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    As I said it before both Hill and Wolosz are staying and that some users have fake "inside" source. But okej it become legal here, so nothing against that.

    I mean even Ecz president (Or who ever said that from Ecz) they are building young squad with young player.

    Both Wolosz and Hill are not young in term of sport age aftert they made that statment We could conclude that this are fake rumors.

    If Ogbogu and geerts leaving. And adams will be part of the team. I think they only need another 1 foreign Mb. If they'll replace Ogbogu it should be on the sane level as here or even better. Wondering who and where imoco can get a foreign mb who can match the skill of Ogbogu.

    A player from Imoco is very close to go to Japan, but I won't tell you who she is.

    It is not on the media yet.

    In which team in japan? Hmmm

    As far as i know they only get 1mb and/or 1 wing/opposite

    Basing on conegliano roster.

    Eguno will for sure stay.

    You said sylla and sarokaite can't be.

    Hill confirmed to eczacibasi?

    I think it's between robin and Ogbogu to japan.

    Give me an A if i guess it correctly🤣

    Have you noticed? Many times club teams replacing their foreign players not only because of injury. But most of them, they are not satisfied with the performance. Their tryout was a waste of time, money if in the 1st or middle of the season they will be replace because they are not performing.

    I agree with this and i don't actually totally agyree with the tryout. You can't Evaluate players potential in actual match with only 3,4 or 5 days of tryout. Why not base it on the team's evaluation 1st, assess based on your current local lineup and analyse what position do you need to fill up and start looking for foreign players who can fit for that position. Just like any other league.

    Also, i saw a comment from kovo fan that bringing an asian players in the league will make it more interesting and exciting and i somehow agree with this. If kovo wants to encourage other organisations to join the league and increase number of participants then they need this league to step up just like japan league is doing. They are bringing asean players so that the league or the club will have more supporters, increase the number of ticket sales and make it more competitive.

    If ajcharaporn will make it? Bet me thai will do everything to supoort the team, watch the matches, create news about the team, make some noises and access to do live stream which increase number of sales for television and live streams.

    Just like what philippine fans supporting their players in japan league.

    It might be fun to make a list of the players that we know would have likely ended their career after Tokyo, but which now have to wait another year to retire. Other than Hill and Akinradewo, are there any others?

    Akinradewo, larson, hill are confirmed. The Americans will have almost all seniors retiring after tokyo. Adams will be 31bafter tokyo, even bartsch will 31 as well. So expect by olympic 2024 you'll have new set of americans. Except robinson, who will be the senior and will definitely replace larson.

    Does anyone know what will happen with KOVO try outs this year? I doubt they could take place anytime soon, i guess Korean teams will just pick their foreigners without the try out?

    The tryout for kovo was moved to MAY. They are also increase the number of players for tryout from 30 to 40 and i don't know why? Because they are only getting 1 foreign player for each team. Imagine 6 or 7 players only out of 40 players.

    That is true that is why turkish fans are here. They are here because they are bitter and bored maybe? Ohh what happened to turkish league now? I heard more more cases in turkish. I am afraid the league might cancel as well. Now it's fair. 😂

    And most of you can't stil get over of that conegliano picture. 😂 Really?

    Let's move on and look for the treatment of this virus maybe that's more helpful that most of your turkiah fans commenting this thread for italia A only!

    So, what do you want to do? Cry and beg to the virus? Lol. It's coming our way and everyone should be aware about precautions. You are not helping by posting negative and unnecessary opinion.

    And yes these people who died because of the virus has already existing condition. You have to use your common sense.

    And i am not saying that we can go outside and not totally care about the virus. I am pertaining to you and most of you here that are panicking and posting negative comments. You are not helping at all. At least these articles that i am posting they have bases and it's up to you on how you taje care of your self. You are not helping others by posting or commenting negative.

    Such a waste.

    I hope this virus will end very soon!!!

    And amnstill wondering why our scientists aren't developing any vaccine or medication yet for this virus!!

    Anyways, hope asian thingy in kovo will push through to make it more exciting and for a change. Also, the tryout hopefully it psuh through as well

    Gabi receiving 65% positive reception is a good thing for Vakifbank. With Zhu returning and Haak still there next season, they ought to keep her to stabilize the passing and let Maja run her magic with those 2 beasts.

    Do you really think their opponents are stupid. Of courses they will target zhu in receive 😂. Ohh by the way there is a news gabi will leave vakif next season.