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    I like Poulter, I do think she has a brightest future and Karch seem to love her too, but for me USA needs Hancock... what she is doing in Novara this season is just amazing and even last season with Monza. She is constantly proving herself and showing that she is not just about skills, she feels the game.

    Pietrini acttack is good why coach choose Milenkovic Scandicci will lost set 4.

    He's completely lost. He has one of the best group of OHs in the world, and he doesn't know what to do with it.. Isn't there in the market any coach better than him? I think even Morrison can do a better job than Mencarelli tbh

    Woooohoooooo! :woohoo: I was feeling jaded when Minas dismantled their team, but now my heart is filled with hope again. Barueri!!!!! What a MONSTER of a player is Nyeme, wow! And Lorenne, oh my god Lorenne :heart:... The only problem here is Juma! She made a lot of points, and did some good job in servers, but the amount of ball she sets to Opp should be a CRIME! I know Lorenne is having the time of her life, but one shouldn't make yours Opp's job worse giving ALL THE BALLS of a set to her, sheesh.. Ze even begged to her to use Lays or Tainara.

    hahaha... at some point, lorenne got mad and stared hard at someone in osasco, i think, jaque, and bia didn't like that, so there was a bit of a verbal joust there... and lorenne, who's so quiet... but she stood up for herself...

    In the post-match interview they asked about this incident.. And she said something like "My problem wasn't with Bia. But I think that's part of the game. I have many friends in Osasco, I played there and I am very grateful". And she finishes with a debauchery face: "I think they just help me to play better, thank you". I love that girl :obey:

    sheesh, that match between praia x minas was quite a seesaw, so many swings in momentum... at times, minas looked so helpless, nobody could pass, but then they fought back so many times... it was crazy. i guess that was the final match? was it the 2nd one?

    It was the final match, single game only. The other one was from Supercup.

    but now that fe tome and ellen are injured, they depend on bjelica as OH even more...

    i noticed that too, jaque is always pointing fingers at her teammates... sheesh, she's not the coach.

    I agree :(

    They have Vanessa Janke too, she can do a better job in reception, but she is awful in attacking duties, so i think they will need to stick with Bjelica and hope for the best

    This game was amazing, Lorenne's on fire! She was always heavily criticized for not showing emotions on the court, it seemed sometimes that she wasn't caring about the game or anything really. Not anymore, my friends, not anymore!

    Osasco is completely lost! I had some suspicions that hiring Jaque would do more harm than good, and for now, it's not working. The team seems lost and all the time that you see Jaque, she is complaining about something. Come on girl, your role is to be a leader, to inspire and not to point finger at your teammates.

    And about Bjelica.. it's sad to see the struggle. Hiring an Opp to play as OH never works. They should find a way to rotate her and Casanova in Opp position, because throwing Bjelica into reception line is suicide.

    there's nothing wrong players and coaches having a relationship. Just take Bernardinho and Fernanda Venturini as example.

    The problem is with the cheating, i guess... Maybe that was what triggered everything (plus the leaking), because it's definitely a sum of a lot of bad things. Especially because it is not just an individual problem.

    And definitely is not because jealousy, here or in other thread someone said that the "Stysiak issue" was a "smoke screen" from Nawrocky. Something rotten happened, and he tried to manipulate things his way.