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    If I am not wrong, it was 15-13 for USA in the third set. Once Mendez finished to give the tactics, De Cecco said this: "Hey, no vamos a cerrar nada ahora, tenemos que tener paciencia, es largo. Pero juguemos convencidos , no vayamos a mitad, boludos, somos Argentina. Vamos convencidos, juguemos nuestro juego, vamos vamos".

    It is something like: "Hey, we have to be patient, it is long! (the match). But we have to play with confidence in ourselves. We cant play at half speed (half-arsed). We are Argentina, let's play with confidence! Let's play our game, come on, come on!

    Boludos is hard to translate :D It depends on the context. It literally means "jerk" but in this case, it would be like "dudes".

    I like how he took over. He just like said, hey, listen. And then everone listened 👏👏👏👏

    how far does 600k usd get you in the Philippines?

    She and her family will have a very comfortable life.

    But she needs to spend it wisely.

    Here's a summary

    ₱10 million

    Cash incentive from the government through Republic Act 10699 or the National Athletes and Coaches Benefits and Incentives Act

    ₱10 million

    From a Businessman / Corporation

    ₱10 million

    From a Businessman / Corporation

    ₱3 million

    From a Party-list (A Sport Affiliated Political Group)

    ₱2.5 million

    From her City Government

    ₱5 million cash and free fuel for life

    From a Sport Foundation

    ₱3 million and a house and lot in Zamboanga

    From the Philippine President

    ₱14-million Residential condominium unit in Eastwood, Quezon City

    From a Real Estate Corp

    ₱4-million house and lot at any PHirst Park Homes community of her choice

    From a Real Estate Corp

    House and lot in Tagaytay

    From the Philippine Olympic Committee President

    Lifetime free flights

    Offered by AirAsia Philippines

    80,000 free miles per year for life

    1. My country winning our first GOLD medal from Hidilyn Diaz. (Weightlifting)

    2. We'll have a sure silver (hopefully Gold) from Nesthy Petecio. (Boxer)

    3. A sure bronze from Eumir Marcial a male. (boxer)



    Gold: USD 600,000.00

    Silver: USD 300,000.00

    Bronze: ~ USD 120,000.00

    France will still have chances to advance even if they lose to Russia.

    In Group A, Poland should win it all, the rest indeed is close enough to make it really hard to foresee anything. But I bet Italy will beat Iran today, and then Iran and Japan will play against each other an elimination game where the winner will advance. A scenario where both Iran and Japan will play in QF is possible only if Japan gets at least one point today, or Iran wins against Italy (or Canada loses a point against Venezuela). Oh, and Iran getting a point as well, but Japan has to win a set against Poland (considering 3-0 win of Canada).

    They thrive on pressure games, it happened in the OQT (down 2 sets against Slovenia), they did it at the VNL as well vs. Poland.

    Maybe, 3rd time's the charm. If not, because of you-know-who. They'll have another opportunity come Paris 2024.

    France is in the Olympics coz they earned their spot. They worked for it. Not their fault why Germany, Slovenia and Bulgaria did not qualify.

    If France cant win against bigger teams, how much more those teams that didnt even qualify. 🤷

    I see you. This last game was a perfect example of why the presence of N'Gapeth in court can mostly of the times be more prejudicial than benefic for France, in moments that they need him most he just fades away.

    I just hope that he'll get better if L. Tillie keeps on starting him.. But if he's at the same level. I wish (unlikely) to put in Louati, give him the chance to play. (unlike what he did to Trevor and Thibault in Rio)

    I fall asleep when Argentina was leading 20-17 in the third set (great point btw), but Im really happy to see the final score.

    Everything is still open. And we shouldnt dismiss Tunisia yet. It is probaby they wont qualify to the QFs, but they might get some sets or points from the other teams. And in such a tight pool, this could be key. The African team almost grabbed two sets against USA earlier today.

    They're big but agile. i'm actually happy for them. I hope they can upset Argentina 🤣😂

    They'll have Bruno's dad. I do know about Tillie's performance in the Italian league however he did play well in the VNL hence his inclusion. N'Gapeth is the biggest disappointment right now. This is his 3rd game but he still cant figure out what is wrong with him.

    Personally, i posted this before, if it was me, i'll go with this set of OH

    Trevor Clevenot

    Thibault Rossard

    Yacine Louati

    Timothee Carle

    Yes, i am sad for Les Bleus. My only consolation is that MY Trevor Clevenot 🥰😍 is really playing well.

    24 pts (20 attacks (50+ % efficiency, 3 blocks and an ace)

    I actually have a grudge against Piacenza, they did not renew Trevor 😤