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    If Bartsch was there, would she replace Gabi? Will it make it possible for Vakifbank to beat Conegliano?

    Maybe? Maybe not? Ebrar was doing really well that tie-break, but Maja kept using Gabi as a go-to player, and that didn't work as intended, maybe Bartsch could do better... Gabi is a clutch player though, so it was a good gamble nonetheless... it happens, that game was 50-50, anyone could win

    With Hill and Kruijf confirmed to stay, have all important players from last season stayed in Conegliano except Ogbogu (who was only 6th or 7th most important)?

    Yep... They kept all their starters... They already were scary dangerous, now they will be probably unbeatable. And even losing Ogbogu, they signed with Fahr, so they are good in the MB department once again

    Any news where Mayany will play next season? I think she could be a good fit with Osasco. Mayany - Bia as middle blocker duo looks pretty sollid.

    No news about Mayany.. there was some rumours linking her to SESC or Osasco, but nothing official. Probably she will stay in Barueri

    To me Osasco looks better than last season, on the other hand Rio looks weaker...

    Every season Osasco build a promising team, but they never let the team build chemistry, then eventually the team flop and they don't know what to do to solve their problems ... SESC on the other hand, is indeed a little bit weaker than last season, but they kept almost all their core players and if Lorenne plays like she did last season, they probably won't even miss Tandara... I would bet on SESC over Osasco any day

    Maybe SESI/ Volei Bauru could make some surprises next season:) If Dani Lins can play like she did last season and they find an outside hitter who can cover Tifanny together with Castillo. Any news who could be this outside hitter?

    Probably Laura Partenio. They signed with Mari Cassemiro too, she isn't really that good of a player, but she can be useful if/when Tifanny starts to sink the team

    Agreed, Gözde played only in Vakifbank during her entire career whereas Logan Tom has chosen to play in a different country every year

    But foreigners in general don't stay to long in a same club.. Maybe they want to know as many countries as possible, maybe the club think that they can afford better ones

    Maybe because the US don't treat volleyball as a pro sport, or as much as other countries with established leagues do... NHL and NBA are huge, with a lot of money involved. Volleyball, on the other hand, is basically just a mean to go to college. It happens that they do really well there, because they are good in all sports, but they don't treat volleyball serious enough... Maybe a European company could be able to do such game...

    It's fake.. there was no such thing as a list of players to train in Portugal. Brazilian teams and NT are not sending players to Europe

    When she played in Brazil, she was recovering from that nasty injury she had back in Galatasaray. She wasn't near close to her best shape..

    Kosheleva seems a really strong-minded person, I believe she will be in OG if she wants to be there

    Your first answer sounded a little bit aggressive first, even if it wasn't your intention and it flamed his response towards you. No need to create such a fuss.. If you two have a problem with each other, deal with it between yourselves (and not in this thread), or just don't and forget about it... Here is not the place for that

    jaeden85 , don't call names. It was unnecessary and against rules. Refrain to do such thing in the future. There is no need of this type of comment, it just creates more confrontations and everything go haywire. Remain respectful with other users, with each other.

    And now, let's continue to talk about BRAZIL NT.

    I'm not a follower of Men's Volleyball, but I watched some of Slovenia matches in EuroVolley.. I was rooting so bad for them... I hope they can win something in the near future... Do you think it is possible? Are they a group of young players or it is the end of a good generation?