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    I think Brazil will be going through growing pains like the USA. Except Brazil had injuries this year. The older players are getting older and still playing because the younger ones just don't have the experience to play in major tournaments. I think each team has setters that are good but struggle with consistency and the 3 setter who are reserves are just not ready to play. Does Brazil have a true libero. Suellen, but she and Gabiru (who is not a true libero) have been hurt. Suellen just for a short time. USA has a libero problem none of the ones that have come out in the last year or two have done well in tournament. Kelsey is a very good athlete but has limited time playing libero and it shows. Where's Fabi? OPPs. Tandara is good but struggling for some reason? Lowe came out of retirement because we had no one else but she struggles too. Kelly is doing well but sets to her are bad. Brazil does have a OH problem. Fe is not the answer, Natalie is injured and Gabi isn't the answer either. USA Larson is older and her hitting isn't like it used to be but you need her as a 6 rotation player. Kim is hot and cold and MBH can do well. I think USA has an upper hand with MB. Brazil no one has shined but also they have to get a good set.

    Ze...need a new coach. He is such a downer.

    Fabi retired before 2016 Olympic Games. Tandara struggles because she can't handle pressure, she does not have the mentals to be the "number one" for Brazil - the same I think about Roberta, I don't know if she is mentally good enough for the task she needs to do . I think Fe Garay would be a great tutor of some kind to new OHs, Drussyla can do amazing with some directions, because potential she has, a lot! And I don't know why Gabi cannot be "the answer", she is young, she has technique and she has passion, with an organized team she can do amazing things (even Zhu Ting said that Gabi is a wonderful player)

    Sometimes i think ze doesnt want to be there. He is always looking unmotivated and you can hear more of Paulo Coco voice than his when they are saying something to the team. I really love all he did to Brazil and I think he is a spetacular coach but everything needs to end one day

    I didnt know you were brazilian! Thanks for answering!

    I was asking because I wanted to know if you (brazilians) have any new about Ze future in your NT about players. I know Nalbert and Fabi are in Sport Tv, so they usually comment about what's going on in the team.

    I dont have any official information yet, but i think that Ze will continue as NT coach. About players, i dont think the olympic winners need to continue, they already wrote their names in the history and they are not the same anymore (maybe Tandara can continue but i dont know if she can handle the protagonism with so much failure in her back :/)

    I am brazilian and im here on a daily basis xD

    Still not a fan of Fe Garay coming back (though I love her), I would have preferred seeing a younger talent as starter who has still everything to gain in her career... Fe Garay seemed like such a desperate last minute decision... Natalia would have been best case scenario ofc, but that's out of option.

    Not gonna lie if any of the old school Brazillian players I would have loved to see Fabiana back :rose:

    Fabiana is my favorite player of all time, but she doesnt deserve to play in this awful team. And she had depression after Olympics and it was really difficult for her to recover :(

    I'm really surprised by the performance of this Russia team, with or without Goncharova. Startseva is showing everyone why she should be titular, really involving the middles and faster sets to the pins. Hopefully next year, with the recovery of both Krotkova and Goncharova, and the possible return of Malova (the other Russian libero, Galkina in my opinion, is pretty decent) I hope Russia can return to form and show their game and this tournament showed Russia isn't in such a bad shape like everyone make it out to be. It's also okay I guess Russia won't reach the Final 6 and they lose the match to China tomorrow, as they seriously have less firepower and won't be able to compete with the remaining top teams without their main scorer.

    And Kosheleva now working with Bernardinho will finally learn how to pass :D

    Brazil had to win and Netherlands was already placed after the third set, so they lost focus. Nevertheles, I am happy with the development of Bongaerts and Lohuis. I hope that Buijs will play beter, because she is not in good shape yet.

    True! In my opinion, Bongaerts deserves the titularity. She tries new things and sets difficult balls for the adversary's blockers, its really good to see her playing.

    I disagree with most of Ze's decision, but who could have been better than him?

    I know that Brazil's game is not as it used to be, but we have to consider that this NT is way weaker than the previous ones. We used to survive based on a fast game with Fabiana and Thaisa, but now we can't rely on Carol-Bia-Ade trio to do the same those two used to do. Then, what we have is a predictable game in which the sets always go to Tandara, Garay, and Gabi. I am trying to accept this new reality, it is easier than blaming the coach. :(

    Anyone can do better than Ze, because everybody is tired of him. A fresh restart will do amazing to the NT. Especially because their problem looks to be more psicological than technical

    Brazil don't deserve to reach final6. Like wtf they lost set against Mexico and they almost lost second set. I hope Japan can take their spot.

    I was thinking that Bricio is key player of Mexico but She had 7/35, it is pretty bad % in attack.

    I agree. All the big teams are demolishing others with 3-0 and Brazil lose set to Mexico and match to Germany? They need wins, they need points and they need set average to reach final 6 and they have almost none of it and comparison with the other NTs.

    It will sound a little disrespectul to Mexico, sorry, but it wasnt that Mexico won 1 set, Brazil lost it.