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    Does anyone follow tennis? I've just found out that Kim Clijsters announced her comeback in 2020 and I really didn't expect that :what:


    I stopped following tennis mostly because of her retirement, i love her so much.. :rose:What she was capable of doing, especially in that last Australian Open against Li Na, wow, it was amazing.. I always loved to see Li Na too, so much fun, she just playing to have fun, enjoying herself.. Really, really cool..

    You've made my day :heart:

    I'm just having fun with you guys. We should all be so lucky :drink:

    When I write things like you should all be using "more flower power", and "you're all weird, Know Love", it's meant as a tell, that I'm not being (too) serious :)

    I never thought this day would come but you are falling in love with Euro volley :white::dance6:

    My bad. I must have missed that discussion. What's worse is, (1) Busato "apologized" but said he was "surprised" that it was offensive (2) FIVB doesn't have any official disciplinary actions for racist gestures..

    We had some others "incidents" of that type, and FIVB never does a thing about it, all they care about is money after all... Serbia NT made this gesture out of pure ignorance too but i don't remember in what context that happened... They thought that they were paying homage or something like that :mad:

    OMG. Not sure if it's ok to post this but I just found this photo of the Russian coach doing the "eye slant" after their win against South Korea at the most recent international. Wow, this is NOT cool.

    Yes, we have that discussion when that happened... I despise this guy so much <X It is an awful mix of blatant ignorance and pure racism, really, really disgusting

    YES! YES! YES! YEEEEES! *screaming* Tianjin vs Vakifbank will be AMAZING! I can't wait to see

    The quality of the streams is very poor. ?(

    Anyone here tried CEV TV. They have a 4,99 euro offer for the whole event. Is it HD? Does it work from every country? I was checking few matched and they are geoblocked almost all over the world. =O

    I really hate these streaming. I wish I could watch the games on TV.

    CEV TV is HD but geoblocked, only Martian can watch because almost every single country is blocked... I watched using VPN (CEV thinks i lived in the US, Great Britain and Sweden through the competition, because they were constantly adding more geoblocked countries) But the quality is superb...

    If someone think that this tournament was boring, oh boy, they don't like volleyball at all.. Great games, "small NT" giving all their passion, playing with their heart, almost bleeding for the sport, Finland, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, France... Turkey, criticized by everyone, playing a final match worthy of a champion... We should remember that volleyball is not just about winning, it is about fun, and they had it, they had it all...

    And what to say about this final, I was anxious during the whole match, and i'm not even Turkish or Serbian, the last time i felt that way was on Minas x Eczacibasi, for obvious reasons... I root for everyone today, I started rooting for Turkey, but when super Busa started to demolish the Turkish reception line I was screaming like Ebrar, almost (or like Veljkovic, as in my avatar :cheesy:)

    I think, in the end, Gui got in the way more than he helped. He should have, at least, started with Naz in tie-break. Not a good idea to bench a setter we all know is a ROCK in this type of situation.

    As a spectator, I'm pretty satisfied, good job to both teams, it was an amazing ride :heart:

    I don't know about De Gennaro.. she didn't played well for her standards... i would give to Simge, she is really shinning (actually, i want to give to the Finnish one, but we know that it's not possible)... For the rest, maybe Brankica instead of Hande, but if Hande wins, it's okay by me

    I will not forgot when He put her in the game and She made Again serve error Because She landed in the court before serving. She did That with Conegliano many time...

    She has some problems but her blocking is great same as her attack but She is not in right shape at all...

    Oh my god, yes... She is an ABOMINATION on service, how could she be so bad? I think she has some problems to keep focus or something, because it is really bad!

    But I think Folie had a really good tournament despite her last match, and it was ok to be starter instead of Danesi.. She looks fully recovered and she brings a lot to the team.. The problem is why Danesi is the 4th MB now, after such great season? I know Fahr is a phenomenon, but it is weird how disreputable Danesi is right now for Mazzanti, really weird