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    Many fans still think Yuan Xin-yue should be replaced by Hu Ming-yuan or Yang Han-yu after they saw the match of CHN against USA in Final 6.

    However, please remember that coaches' minds must be more (or better?) than fans'.

    Yuan was fine. I agree she didn't play her best. But some fans should stop dramatizing things because she was not at her top performance.

    so I'm guessing serbia agreed to bending over to japan last week as long as they both will be in the same group in final 6 so that serbia kind of guarantees semi final since japan is not in other teams' level. nice deal on their side.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they give the fair play award to Terzic as acknowledgement.

    I think the Dutch would have a better chance against Italy and Serbia....because of their terrible ball control and weak mentality they are a easy prey for China and USA...I`m pretty sure China/USA are already studying Italy/Serbia rather than wasting time studying the Dutch as they know they will win easily.

    I'm not sure for the USA. Don't forget USA will clash with China first and then next day with the Dutch team. So regardless the outcome with the Chinese team, the USA will be mentally and physically exhausted. This can give a huge advantage to the Dutch team. Furthermore, if Morrison has little ambition to become the next US coach, he will do lot of overtimes and homeworks in order to show who's the boss between the Dutch team and the US team.

    There’s a difference though between not playing at absolute maximum level because you lack motivation or want to conserve energy and actively trying to lose. Like I said earlier, if Serbia had been so desperate to eliminate Brazil then they could have done so by losing 0-3 to Japan and then giving a set to NED tomorrow, but they didn’t do that.

    Or maybe Terzic is a sadistic person and he loves tormenting insidevolleyball users by creating more suspense and drama.

    But back to serious topic, I notice there are huge number of pest teams nowadays. What I mean by "pest teams" are those teams which have extremely narrow chance to be part of the finals but they are still strong enough to prevent the favoris teams to rest their main players. Few years ago, there were only few pest teams like Turkey, Japan, Korea, Thailand or DOM. Now we have also Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Mexico, PUR, Azerbaijan and many others.

    I think we should differentiate two things about the Serbian team. Firstly, I think Serbia has all the right to rest their main players and there is nothing wrong with this. If the Serbian team lost the game against Japan because of their bench players, I'm more than fine with this. But if they lost the game because it's part of their strategy to eliminate Brazil, that's another story.

    My God. Brazil, China, USA... all of them would do THE SAME THING as Serbia. SAME THING ! Why would you play with your best players and risk some injuries because of non important game for you ??

    They are not guildy because your team failled to qualify...Fight for your own spot and stop blaming others for your fail and don't wait others to help you.

    That's not accurate. Brazil was still playing with their main players in 2014 WCH against DOM and China was also playing with their main players against Netherlands in WGP 2017 when both teams can rest their superstars for the finals. But I do agree Serbia has all the "right" to play with which players they want.

    Most of them are just young. Only two are 30 or older (Fromm and Poll, the last not on court), one 29 (Hanke), or others younger...

    When I said they look young, I mean many of them have a teenager face. I went to check their age and they really look younger than their actual age.

    Am I the only one who's tired sick of those stupid music jingles they play after aces, block, spikes? Monster block, ace ace ace, here comes the boom... So ridiculous.

    Fully agree. These musics becomes a ear rape now. They should find a DJ to create something new. I also like the concept of playing the music from the countries of the teams playing in the match.

    I'm wondering how Lang Ping is going to deal with her OH players. Liu Xiatong, Li YingYing and Zhang Changning are all excellent OH and each of them has their own specificities. But they need to have enough of playtimes to keep their performance on top. I really like to know how Lang Ping is going to solve this puzzle. As for Gong, I like her recent performance. She's far from perfect. But her attitude and her confidence improve a lot.

    So WHAT SHOULD CNT do to her? Should they give her a permanent spot on the team? So many great players have come and gone. That's the way it works. If she doesn't fit the team why shouldnt they try another one?

    Of course not!! This is why I said Yang’s situation is a sensitive and complicated topic. I think the CNT should develop some sort of career reorientation program for this kind of situation which will become more and more frequent. This also will help headhunters to convince parents that the future of their kid is still protected even if a bad luck happens to their child. For now, I think someone needs to help Yang to accept her reality and also help her to reorient her future. I’m pretty sure she’s still very useful in CNT, but not as a player.

    Every athlete will have to sacrifice something to be the best in the game. It is universal for everyone in every country. Not sure why it is different for China just because of a new era. Hui Ruoqi chose to be an athlete on her free will and she earned her masters degree along with it. It is unfortunate her heart problems ended her career. Public perception is still the same for Chinese Women's Volleyball. I don't get why one player will change that perception.

    Yang is still with the team because Lang Ping sees potential her but her physical condition is preventing her from even playing. She sat out last year and this year has not played many minutes. From fans perspective, it is time to let her go if she can't recover. This won't change the perception of Chinese Women's Volleyball in anyway. I think you are just being too sentimental.

    OK from fans perspective, since fans always wish their favorite team to have the best players and to win every games. But what about the perceptive of parents who care the future of their child? What assurance you can offer to them? How are you going to convince them to let their talented kid to pursuit his or her sportive career when other options also offering to them?

    Sacrifice for something better, Yes. But sacrifice for something inferior or for uncertainty, No.

    Her situation happens a lot in sport so not sure why this would prevent others from playing the sport. She has been treated the best of all players. Career ending injuries happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Chinese Women's Volleyball spirit is the gold standard for Chinese sports so not sure why one player would cause that to change in anyway.

    The new generation of players are very different. They are not like the players from the generation of 90’s who had only few options for their future. Imagine that you’re bloody rich like Hui Ruoqi’s family and your only child is also very successful academically. How the local head hunters or the Chines NT can convince you to let your only child to choose a sportive career if you learn from the sensational medias that a young and talented player who had sacrificed her promising academic future “was kicked” out of the Chinese NT because of her injury?

    Everybody here agree that the Chinese NT needs to find better option than Yang FangXu. But you like or not, the public perception is also very important. I’m pretty sure Lang Ping understands by far better than us about Yang’s situation. If she’s still with the Chinese NT, it’s because there is a reason.