcourt attack.. also Micha is using Hill on the pipe a lot, and she has been successful in that.. The most disappointing player for me is Carli.. she's simply playing bad. Bad decisions, predicatble sets, not enough creativity, many bad sets to the MBs (if given any balls). I'm not blaming her though, she's a very talented setter, but this system is not meant for her and that's about it. Micha was doing a much better job.

    This is True!!!

    I don't know what happened to Team USA. but, I got bored because the level of play that they are showing is just not them.

    on my observation their main problem is setting. Lloyd has terrible setting decision. I can even predict where she'll go. she rarely used a pipe attack to the fact that Hill even just don't expect that she'll be given at the back because Lloyd only use her front attacker to be exact 60-70% are given to her opposite. but if MBH is in court she will give it to her at the back. see? very predictable. Hill and Lloyd can't connect. Hill usually just drop the ball or just off block or sometime blocked because the sets are either too low or too high.

    I supposed Hill-Larson would be starters, and would get more and more court time as the competition progresses.. although to be honest I thought MBH would get more playing time..

    I think MBH is liability at the back. Hill & Larson has better FD and Reception. MBH is very goon in offense but same as Hill & Larson plus they have other players who can contribute. they need solid reception & FD.

    I saw another msg in twitter world. Another player from the Philippines might be playing in japan. and guess what? the player is the older sister of Santiago. her name is aleona Santiago? but they did not reveal the name of the team. and I also saw an article from the Philippines that a male player also will be playing in japan league. his name is mark espejo a 4x mvp of collegiate conference in the Philippines. hmmm looks like japan has limited choices. only from Thailand and philippines?

    I was actually reading some comments in twitter world. and there are fans who noticed regarding the current squad of Japanese team. the latest concern was the Head coach was biased?. during the Friendly match between japan & USA. most of the time the coach chooses who are playing under her team in japan league . which is the NEC red. the playing time of other players were cut off.

    I saw some of her highlights in youtube. she play different position. not sure what will be her position in ageo. I believe each team are allowed to have two foreign players. so, they might have another player aside from Santiago.

    It will be difficult for the Japanese players to play in Europe. simply because they have different style of play. the "communication" is a major aspect of that. I remember Saori playing in Vakifbank and Galatasaray. her coach said she didn't do well. not because she is not a great player but because the "type of play in Europe is different compare to asia. we have Zhu & KYK who are both shine in Europe but that is because they are very tall same as European players and had a coaches who trained them very well.

    I Think the player that you are referring to from the Philippines? Not sure but they said that her name is Alyja Santiago. 6'5 and half. MB/OPP and there are rumors in twitter that she will play with Ageo? not sure though if this is final.