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    Regarding the "debate" of Sloetjes performance, I think she's fine. However, unlike Zhu or Rasic, her main weakness is she needs to work within a system (same for Robinson). Cansu is a very creative setter, but at the same time, it's also her main weakness, because her setting could be unpredictable. If the connection of Cansu and Sloetjes at that day was great, Sloetjes will perform. If not her performance will be suck. So blaming uniquely Sloetjes's performance, I think is unfair.

    A little drama is fine but this isn't even entertaining. Basically you guys have been repeating the same posts over and over for hours and then insulting each other. I admit I found it funny at first but it's just boring now.

    Well, If you can point out few things I said about him are incorrect, then I will stop. You know who I'm. So just enjoy the spectacle.

    Siriously, this is getting annoying. Stop it, guys.

    Side note: I wonder why pope likes both of their posts, when they basically put the finger to each others; "it's your fault", "no, it's yours". :lol:

    C'mon, stop this fake indignation. A great numbers of users here (probably yourself) enjoy this kind of drama fight. Bring your popcorn and your beer and enjoy the spectacle.

    1: Well, you can give your "facts" without bashing the players or coaches. No one here deny that KIM didn't play well, same for Adams and Kosheleva. No one here deny Motta may take some bad decisions either. But keep bashing these players or coaches as if they are the unique cause of Vitra failure without giving any justification and solution is freaking annoying. And go fk with your retarded accusation that I'm fanboy. Everybody here know me that I'm not a fan of those players or coaches you're attacking.

    2: You're such pathetic dishonest piece of shxxt. I already gave you the parameters (same budget, same conditions and same goals than this seasons or last three season) before you write your roasters down. But now you blame me that I didn't provide you any condition or limitation for your roasters. You even quote my parameters with your roasters. Seriously, do you have any self-respect and integrity left in you pathetic mind? As for your roaster of "dream" team for the international competition, you just name few players (Larson, Kim, Razic and Gibby) to justify your budget as comparison. But you omit to mention that all your seven world class players are freaking expensive. Most of those players are very successful and they are happy with their club. This means Vitra needs to give to these players far more moneys to convince them to leave their club and play for Vitra. This situation apply to Guidetti as well. You're also asking seven world class foreign players which is more than in 2016. As for Zhu, it's official that she will return back to China and this is not even a rumor anymore. She's already the most expensive player in the world. This means Vitra needs to give Zhu and bribe Lang Ping with ton and ton of money to convince her to not go back to China. Yeah... your roasters is definitely unrealistic and you're also a pathetic and dishonest piece of shxxt.

    3: I never say that you accuse me I hate vitra. I mentioned I'm not a fan of vitra nor I hate this club because I just want to show that I'm neutral about this club.

    4: As I said earlier and I say it again. If KIM, Adams or Kosheleva were already playing badly but Vitra still sign them, then I would agree with you. But this is not the case. As for the setter and the MBs, I ask you again, which players available at that time could fulfill your wish? I'm not a fan of Motta, but I still think he's an excellent coach (market availability context). He might make some bad decisions. But I don't think we should keep bashing at him as if he's the principale cause of vitra's failure.

    5: When I ask you a present and realistic scenario, I'm not asking you about the past. Vitra had already larson and Bosko and they are not cheap. At that time, probably Vitra would burst their budget if they accept the demand of Zhu's agent. But regarding your roasters, tell us what was the last time where the best OH in the world, the best OPP in the world, the best MB in the world, the best setter in the world and the best libero in the world playing together in a same club?

    6: I already gave you my answer you dishonest piece of shxxt. I say it again. In my opinion, the problem of Vitra is probably structural or systemic. I don't think any player or coach available in the present market will fulfill their immediate need. You can add any world class players you want in your list. But as long as they don't fix their structural or systemic problem, they will repeat the same failure.

    first of all i didn't insult anyone here first hoyhoy was calling me pathetic jerk and what not i answered the same

    second:i asked u 3 times in 3 different posts if there are any limit to budget,players or coaches that could be hired u yourself didn't say anything i wrote u down 2 types of roster dream team of ecz and balanced roster of ecz as of players u are the one making excuses and presumptions example rasic probably but very unlikely gabi:probably but unlikely how ,do u know did u speak with all the players yourself ?zhu first choice of a club was actually vitra but they didnt feel the need to hire her they thought they could win with the roster they have planned and i if u read my posts u would see i wrote down naz instead of ognjenovic in balanced roster and they could of gotten her when she changed clubs from fener to vakif they didnt feel the need to do so just like they didnt feel the need to sign zhu all the players mentioned were available for grabs as for coaches instead of guidetti what stoped them from hiring terzic or ze roberto i know u will make some insane excuse now

    what i find pathethic is fanboyism of players in general on this forum if u are volleyball fan then u are doing this sport no service with this childlish like fanboyism u should focus on quality of the players game and not if u like something about them i have no problem calling my favorite players crap when they are performing like crap

    as of excuses that u say i write those are all facts was kosheeleva only good at wch yes she was after that competition she was more on bench then in game was thaisa injured in mid season and out for the rest of her contract with vitra yeah she was,did ecz had mb blocking issues for the last 3-4 years yes they had so facts only,did ecz have setter issues since maja left them yes they did facts did motta fail before with ecz yes he did

    seems to me u dont like facts my friend

    1: You're well known for attacking players and coaches abusively and constantly and I remember very well who you're. Only in this t tread, there are already several users had pointed out your pathetic behaviors. It's Ok for expressing our frustration and our disappointment for some players didn't perform what we expected or for some coaches who take bad decisions. But keep bashing players and/or coaches abusively and constantly without providing any valid justification or solution is freaking annoying.

    2: I already gave you all parameters your need to answer my question (same budget, same conditions and same goals than this season or one of three last seasons of your choice). All I ask you is to give us a precise, concrete and REALISTIC answer. In your list, only two players which Vitra had little chance realistically to bring them to the club. To hire all those people from your list, Vitra probably need at least double or even more of their budget (base on the budget of three last seasons) to convince them all to play for the club. Even with such unrealistic budget, I'm pretty sure, half of those people will still refuse to play for Vitra.

    3: I'm not a fan of Vitra and I don't hate this club either, and everybody here know this. So for this, your retarded accusation which I'm a fanboy has zero validity.

    4: Let's say we fire all players and coaches you hate and we hire unrealistically all those players and coaches you like. If the team is still losing, then now who are you going to blame this time?

    I am talking about the general rules in this forum. You still do not say disrespectful words now. Say what you want to say and do not care other comments. Enjoy volleyball~~:lol:

    Sorry, I don't give a fk about your so called "general rules". If someone behave disrespectfully, dishonestly and constantly to me or to some users or to some players/coaches, it will be a joy for me to pi$$ this person off. I'm pretty sure you know who I'm. If You can find in my old "disrespectful" comment which I attack someone didn't behave disrespectfully nor dishonestly to me or to some users or to some players/coaches, I still promise you that I will ban myself. I think you should seize this opportunity to get rid off to me forever.

    Just keep calm do not get annoyed and do not say disrespectful words to other people. Then you are allowed to say anything relevant to champinos league in this forum!:teach:

    Well, I challenge you to show me one single person, which I said something disrespectful, didn't behave disrespectfully and/or dishonestly to me or to some users or to some players/coaches. If you find this person, then I promise you that I will ban myself. But for now, I think you should instead asking yourself why people don't give a shxxt about most of your comments.

    Well, please just keep smiling, I like to predict ~~~that is all. I predicted ecz vitra will lose to imoco volley due to its poor middlbe blocker and setter. It happens now.:teach:

    Well, If you read clearly what I wrote, you will realize that it has nothing to do with the content of your comments. But it's OK, keep doing whatever you like.

    Vakifbank is a very balanced and experienced team now compared to last two years. For my point of view, imoco volley is the only competitor for vakifbank in this year's champions league . :teach:

    Sorry and I don't want to be rude, but your constant emoticon :teach: in almost each of your comment is freaking annoying. This gives an impression that you're a smartass who know everything and you want to teach us something. But let's be clear, I didn't say you did something disrespectful and you have the right to do whatever you want. But I just let you know what is my perception regarding your emoticon in almost each of your comment.

    most of the players and coaches i wrote down were available on market at some point in time all ecz had to do is offer more money then vakif or other clubs were those players played so now that u lost an argument u try to shift focus on present available players how about u give us a roster u think can fulfil those expert dreams of yours ? i did write down a roster that would be competitive and cost as mutch as roster of vakifbank costs this year now it is your turn and no more blabbaring write down the names of coaches and players u think would turn ecz fortunes for better i hope i will have some good reading material to read for tomorrow

    Let's analyze those people in your list.

    guidetti : everybody know that vakifbank is his second home and there is zero rumor that he's wish to move to another club.

    rasic: probably, but very unlikely. I put my money that she will move either to Italy or to an Asian country.

    danessi: LOL, Tell me what was the last time an Italian player of her level move to Turkey?

    Zhu: It's official that she will be back to China.

    Gabi: probably, But unlikely. the last brazilian players (Sheila, Nathalia and Thaisa) didn't have too much positive experience with Turkish club.

    Boskovic: She's already with Vitra

    De genaro: Her club will never let her go, Also like danessi, tell me what was last time an Italian player like her playing in a turkish club.

    Maja: She already expresses she want to experience new challenge, which means very unlikely she want to go back to Vitra.

    I also want to add this. Most of them are not available in the market now. As for the transfer rumors, even the most unreliable rumors, we never hear anything about those coach or players want to move or will be moved to vitra.

    Edit: Another thing, Let say that Vitra was able to grant your unrealistic wish. But if the team is still losing, who are going to blame this time?


    And oh btw, I want to add this from my previous comment. In fact, in case you keep playing stupid again, I just give the definition of the word "realistic" from a dictionary to you:

    Realistic: having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.

    the only stupid guy around here is your i asked u 3 times in 3 different posts if there are any restrictions in 3 different posts conserning players and coaches being able to be hired by the club u didnt say anything i gave u a roster with turkish restrictions 3+1 that costs same as the roster in vakifbank that they are using atm the only thing u can bite is your tongue because u just made yourself look really dumb

    Well, since you know my "new norme" now, then show us your list again. I repeat the same question to you again. Tell us which coaches and players AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET that fulfil your wish.

    the wisdom oozes out of u can u write a realistic roster of the players who gonna achieve all of that according to u

    Well, it's a catch 22 for them now. As I said earlier, their root problem is probably structural or systemic. For now, I don't see any players or coach available can fulfil their immediate need. From my opinion they should let Bosko go and start a new team from the scratch. But since they invest so much on Bosko and she's now an international superstart, It's really hard for them to let her go.

    what 3 posts didnt u get i asked what is the norm and u didnt say even do i asked u 3 times in 3 different posts i gave u a balanced team for both competitions the one with turkish restriction not might fault u dont like the resault u are being silly now that turkish roster is perfectly realistic u should maybe stop critizing other and maybe learn a thing or 2 and stop fanboying certain players or are u having issues with undertanding english as a language ?

    Stop playing stupid, pathetic hypocrite. You know very well what I'm asking for. I already asked you to give us a realistically answer about which coaches and players from the market can fulfil your wish. In your useless list, almost 90% of them are not available or they don't wish to join Vitra. Everyone here who know me well know that I rarely criticize something or someone. But when I bite at a dishonest jerk, I rarely let go.

    Honestly Vitra needs to improve their scouting department instead of chasing finished products only to end up being disappointed with their results.

    You have to take risks sometimes when the market have few options to purchase from. You can't really lose and sometimes the gamble can pay off if they look hard enough.

    I think it's very hard for them with the present context. What I mean is they build their team around bosko. They need to win something before Bosko pass her prime. If they start to build a new team with a bunch of youngsters, It will take few years before the core team become mature. At that time, Bosko's prime probably will be gone or she will leave the club.

    Dude, I also ask you an answer realistically. If I follow your logic, vitra should hire Guietti, Terzic, Lang Ping and Z Gimarez as coach and assistant coaches. For the players, they should hire Zhu, KYK, Rasiz, Maja, Tomkom, Eda, Bosko, Genero, Ogenu and Gabi. But, What if Vitra is still losing with all those people? Now who are you going to blame this time? If you cannot even give an realistic answer, then stop criticizing continually with your useless blah blah.