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    so zhu today teachs all players a lesson.when face difficulties, how to attack,how to serve, how to block and be clam

    I think we can be a fan of a player without being condescending. Zhu Ting is indeed an inspirational player. But each player has her own specificities and she has no lesson to give anyone. She is also not the only player in the court who demonstrated a strong fighting spirit.

    Darling, this is something everybody thinks here, but if I wrote it, then I would be called hater. :lol:

    The worst coach ever. Nothing else to say.

    I never understand why you're so obsessive with certain players or coaches. I'm not a fan of Karch (and you know it). I also hate what he did to Robinson. But keep calling him the worst coach ever is so disrespectful and far fetched.

    The world no.1 is not only a statistic, because CHN won 2 golds and 1 silver in last three majors before this WCH. I don't want to repeat this million times. They are the TRUE world no.1 by any means. Who said teams with bad results should commit collective suicide? It is your logic, not mine.

    Please don't put your words into my mouth. In sports, the winner always deserves the win and medal. But it doesn't mean that the winner is always better. The weaker person or team often can beat the stronger one by many reasons, such as luck or forms etc. Therefore, the ranking based on long term performance is more meaningful than short term performance.

    Both SRB and ITA are very strong, but I don't think their team cohesion was much mature than CHN. These three teams are the best in the world currently. They can beat each other on any days, whoever make fewer mistakes or have better forms will win.

    Chinese players should see the bronze medal as a "failure" because they won 2 gold and 1 silver in last four years. Particularly, Zhu won tons of gold and MVP in Europe recently. Zhu is still the same Zhu who still can win gold and MVP, but in Lang Ping's new system, Zhu is not the same Zhu anymore. I hope you can see the difference.

    There are few things I do agree or I partially agree with you.

    - I agree that there are many uncontrolled factors such luck; form; injury and etc can influence the outcome of a tournament.

    - I partially agree with you that Zhu Ting is not the Zhu anymore. There are multiple factors why Zhu Ting is "not" the Zhu anymore. But It's unfair and it's inaccurate to blame only on Lang Ping’s “new” system.

    Those things I disagree with you

    - Team cohesion:

    The ITA and SRB teams are both like a well-oiled machine and their player's connections are almost perfect. As for the Chinese team in this tournament, they have only 4 reliable and predictable players (Zhu, Yuan, Yan and Ding). The other players are either their skills or performance are limited or they have lot of question marks because they were newcomers or they just came back from an injury. And yes, the ITA and the SRB teams had better team cohesion than the Chinese team in this tournament. Building the team cohesion needs times and lots of trials and errors. But given the circumstance which Lang Ping has to deal with, I think she did an excellent job.

    - The definition of failure:

    From my perspective, we can define “failure” only base on factors that we can control or on things we know in advance. If players underperform or didn’t do what they should do or a coach took lots of silly decisions, then yes I agree with you that the bronze medal is a “failure”. But in this tournament, tell me which Chinese players were underperformed or they didn’t do what they should do? The only player you can probably “blame” for the so-called “failure” was Zhang. But she just came back from an injury and from a surgery. So you can’t expect her to perform as she was in RIO2016 overnight. As for Lang Ping, it’s easy for us to play expert afterward with our assumptions. But given the great number of unknown factors she had to deal with during this tournament, I think she did an excellent job.

    There are also many positive things the Chinese team had shown during this tournament. What impress me the most are firstly, I was pleasantly surprised how LYY can handle so well the pressure even though this teenager has just a little international competition exposure. Secondly, I had lots of admiration for Yan Ni. Because she just dispelled the myth of “old” Chinese players with her outstanding performance. Basically, these two players just set a new standard in the Chinese NT.

    Duh, I hope you can understand what I am saying. The world no.1 team's goal should be gold medal, bronze should be failure. The world no.15 team's goal should be get in top 6, should be proud of bronze. Is it too difficult for you to understand?

    Please tell me where I insulted gold, silver teams? I never blamed Chinese players, but I do believe Lang Ping made big mistakes in the WCH. Is this clear?

    The world "no 1" is only a statistic. If I follow your logic, the US team, the Brazilian team and the Russian team should commit collective suicide for their "failure".

    Your statement suggests that if the Chinese team did not make those "big" mistakes they would win the gold medal. This implies that the gold and silver medalists did not deserve their medals because the Chinese team was supposedly much "stronger". But if you're honest with yourself, you would admit the fact that the Italian team and the Serbian team are also very strong and their team cohesion was much mature than the Chinese team.

    Of course if Hui and Wei were still with the the team, plus if LYY can play OPP and Zhang was not injured, I'm pretty sure the outcome would be very different. But given the new circonstance which the team has to deal with, I don't see why the Chinese players should see the bronze medal as a "failure". like to see that : Gong as OH and LYY as OPP

    I doubt it. unless their clubs respective accept this setup. So far, the only reason explaining why Lang Ping didn't even give a try with LYY to play as OPP was probably because she made a deal with the Tianjin club. To put things in perspective, LYY is a superstar in Tianjin club and she's the only credible OH in this team. So If Lang Ping reprograms LYY to become an OPP player, this could be a mess when she goes back to play with her club. If I remember well, there is a similar situation with Zhang Changning as well few years ago.

    CHN is current world no.1 in ranking, won 2 golds and 1 WCH silver in the last three majors. So I am sure Lang Ping's goal was to win gold. Even silver is failure for this team. Very clearly SRB, ITA, CHN are three best teams in this WCH, other teams are far behind.

    I think Chinese players should be very sad for bronze. Most of them lost the best and only chance for WCH gold.

    Lang Ping trusted her new system more than Zhu, but failed. If she trusted Zhu more and let Zhu play her strength, CHN should have much better chances to win gold. Lang Ping was one of the best coach, but she made big mistakes in this WCH.

    Hummmm... undoubtedly like any other players, the Chinese players also wished better outcome. But I don't see why they should be sad and they should see this as a "failure". The Italian team and the Serbian team are formidable opponents and they become so strong that they had beaten other favoris teams with ease (USA, Brazil, Russia and Turkey). So by playing the guilt games and the blame games, you're also indirectly insulting the gold and the silver medalists.

    LYY had pleasantly surprised me. I was not expecting she can handle the pressure so well during the finals, especially when this teenager had only played a little during the pool matches.

    see the last match CHN-JPN 2015 WC. She seemed to be angry with her team mate MB yang. but I think it's a natural thing showing her anger while fighting on the court.

    Anger is a natural emotion. Even Jesus, the son of "God", gets angry several times. If a player or a coach gets angry easily and very often, then yes... we can consider this player or this coach has a bad temper. So If those snowflakes or those drama queen don't like Zhu Ting's "temper", then they must hate at least 60% of volleyball players and coaches. But to be honest, I don't think they really hate Zhu Ting's "temper". They are more likely very bored of their miserable life and they need to write some provocative and distorted craps to get some attentions.

    Guys chill, it's his opinion and Zhu was also quite rude at VNL awarding ceremony if I remember correctly. I'm sure she's not meaning to but...

    Here the definition of the word "rude" from a dictionary : "offensively impolite or ill-mannered."

    If I remember well, Zhu was unemotional when she was receiving the award because she was disappointed the outcome of the tournament. But I didn't see any impoliteless or any ill-manner from her.

    We don't need your drama and your distortions again.

    Yuan merely saves her top form for those knocked-out matches ... spares the best for the last :dance6:

    Many judge a player only "statistically". But they neglect other aspects which are also extremely important. Firstly, Yuan is an excellent leader of her generation. This quality is extremely valuable. Secondly, even though her scores were not as good as we expected, she was still very dangerous and she kept the opponents very busy. If we pay attention to the American assistant coach during the last game, we can hear him asking several times his players to put the pressure on no1 (Yuan) and on no2 (Zhu). Thirdly, well... she's pretty attractive and charming. So it's always good to see an attractive player on court.

    Many fans still think Yuan Xin-yue should be replaced by Hu Ming-yuan or Yang Han-yu after they saw the match of CHN against USA in Final 6.

    However, please remember that coaches' minds must be more (or better?) than fans'.

    Yuan was fine. I agree she didn't play her best. But some fans should stop dramatizing things because she was not at her top performance.

    so I'm guessing serbia agreed to bending over to japan last week as long as they both will be in the same group in final 6 so that serbia kind of guarantees semi final since japan is not in other teams' level. nice deal on their side.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they give the fair play award to Terzic as acknowledgement.

    I think the Dutch would have a better chance against Italy and Serbia....because of their terrible ball control and weak mentality they are a easy prey for China and USA...I`m pretty sure China/USA are already studying Italy/Serbia rather than wasting time studying the Dutch as they know they will win easily.

    I'm not sure for the USA. Don't forget USA will clash with China first and then next day with the Dutch team. So regardless the outcome with the Chinese team, the USA will be mentally and physically exhausted. This can give a huge advantage to the Dutch team. Furthermore, if Morrison has little ambition to become the next US coach, he will do lot of overtimes and homeworks in order to show who's the boss between the Dutch team and the US team.