I'm not disrespecting China or Turkey. What I mean is Ze needs to find out what cause the recurrent inconsistency of his players. They played like a well oiled machine or a Swiss clock during the two first games. But in the two last games (especially the third game), they looks like they just got out of the bed. Roberta made lot of silly mistakes and Tandara had lot of difficulty to backcourt spike (her speciality). Even the commentators kept asking what happened to them. If they fought like when they were in the two first games but still lose to the opponents, we can say the opponents are too strong. But now, the Brazilian players are so inconsistent that we are reluctant to bet on them even when they play against a very weak team (Germany).

    tbh, the 4th match (bronze medal) was ok. Probably they could do little bit more in this match. But they are human after all and China is also a very strong team.