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    So WHAT SHOULD CNT do to her? Should they give her a permanent spot on the team? So many great players have come and gone. That's the way it works. If she doesn't fit the team why shouldnt they try another one?

    Of course not!! This is why I said Yang’s situation is a sensitive and complicated topic. I think the CNT should develop some sort of career reorientation program for this kind of situation which will become more and more frequent. This also will help headhunters to convince parents that the future of their kid is still protected even if a bad luck happens to their child. For now, I think someone needs to help Yang to accept her reality and also help her to reorient her future. I’m pretty sure she’s still very useful in CNT, but not as a player.

    Every athlete will have to sacrifice something to be the best in the game. It is universal for everyone in every country. Not sure why it is different for China just because of a new era. Hui Ruoqi chose to be an athlete on her free will and she earned her masters degree along with it. It is unfortunate her heart problems ended her career. Public perception is still the same for Chinese Women's Volleyball. I don't get why one player will change that perception.

    Yang is still with the team because Lang Ping sees potential her but her physical condition is preventing her from even playing. She sat out last year and this year has not played many minutes. From fans perspective, it is time to let her go if she can't recover. This won't change the perception of Chinese Women's Volleyball in anyway. I think you are just being too sentimental.

    OK from fans perspective, since fans always wish their favorite team to have the best players and to win every games. But what about the perceptive of parents who care the future of their child? What assurance you can offer to them? How are you going to convince them to let their talented kid to pursuit his or her sportive career when other options also offering to them?

    Sacrifice for something better, Yes. But sacrifice for something inferior or for uncertainty, No.

    Her situation happens a lot in sport so not sure why this would prevent others from playing the sport. She has been treated the best of all players. Career ending injuries happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Chinese Women's Volleyball spirit is the gold standard for Chinese sports so not sure why one player would cause that to change in anyway.

    The new generation of players are very different. They are not like the players from the generation of 90’s who had only few options for their future. Imagine that you’re bloody rich like Hui Ruoqi’s family and your only child is also very successful academically. How the local head hunters or the Chines NT can convince you to let your only child to choose a sportive career if you learn from the sensational medias that a young and talented player who had sacrificed her promising academic future “was kicked” out of the Chinese NT because of her injury?

    Everybody here agree that the Chinese NT needs to find better option than Yang FangXu. But you like or not, the public perception is also very important. I’m pretty sure Lang Ping understands by far better than us about Yang’s situation. If she’s still with the Chinese NT, it’s because there is a reason.

    Yang Fangxu's situation is a sensitive and complicated topic and it’s not only because of An jiajie. To put things in context, Yang was a rising star previous her injury and she was in the same league of Zhu, Yuan and Zhang. Besides Zhu, Yang was talented enough that Guidetti had also an eye on her.

    Before joining the Chinese NT, she also had a bright future academically and her parents refused categorically to let her daughter invest in sport. But the local head hunters and her coaches kept insisting that with her talent, her future will be much brighter if her daughter chooses a sportive career. Her parents accepted finally with reluctance to let her daughter to play volleyball.

    If the Chinese NT lets Yang down now, this could send a wrong signal to other players and it will be hard in the future for the Chinese NT to convince other young talented players (who have other options in their pocket) to join the Chinese NT. Because they would probably think that a sportive career is too demanding and too risky, and it’s better for them to choose a safer bet for their future. Also, solidarity is very important among the NT players. You don't let a comrade down because of her hardship.

    Given the popularity of Zhu, Yuan and Zhang, probably Yang Fangxu is feeling unfair because of her situation. But she needs to accept her fate and she should start to think about her new career. She will probably stay with the Chinese NT for a while. But I doubt she will be part of 2020 OG roster

    This reply addresses only to users here who still have some sense of objectivity, integrity and self-respect.

    Here how statistically the drug test results would look like if the foods from the Chinese hotels were contaminated.…17-world-cup-players.html

    If you disagree with the points I had mentioned, please come up with a valid argumentation to defend your point instead of replying me with those pathetic and baseless ad hominem.

    OMG "new user" came in and started attacking everyone for having different point of views or opinions. This is getting redundant. :whistle:

    LOL, As usual, all you have is your typical empty and blanket statement to disrupt a discussion. I can say the same about you. You always attack new users for having different point of views or opinion. This is getting redundant.

    oh yeah as if they are working so great.. all they think about is money. Of course i will talk about it in order to point out the fact that what matters is volleyball, not money. And yes, these things happen, two important players couldn’t play an important tournament because of this and i have a right to talk about it. It’s nothing againts China or anything. It is just the fact.

    Why don't you just admit the only fact here is you're pixxxing off because China hosts the VNL for several years and you're trying to find all kind of excuse to justify your hatred? I do agree that China shouldn't host so many times. But it's not a reason to find all kind of dubious and unrelated excuses or by distorting facts to justify your position.

    If we talk about facts, what facts do you have? All facts you have is two european players were tested positive.They both were living in the same hotel and they were eating the same foods for almost a week. So your conclusion is they were contaminated by food because they were living in the same hotel and eating the same meals for a week. But you ignore blatantly on purpose other obvious facts which don't suit to your agenda. Why didn't you include these fallowing facts in your conclusion?

    - China had hosted many time WGP in the past with no food contamination incidents.

    - 6 teams were living in the hotel and eating the same foods for almost a week during the final competition

    - A great numbers of podium players were also tested for drug

    - The blood and urine samples were taken after the podium ceremony

    - Only two players were tested positive

    What disgust me the most is some well known volleyball site like volleyballmob keep trying to hide those facts I had mentioned earlier and they even falsify other facts to protect Antonijevic and Sylla. They keep justifying the cause of the positive test of these two players was due to the food contamination in the Chinese hotel. In almost all of their articles related to this event, they always give the example of Alberto Contador to justify their conclusion. They pretend that Contador was also victim of food contamination in China in 2010. But if we go deeper, we found out that they had falsified this event on purpose. Because Contador never claim that he was contaminated by the food from China. In fact, he "blamed" that he was "contaminated" because he had eaten meal from Spain (links). If we follow the dubious reasonings from some users here, all players should also stop eating meal from EU since food regulations in Spain are also managed and regulated by the EU.…jevics-doping-suspension/…to-contador-positive-test

    From my imagination and your search results:

    Antonijevic and Sylla were the two players tested positive. They were indeed living in the same hotel and eating the same food for almost a week. It was the same situation for other players and no one here is contesting these facts (living in the same hotel and eating the same foods). So what is your point?

    As for your imaginary discussion, we are talking about a discussion where users were supposedly discussing about "molecular makeup of food ingredient" and "food allergies" related to this event.

    Permalinks to posts in the old software do not work now (even if I had saved one).

    Go ahead and search for "china doping hotel", whatever you want. It was discussed here. I'm not interested enough to spend any more time on it. Sorry

    I have no problem to find a good amount of info related to this incident from the last year data. But I found nothing related to your discussion.…ghlight=Antonijevic+Sylla…68/?highlight=clenbuterol…0/?highlight=WGP+positive…t=Antonijevic+Sylla+hotel…?highlight=food+allergies

    Maybe the discussion you're talking about exists only in your imagination.

    I don't want to be hypocritical so I am just ending the conversation between us on this topic.:lol:

    Sorry but I don't see how your statement can contribute positively in this discussion. AFAIK, I didn't insult you nor saying something disrespectful. So for this, I don't understand why such sudden passive-aggressive behavior from your side. If the points I had mentioned earlier were inaccurate or false, please correct me.

    Sorry. I never saved a link to it here (which wouldn't work now anyway), but this would have been the only place I would have read about the issue. I tried a quick search for 'china, doping, hotel' and whatnot, with no results. I seem to recall the discussion ended with about what you and Rains have just posted

    I have no problem to find info or retrieve threads from the last year.

    Women's World Grand Prix 2017

    The number of federations involving in this incident and your so called "coincident" still don't explain why only two players were tested positive. And I repeat again:
    - A good number of podium players were tested
    - Their blood and urine samples were taken just after the podium ceremony
    - These players were all living in the same hotel and were all eating the same food for almost a week.

    So for all these, could you explain to us scientifically and statistically why there are only two players were tested positive?

    Could you (also for other users) please stop saying that you had read somewhere a tread or an info about this and about that? If you have something to prove your point then find it and show it to us.

    AFAIK, the blood and the urine samples were taken just after the podium ceremony and they were conserved for testing. Furthermore, over half of podium players were tested. So the so-called "lottery" and "the drug elimination because of time" don't add up to explain why statistically only two players were tested positively if the foods were contaminated.

    If you say so and i am PRENTENDING this, why did Karch say they brought their own food on the Net Live? And why these two players were cleared after a few months?

    They were cleared only because it was impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they had taken the drug knowingly. But the circumstantial evidences were far from their sides. As for Karch, could you give us as a link to us regarding his statement, so we can appreciate the content by ourselves?

    I seem to recall a thread on this board that discussed this topic last year in some detail, down to the molecular makeup of said food ingredient in question, and that it affected different people differently, like many food allergies do. But I can't be sure. I believe it remained unresolved.

    Could you link this discussion to us? thx

    not everybody tested for doping in team sports. It is like a lottery. Maybe that was the reason, even Karch said the food in China has this kind of affect and they bring their own food. Maybe that was just the city last year? Would it be?

    Someone else explained it better with medical words and stuff but i dont remember.

    All I know is they were tested positive because of it and then case drop within a few months but they missed ECH last year. And god knows what an awful experience that was.

    AFAIK, A good numbers of podium players were tested. Furthermore, 6 teams were living in the same hotel and eating the same food for almost a week during the competition. If the food were contaminated as you pretend, then it won't be only these two players were tested positively.

    Last year some players were tested positive for doping because of the food they ate in China during WGP and they couldn’t play for WCH. USA NT brought their food last year and did the same this year. Looks like FIVB doesn’t care this and China gets to host finals and preliminary rounds. What if same thing happens and players cannot play WCH? Was there any precauting or preparings in order to avoid this?

    If the food was contaminated as you pretend, then why only two players from different countries (Italy and Serbia) were tested positive? Why the test results from other players (living in the same hotel and eating the same food) were negative?