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    best offense 2:

    Zeng CL-Ding Xia

    Zhu Ting-Zhang Changning

    Yan Ni-Yuan

    Not sure if you're trying to be sarcastic because I said Rasic should be part of the serving team. When I said Rasic should be part of the the serving team, I mean it. If you really think those players should be part of the offense 2 and you're not trying to be a over sensitive b..., please accept my apology for my misunderstanding.

    For sure Guidetti. He can build a really good team chemistry. Even if they don't have te best players, they will always fight for each other, no matter what!

    Gui could be an excellent coach for a dream team. But his worst enemy is his temper and his judgement during the decisive moments. If he could improve these aspects, he could be one of the best "next-generation" coaches

    I think most of us had neglected the most important player in our dream teams list. In my opinion, the head coach is the mvp of the dream team. You can have the best players in the world in your dream team. But if you don't have a decent coach, the team goes nowhere.

    For me the best coaches for any dream teams are Lang Ping, Nicolay Karpol and Z Roberto Guimaraze. They had all very different style of coaching. But the reason why I choose them as the best coaches for the dream team is because they are able to bring some randoms young players together and nurturing them to become the world class champion.

    Source links are fine, but dissing of fellow members and political pissing matches will be discouraged. I will, however, leave the comment #464 because it's imaginative and even a bit funny. Try to cut down on such posts in the future though, akiyaLai.:)

    As an new admin, I hope you won't base your judgement principally on "imagination' and on "funniness". You should instead asking is this comment political or/and is this comment attacking politically other users. If the answer is "YES" then you should delete this comment and other similar comments as well. If you wish, I can also make a ton and ton of imaginative and funny political comments too.

    We had different opinion about who is the best setter, OPP. My opinion was different. People here don't like you If you have different opinion as 70-80%. You need to think as one.

    Troll or not, I don't GAF. Lol

    You can have your own opinion about who is the best setter and OPP. But you cannot accuse other user wrongly for consider you as a troll because you never glory Ognjenovic and Boskovic.

    Any forum ban usually a troll, I don't it's wise to be perceived as a troll If you wish to stay in this forum to express your opinions.

    my two cents.

    I'm troll here because I disagree with Turkish users, mostly and with Sebians because I don't glory Ognjenovic and Boskovic as them(Not all of them). Sorry. You can't have opinion here. If you don't agree with them you are troll.

    I disagree with you. From my perspective (or maybe I miss something), I never feel or read a comment where you were accused as troll because you never glory Ognjenovic and Boskovic.

    You can have your own opinion. Several users consider you as a troll is also an opinion. But all credible opinion is based on something factual and logical. I can say the earth is flat or the sky is green. But if this person has nothing credible to support his/her so called "opinions", he/she will be perceived as a troll ( or maybe this person is indeed a troll).

    Regarding crovolley, he's undoubtedly an unconditional fan of some countries, some teams and some players. I do agree that his provocative comments because of his overenthusiastic behaviors can perceive as trolling. I think we should also have some debates regarding the meaning of "freedom of speech" in order to let some users to express their opinions or their supports of some teams without offending other users.

    All I'm saying is in this case basically the majority of the active members of the forum that posted about the crovolley thing agreed on it crossing boundaries, including many users that defended him or were indifferent about him earlier like Sisko and Sitenoise. Are we all just snowflakes? :gone: See that's why I don't like using that word to excuse bad behaviour. Obviously no hate to you at all, I just don't think we should act like there has been no problem aside from the 'snowflakes' when in fact there has been to a lot of users so that should be valid. I think having proper rules will make it easier for all of us so I hope that's one of the first things our new admins/mods can set up.

    I'm not talking specifically about crovolley. There are many users were accused by some snowflakes as a "troll"because they had different opinions. You're in this forum way long enough too understand what I mean.

    I cringe everytime someone just randomly throws the word snowflake out there to excuse bad behaviour. Most include it with 'oh I wish we could go back to those times when...'

    Well for me a snowflake is someone too sensitive to tolerate or to accept different perspective from other user and attacking the same user with ad hominem instead of attacking the idea of this user with facts and logic. If you find better word than snowflake to define this type of person, let us know.

    I do agree we should define some rules in this forum, especially the meaning of troll. There are indisputably several tolls in this forums. But there are also a bunch of snowflakes accusing anyone as troll who disagree with them.

    Regarding the quality of the admin or the mod, I hope he or she will be impartial enough and capable to make his or her judgements based on facts, logic and consistency instead of basing his decisions on opinions from his or her friends.

    LMAO, your whole arguement is a joke, like killing one person is better than killing 10?:rolll:

    Hummmm... I'm not sure if you have enough intellectual capacity to understand the difference between killing someone with a rule of sport. If I follow your logic, do you mean I cannot criticize someone for dangerous driving because I had speeding once 20 year ago? Do you also mean I cannot call someone who lies chronically a mythoman because I lie once 20 yrs ago? If I go further with you logic, do you mean, no one had the right to criticize Hitler because almost every country had also killed innocent people in their history?

    Well, if my argument is a joke, then you must be a clown.

    Edit: And oh btw, since you brought up with a such idiotic example of "killing", I just let you know that from judicial standpoint, there are also a huge, huge, huge and huge difference between killing one person and killing 10 people.

    You mean China lost to Greece in 2002? What a performance! :roll:

    Dude, it was 2002 and I'm not sure what event you're talking about (It would be more than appreciate that you elaborate further your thought). But even though if what you're stating is a stone cold fact, this was happening almost 20 yrs ago. There is a huge, huge and huge difference between a one time "offender" and a repeat offender.

    There are indeed some authentic trolls in any forum. But there are also a great number of obnoxious snowflakes that they are so sensitive that they love to call anyone who disagree with them as "troll". Basically, calling someone as "troll" is becoming some kind of Godwind's law in a forum.