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    I don't think Poulter is in the same boat as Karsta. I think Poulter was given her shot to prove/show she's the #1. Im pretty sure she had more sets than Carlini at WC19. But in the end, I don't think we'll have a #1. Neither of them have established themselves as Glass or Berg did.

    Of course not. One is a tryout for the number 1 spot like you said and the other is for a continued stint with the NT. She played well enough to stay only she's futher down in the depth chart than when she first started.

    Off topic: Does anyone know where Jacqueline Quade is?

    I don't see Karsta on the roster. She didn't even make the OQT roster (instead it was JT who carried them vs Bulgaria)

    ^^This bears repeating.

    Lets be clear. Karsta was a returning member and was sent to the World Championship as a back-up to Murphy to gauge her level of play against stronger competition. She was used sparingly since then and mostly as a reserve / back-up to Annie. Lesson learned. She wasnt even at the OG qualifiers and was only in the World Cup because Thompson had to go back to Cinci for her senior season. That should tell you where shes at in the pecking order.

    Its not that the coaches prefer her over the other options, but just like Poulter during that time period they needed to see if she (they) can (still) ball and be trusted when they get called.

    Also you can focus on that one flub in 5th set against Serbia and i'll offer you the only reason why it even went to 5 --- Karsta-MuthaFuken-Lowe.

    I've always like Sarah and thought that she could be this kind of player even though there werent really any suporting evidence :D(before this) since she turned pro. Ive seen it in her senior year in college so its not completely blind faith.

    One thing that might stop the coaches from considering SWP for the OGs is that this is so far an outlier season for her. In her 4 years as a pro this is her best to date. If she had a good season last year there would be less questions. But since she pretty much flopped in Brazil (not all her fault), you have to wonder if this is the new and improved Sarah or just another flash in the pan. Is she heating up at the right time and is it sustainable?

    As much as the coaches liked using her in tournaments I dont think SWP was in serious contention for Tokyo. But what SWP is doing this season just might make them second guess themselves and redraft their ideal lineup. Still shes probably in the same boat as Lowe, Adams and Dixon in their respective positions. There are just better or more established players ahead of them.

    Also Karch won't let her jump-serve anyway. Which is her specialty so bringing her for serving will never work.

    He made an exemption for her before early in her NT career. So its not exactly inconceivable that he would do it again just for her...if he thinks it would help them win. But like serdar said its not a good idea anyway especially if we're only bringing her as a serving sub. So her serving is not enough to get her to Tokyo. She needs to prove that she can be the number 1 setter and thats tough a mountain to climb this late in the season.

    good thing we dont even have any healthy middles atm ;(

    Its not too late to make peace with Gibby or just bring Gibby 2.0

    Egonu, Haak, Boskovic, Sytsiak, Mihajlovic, Bricio

    I could not be bothered to look at the numbers atm but is this a personal preference or back by statistics? Cause if you list someone as better and shes comfortably behind ( by a mile apparently??) Hancock this season then maybe you're downplaying her effectiveness as much as the others seem to exaggerate it. Whats the barometer? What makes them better?

    Call me crazy but I think Karch favors Poulter over the other two. She is tailor-made for his prefered system.


    Y'all putting too much thought into this. We're bringing 3 setters again and currently rehabbing MBs. Healthy ones need not apply.

    How quickly have people turned on Lowe? It wasnt that long ago when people were hoping she'd return. Actualy Im not even that surprised since a lot of the same people that were too blind to see the potential in Drews and SWP are now singing them praises. It really is what have you done for me lately kinda world around here.

    Lowe was very forthcoming about her battle with anxieties being far from home but she still went the pro route because that is what's expected of her. Her decision to stay and train at home has more to do with her mental health than thinking she doesnt have to since the Opp opening is practicaly hers. She know shes in the outside looking in. Fighthing for a slim chance is the opposite of being entitled.

    She knows it. I mean she tried and gave it a shot several times but she just doesnt have the mental fortitude for it. Living and playing abroad, that is. I think she finds it crippling and that really affects her growth as a player. Some people just cant be too far away from their support system. Shes doing what she think is best for her mental health while still trying to pursue a dream. Can relate and will never fault her for that.

    Its whats so frustrating about Lowe. She had a much higher ceiling than Murphy and Drews but her commitment to reaching that potential is sadly lacking. Mainly due to her not wanting to live and play overseas.

    I cant say its lack of passion for the sports since shes done more than the 97% of American collegiate athletes who would rather retire than entertain the idea of playing abroad.

    In a way shes a victim of the USA not having its own league. So many athletes like her in the NCAA who would never go pro or opting to retire early after a season or two for the same reasons.

    This is why Im hoping AU finds success. It would be good for American and Canadian programs. It would be good NORCECA. It would be good for the sports

    Lowe is still in the running and very much up for consideration despite what most would want to believe. Karch can be very cut throat and if he doesnt think Lowe has a chance he would have emailed her already and new fone, who dis? her when she decided not to play club this season. In terms of likelihood shes probably behind JT but her past Rio performanced will be considered and might sway a bit in her favor especially if she performs well this coming VNL. Dont fully agree with it but thats how Karch operates. He's loyal to his vets.

    There's no way he doesn't bring Chi. Chi is the best middle they have now. She's been on plenty of rosters and even more with Eczacibasi. (Washington, Dixon, Adams will all be decided by who connects with Carlini best)

    So we're not bringing MBs? Bold. LOL

    And I agree if theres any middle thats going to be in Tokyo its going to be Chi. So many question marks with the other MB choices. Are they healthy enough? Do we want a repeat of what happened in Rio? Im sure Karch and crew are still haunted by that. Its going to be very interesting selection fir sure.

    Confession Time:

    My thirsty ass stalked Flavio of Brazil for a good hmm 15 minutes around downtown during the VNLs. Head too clouded with lust that taking a pic didnt even crossed my mind. That guy is fiiiiitttt. Made the same mistake when I run into pretty much the entire french team in North Avenue beach during my morning jog. The gays of Chicago were very happy that day.

    Her passing was quite decent whenever she played as OH, nothing like JT

    I feel like her passing is taking a backseat now that she found her offensive side. She was better (but still not great) at it like 2 seasons ago. I think..

    Id lump Sarah with JT, Drews, and Lowe. Cause she still cant pass lol I hope she gets a shot at the VNL

    Oh shes going to be there but as an Opp? Probably not where he wants her to be. Anyway I hope he takes a young team to most of the VNL if possible. Id leave whoever is projecting to be the number 1 setter along with the rest of the "for sure" back in Anaheim to train. Let JT, Plummer, Lowe, Adams, Washington, Tapp and all the bros to fight their way into the OG roster.

    Karch is a big fan of Wilhite and uses her a lot as his b and c teams Larson. Shes always on his radar. She really is making it difficult for the USA coaches and I dont envy them. Who would have thought Sarah is going to be the most effective / dominant (offensively) OH we have this season...and mere months before the OG. It use to be the big 3 plus MBH now we have JT and Sarah too ... So who will get the Fawcett treatment and be left off of the roster???

    I dont know how Kara Bajema is doing but she looks like a great candidate for a Kiraly project. Something about her screams "Kumbaya". Since its going to be a new cycle we will probably see a lot of new faces go in and out rather quickly like the Rolfzens, McMahon and Maccage in 2017.

    SWP might have played her way above Madi in the OH depth chart this season. Shes putting herself in a position to at least temporarily take one of the spots that gonna open when the old guards retires...Of course pending on what Plummer and Thompsons future role are going to be for this team. If both stay on the left then it would be a little bit tricky. Foecke...i dont know whats the plan for her or if she will even continue to make roster without playing ball. Not unusual since we've seen JWO, Murphy and Lowe getting the nod while inactive for a whole year.

    Im hoping Rhamat would spend more time in the gym this year. Her development has been very frustrating. Didnt see a lot of court time during her first pro season, rehabbing in the first few weeks. Her 2nd season ended early but she was doing really well unfortunately it was with Caserta, a disaster of a club. And Covid is just fucking everything up this year...I really thought its going to be the Inky, Alhassan and Ogbogu still could be but with Washington instead.

    Highly unlikely but wouldnt it be crazy if somehow Jordan (and Kels) convinces Raba and Lippman to come play for AU? That would be a monumental get and might would definitely get a lot more eyeballs to tune in and advertisers to lure especially with legendary players/Olympians and future superstar like Lippman in the roster. One can dream.

    nah. its been bubbling for awhile. But it ticked off last summer when she asked for time off during the VNL after her season with Imoco and he wasn't happy about it. Thats why we barely saw her start/be only the serving sub.

    KRob/Larson is who he adores.

    IDK about that. Kim Hill's sister got married around that period. A lot of the NT members past and present have talked about Karch always urging them to take as much time off as possible so not to miss a lot of important milestones and family affairs. Shes not getting the same amout of looks like she used to because MBH finally broke out. KRob and Larson are still his faves but theres nothing malicious about the way hes using Kim Hill. He likes her plenty.

    Actually Carlton pretty fast for her height as she was a former setter. What she lacks is the power and shot placement. Her swing is very much like Kim Hill when she was starting in NT. Just trying to make a case on why we shouldnt be passing up on physically gifted athletes with a few perceived minuses. I was describing Lutz and the negative part of her game. One might say a disqualifying quality for anyone who wants to thrive in the USA system. Cuttino (scattered) and Lutz (slow) have glaring problems but also have an undeniable potential just like Holly. With athletism (Cuttino) and physical advantage (Holly and Lutz) if properly invested they could be more than serviceable.