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    They really should forge a partnership with the NCAA. Just imagine if they can play the first week at Devaney right before a Husker game. Give the fans a taste of what AU is about. Then next week at Kohls and Maturi after that and Gregory...thats a lot of eyeballs and potential new fans right there.

    ^^^ said this back in September. Am now patiently waiting for the invite to join the executive committee...ha! I hope it's not the AU style volley tho.

    I appreciate that they didn't feel the need to rush her knowing now that it was a concussion and not just a simple injury. They probably considered how lousy our blocking has been and how much of a ball magnet her noggin seems to be like..l mean getting wrecked twice (more?) in praccy? Thats cray. We could've fielded a better team but they decided not to chanced it. Another possible concussion so soon after getting cleared would be very devastating.

    I found out JT was cleared before the WCH... but was not included because she did not practice the week before the world championship... that's just absolutely unforgivable.

    Da fuck...Dang....I mean I could see them argue that its all in the name of "fairness". I'm guessing the same reason why they didnt push for Plummer as the Opp alternate since she wasnt training on that side and Cuttino was. This new democracy thing they've been trying in selecting the rosters has proven to be a double edged sword.

    A coaching change would only happen if Karch himself decides it's time to step down. Even then USAV would probably be very reluctant to accept a resignation. USAV is rolling in cash just because his name is attached to the USANTDP. He's a perfect poster boy for them. "You want your son to be the next Karch? You want your daughter to play for THE legend? Enroll them now and become a member!!!". The cache of his name alone makes them dough never mind the fact that he has been the most successful coach for the program. He's also a popular figure for USOC. Firing him is not even an option.

    I am genuinely rooting for Brazil to win it all. It's not because I fucking hate Serbia. I don't. I swear. But because of the glorious memes of your peeps on the bird app kept me entertained during the lockdown...well some of the


    Logan needs to make sure she gets in the right club in the spring.... none of this bench or bad coach nonsense.

    Fields should be switching to the right... she has no future as an OH. Skinner too. Kipp... im not sure how she'll translate to the intl game.

    She needs to forget about Italy or Turkiye. Poland and Germany is the way to go. Do it the MBH way. I feel the same way about Kipp but shes got all the tools and hopefully she has the drive to get to that NT level.

    Bajema and Plummer can hold the bridge until Logan is ready (And Madi Skinner can come for annie's spot lol)

    Logan could be ready but unless she pulls a JT or Kimmy it might take several NT seasons for her to get inside Karch' circle of trust. A lot of the graduating OH should probably consider switching to right tbh. Khalia, Kipp, Skinner that's some solid names in the pipeline...if they get invited.

    Bajema and Plummer playing backup for their teams this season is going to be a huge blow to the NT. The part of their game that needs improving could only be done in an actual game environment and not on a practice court. Kara should've stayed another year in Poland and Plummer should have set her sight on a less ambitious team that would be all in on her as a starter.

    Frantti is fearless and have a short term memory. It's always on to the next play with her. She doesnt let herself get stuck on what went wrong on the last point. I like that about her. What I don't like is how jittery she gets in games. Like Tweek from South Park or a bag lady in a middle of the train. She gets in the way and causes a lot of confusion and hesitations for the defensive unit. I don't know how many times I've seen the others around her stop short of trying to save a ball because they're more concerned about trying to avoid the frantti freight train from leveling them.

    To me Cuttino looks like she's just happy being part of a group and not at all that interested in elevating her game to another level. Kinda sad. If she's as determined as Annie in working on the other parts of her game she could be a game changer.

    Since the start of the season all of the key players not named Chiaka have been subpar to downright awful. Anyway I'm not really sure having Plummer, JT or Khalia on the WC roster would make this team perform any better.

    Watching an unmotivated group playing uninspired volley is really doing damage to my affection for this game.