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    Wait.. Hill is already playing? Right straight from puerto rico? 😂

    I find it weird Poulter started today. Any news on Carlini?

    Sorry but carlini is having hard time connecting to her attackers than poulter.

    I think poulter might be the 1st option.

    Usa is more of fast play and poulter is doing that job more effectively than carlini. Thougj, carlini has better fd.

    As I mentioned above, last year the VTV matches never made it outside VTV. The DAZN matches were the ones that found streams on youtube and livestream365.

    I tried to subscribe to DAZN last year to no avail. It's Japan only. I told them I was a Japanese citizen working abroad and my daughter (which I don't have) was suffering from depression and an eating disorder because she couldn't watch her beloved NEC Red Rockets. They didn't care.

    We'll just have to wait and see how things go. I'll be heartbroken if all I get to see is the VTV matches. They seem to be almost exclusively the least interesting matches of the night.

    It's stressful looking for videos and live stream. If they want the league to be more popular outside japan, then put all the matches in vtv. If they want subscriptions then fans can pay if they really want to watch the game.

    The problem is they only want it to be available in japan, which is weird because japan volleyball is very popular and many fans want to see their idols play and they can't because they don't have access.

    I am a fan of USA, japan, china, well most of the country. Generally i am a volleyball fan.

    I already saw Lee played in USNT last year she played inVNL and this year in norceca. She is not a steady passer, she even played as Opposite in norceca this year and became best scorer. The thing is they can't move her to opposite because kurobe has decent opposite too. But, does their opposite receive a ball? If yes then maybe make her an receiving opposite and let lee play as oh but not receiving the ball. Thought, it's agreement between lee and the coaches to improve her reception so she can step up as well in USNT.

    Dindin can play both wing and mb. She got best opposite recently in Philippine league, but yeah i think they need middle blocker and the thing is dindin's training as mb was when she played in toray and that was few months ago!

    Pfu might reserve ebata for more important matches. I think that's their game plan.

    Ohhh kurobe, i thought they could win the match against pfu.

    Lee is playing OH and she is receiving ball, i thought in japan no foreign player allowed to receive the ball because they are 1st option for offense. But lee needs to work on that department. Dingdin never had a chance to play too? I saw her highlight i think she is better in wing.

    As exoected toyota won against jt marvelous. I wonder what will happen now to jt knowing that drews might join the team next week and other teams are now prepared same withu hitachi with h. Tapp.

    Wait... So you saying, Hill, bartsch, tori and lower are TeamB? 😂

    Just because they are playing against less strong team and they are now Team B?

    So, if akinradewo, adams come back who will be team A and B and C?

    I still believe kiraly has a purpose why carlini wasn't playing that much in world cup.

    Coming olympics next yr. It's everyone ball game