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    i really dont like Ensing, every time i look at him i see Patrick Swayze 🤣😂

    I want to see Hanes first.

    But it wont be a surprise if Speraw will go with Ensing with DeFalco and Tuiniga-something

    I'm not expecting this win from Slovenia. Next week's USA, Poland, Russia match-ups will be surely bloodbath.

    Slovenia's a strong team. They did it before (euro 2019). This win answers the question that Slovenia can win without their home crowd.

    in that case what would be your ideal France lineup for the olympics?

    LeGoff, Chinenyeze, Bultor


    Clevenot, Rossard, Louati, Carle

    Patry, Boyer



    But im pretty sure N'Gapeth, Tillie and Lyneel will be there.

    The referees cannot change the challenge results. However, that call by the referee wasn't net touch by German players, so the challenge couldn't directly overrule the referee's decision. But the referees can correct their calls if they realize they made a mistake. I have seen this many times.

    According to the regulations, all faults that occurred in the review should count, not just what you challenged. But it's rather a grey zone, especially for reaching over the net to touch the ball, which is rather ambiguous. Kang Joo-Hee's decision was an illegal attack by Zimmermann. The review showed it wasn't. But what Kang did was just use the review to interpret her false decision. She was just arrogant.

    is this an FIVB rule or with club leagues? Coz even the commentator said they cant challenge her call. They're even particular with time like after several seconds you can no longer use the challenge. Ex. the mid-play challenge. Unlike clubs (like in Italy) wherein they can review all that happened.

    If you look at the challenge review, Zimmermann tried to set the ball to the middle, and the ball was completely at the German side and was not flying towards the french side. Then Chinenyeze reached over to touch the ball. That was definitely not a joust.

    I dont think you can revise a call. Giani's clever to show her mistake via the challenged. But i dont think you can change the decision. Unless maybe if they accidentally blow the whistle. But i am not a ref as well, so you can correct me if i am wrong.

    This referee's decision today was more favorable towards France. That ball was clearly an over-net touch, but she claims that it was a block and legal. :down::down::down:

    I thought she said that zimmerman's a backrow player and his hands touched the ball. (He argued that he was trying to set but the ref stands by her decision that he went for a joust. (As mentioned by the commentator "joust at the net")

    Unfortunate for Germany. And if it was a bad call, let us call it a bad call. And somehow Germany gets ghe justice that they want. But they had 3 chances after that and they led 10-8 prior.

    As what Giani said, we are playing France not Australia 🤣😂