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    Mayany is also not tall but pretty athletic

    im now wondering after seeing her performance at the last WCWC, why Natalia didnt play at the WCH while she was in the roster ? :/

    She was recovering from very bad injuries, the question here is why she was in the roster. I don't even know if she is yet 100% and if that game against Ecz was just pure bravery pushing her limits, to be honest

    Well, my argument was from exclusion. I know for a fact that Tandara cannot handle the pressure so i assumed that Lowe would be better :whistle: She could have some inspiration playing with Hill, who knows?

    how do you know Lowe can carry the pressure when it is needed? For example, I don’t think she can handle it and I don’t think she could be a good attacking option at position 4.

    Before wccch i though that the reception of Minas was a little bit shaky, but after this 2 last games i dont think that anymore. They look really good when they play with passion and I think that they are the favorites

    About Praia, i am hating every single bit of that team, they are trying to play fast but the are slowest than ever, carli cannot play with Fabiana even if her life depends on it. But they will play enough to go to play-offs. I dont know if they will win though

    I believe in Bauru yet, if they can improve their psychological, it is a great group and Valentina is doing superbly well. The same with Fluminense, i really like the way they play too and although they have the same problems bauru has i think joycinha can fix that for them

    Osasco i dont think will have stamina to go well like last season and the same for Barueri, they are older and weaker than last season

    Sesc, i dont know. Bernardinho is a magician, but his team is really bad without Drussyla and Fabi (I cant handle Gabiru urgh)

    I used to love Carli but i am slowly becoming a hater lol so much poor decisions on a daily basis. She has Carol as a blocking machine building confidence block after block but insists in an error prone Garay. I expected much more from Praia today, i knew that the game would be difficult and probably they would lose, but they didnt even give a proper fight

    Congrats Minas, what a suprise! Indeed eczacibasi don't use their middle blockers, but I have to say they don't have the best attacking middles. I'm really impressed by Macris. If she plays like this I don't get is why she wasn't in the national team.

    I think it's a stupid decision Praia played with their second team yesterday. In my opinion Praia- Vakifbank should have been the final.

    Zrg doesnt like Macris. I think he thinks she is a liability in block, i dont know because Dani Lins is bad in block too. In the end,he enjoys to play with oldies and injuried ones :(

    Praia-vakif will be amazing, but after this game, nobody can say that Minas doesnt deserve the final too, in my opinion

    Fluminense demolished Sesc today wow.. I was certain that they would choke by the end. Glad i was wrong. Joycinha is amazing, she put the whole team in another level already. And I liked a lot the new system with 2 liberos :D

    Sesc desesperately needs Drussyla and Kosheleva is not good enough yet for the team :/

    This are not the world best clubs so I’m not surprised(I mean they aren’t all here). Italian clubs only can beat Turkish ones and other way, but they are not in this competition.

    Since 2011 = 1 CEV Champions League for Italy and 6 for Turkey. So, sure, italian clubs can beat turkish ones :)

    We have a world championship with winner of continental cups. If you want an all-European competition, go watch the CEV ones. Men "World" Championship was a joke with Russian, 2 Italian, Polish teams... Volley is as much euro-centric it can be already