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    Simone Lee and Courtney are both in the "short" side too at 6'1" but they got mad hops. I like Dani, she has great volleyball IQ but lets be real tho if she makes the A-squad they'll inevitably try her at the libero position. But with JWO, Hentz, Maloney and White her chances to be the "new" Courtney for the next squad might be slim.

    I have the virus (mild case, Im ok) and im going by my shitty memory but I stand corrected. Good for her if she envisions that for herself. Shes very likable and positive. They need to do more of this things. Rach and Jordan did one for the uswnt if anyone else is interested. That was nice too.

    I watched it live yesterday and im pretty sure the OH thing was a responsed to the "If your not an Opp what position would you want to play as" question. She said most hitters would probably say a setter but she said they carry a heavy resposibility and that might break her and then she said OH but she NEEDS to be better at receiving. She said she admires those types of players and advices young vb players to not focus on just the hitting part.

    When asked about the OG and her goals...she believes she set herself up in a good position to be considered but her personal goal is to reach her peak because she is capable of a lot more.

    She considered leaving vb after her first pro season and didnt really think shes going anywhere but then Karch called and invited her to the NT. She was 23 when she finally commits to it 100%. Later than most she said.

    Someone asked how its like playing for Karch and before she answered she took a long swing of her tea. Lol...but she was very complementary and seem to genuinely like him. He stresses the importance of family she said and urge them not to miss too many important moments.

    Aside from the ones already mentioned we also have RJP and Plummer. The ones with the most experienced right now are not really projecting to be anything more than place holders. That kinda make it seem like the cupboards are bare but we actually have a pretty strong group of OHs in the pipeline. Theres Mac May, Dani Drews, Kendall Kipp, Logan Eggleston, Micaya White and Khalia Lanier to name a few. An inexperienced group but a lot of them have a higher ceiling than B-team quarterbacks like Kingdon and Rolfzen.


    Kim Hill was interviewed by her hometown paper and in it she talked about, among other things her plans for the future. She confirmed that she would be done with the national team after this Olympics but wasnt nearly as commited when it comes to her pro career saying -

    "For sure, I'll be done with the national team after the Olympics, and likely done playing overseas. I'm not totally closing the door. I want to keep my options open, but I haven't signed a contract for next season. I'm going to take some rest and reevaluate."


    Sadface... no mention of transitioning to beach.

    Now that the Olympics has been pushed to 2021 I wonder if she'll change her position about possibly retiring from the NT and pro ball. I wonder how it'll impact Larson and Foluke as well. It would be quite sad if we dont see them in RW&B again. At the same time this postponement might actually have opened doors for the likes of Plummer, Foecke and Hentz.

    Now that Tom Hanks and Rudy Gobert have tested positive on coronavirus (and NBA being suspended until further notice), I expect that people will generally take this virus more seriously. After ourselves and our loved ones, there's nothing like a celebrity being afflicted with something to shake us and force us to take notice.

    Rudy Gobert was acting like a jackass by making light of a serious health threath. He touched every mic after a press conference to prove a rather idiotic point and then getting the virus days later. A worthy candidate for life comes at you fast poster boy if there ever was one. He's not part of the at risk demo and yet thanks to his egoistic, oppositional defiant behavior he made it easier for the NBA to suspend the entire season.

    Yikes. Some of y'all would really benefit from stepping away from the keyboard and this forum. Especially the amateur epidemiologist that tries to minimized the severity of what were all witnessing now. At this point its pretty fucking disturbing that anyone could think its about jelousy and hatred for a team or a league instead of showing concern and vigilance like any sane and well informed person would. Put your fandom aside and check your priviledge. Not everyone could be as lucky as you.

    No Kenzie Maloney?:(:/

    Yeah, thats weird but she was definitely in Anaheim with USA swag per her previous insta stories.

    Why is Dana Rettke not included in this lineup?

    Hilley is there, so I don't know why Rettke isn't.

    Im guessing its because Rettke is a listed member of the senior National team roster already...she might join them later along with Lake and other invitees after the tryouts

    USA - Japan Exibition021420WNT800x500.jpg?la=en&hash=2EFAC0B6454194EFA135D02F5D2E2C4AF1211BA7

    • Kara Bajema (OH, University of Washington, 0, 6-2, Lynden, Washington)

    • Brionne Butler (M, University of Texas, 2, 6-4, Kendleton, Texas)

    • Dani Drews (OH, University of Utah, 1, 6-0, Sandy, Utah)

    • Logan Eggleston (OH, University of Texas, 2, 6-2, Brentwood, Tennessee)

    • Skylar Fields (OPP, University of Texas, 3, 6-2, Missouri City, Texas)

    • Danielle Hart (M, University of Wisconsin, 2, 6-4, Virginia Beach, Virginia)

    • Morgan Hentz (L, Stanford University, 0, 5-9, Lakeside Park, Kentucky)

    • Sydney Hilley (S, University of Wisconsin, 1, 6-0, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota)

    • Kaitlyn Hord (M, Penn State University, 2, 6-4, Lexington, Kentucky)

    • Kenzie Koerber (OPP, University of Utah, 1, 6-3, Chino Hills, California)

    • Hana Lishman (L, Pepperdine University, 0, 5-8, Kailua, Hawaii)

    • Mac May (OH, UCLA, 1, 6-3, Dubuque, Iowa)

    • Erin Olson (S, UCF, 0, 5-9, Cary, Illinois)

    • Ella May Powell (S, University of Washington, 2, 6-0, Fayetteville, Arkansas)

    • Stephanie Samedy (OPP, University of Minnesota, 1, 6-2, Clermont, Florida)

    • Alli Stumler (OH, University of Kentucky, 2, 6-1, Floyds Knobs, Indiana)

    ...and there you have it. Morgan Hentz is officially going to be in the gym training with some of the USA senior national team and the Japanese National team. This is a really good group of athletes.

    I wish Hollan Hans will continue playing volleyball. She should be the next all around OH that USA needs in 2024.

    And why are they using Molten Balls in that tryout not Mikasa?

    Wait, Is she not planning on continuing with the sport?

    Just to be clear that pic was from last years tryouts. The ball choice, Im assuming has to do with the fact that molten is a corporate partner and next to addidas their biggest sponsor. Im sure Mikasa would be at play for senior NT OG/VNL practices.



    That's 70 outside hitters, 46 liberos, 37 middles, 37 setters and 23 opposites. It seems like were finally taking this libero business seriously. Im not terribly familiar with a lot of the attendees and theres not a lot of big names out of the 213 participants.

    Some interesting names attending the tryouts


    Lauren Barnes

    Riley Fischer

    Brooke Nuneviller

    • Opposite

    Holly Carlton

    Kenzie Koeber

    • Outside Hitter
    Dani Drews

    Paige Hammons

    Kendall Kipp

    Mac May

    I definitely see Micaya and Logan Eggleston prospering in NT gym. Im not really sure how best to utilized Fitz. Looking at her possible competition for both MB and Opp positions shes not going to be anywhere near the top. Tricky spot to be in for an athlete like her.

    Per Erin Virtue's instagram it looks like a couple of the girl are back in the gym. Larson, Adams , H.Tapp, Drews and Dixon and someone named Olson(?). No Akinradewo, Alhassan or Lake in sight.

    Excited for Hentz too but Im not even sure if shes going to make it in the gym this spring/summer in time for the VNL practice/selections. If I'm not mistaken she would still be in school finishing up around that time.

    Absolutely no idea how they run things. All i know is that they have a list of invitees separate from the list of open tryout participants. I believe collegiate national teams are selected during this tryouts as well.


    Tryouts for NT are right around the corner. We'd probably see the list of invitees any day now. I expect to see Hentz, White, Lanier, Edmonds, Fitz maybe Quade and even Kramer from the recent pool of grads. Who are you guys excited about? Any predictions? I would really like to see them invite more players with remaining ncaa eligibilty to train with the main team like they did with Lake, JT and Rettke last year instead of just the collegiate team.

    First one to throw her hat in the ring is Nebraska's Kenzie Maloney. Shes in the USA gym now so thats another name to add on the lists of trained liberos looking for a spot with the NT.

    2019 was a pretty good year for the USAWNT. We added a couple more hardwares to closed out a very fruitful decade. We defended our VNL title and secured a silver at the World Cup. We saw quite a few new faces, some high profile departures, a couple of unexpected early retirements, a welcome return and some exciting breakout performances. We saw a more flexible Karch during the NT season and most importantly we now have a significantly "deeper" pool for almost every position. And with that...

    Let's talk USA 2020.


    USA Wide Roster

    Setter : Lauren Carlini, Micha Hancock, Jordyn Poulter, Samantha Seliger-Swenson

    Jordan Larson, Kelsey Robinson, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, Kim Hill, *Megan Courtney, Mikaela Foecke, *Kathryn Plummer, Madi Kingdon, Sarah Wilhite, Roni Jones-Perry, *Simone Lee, Kadi Rolfzen

    OPP: Annie Drews, Karsta Lowe, *Jordan Thompson, Danielle Cuttino, Krystal Rivers

    MB: Foluke Akinradewo, Chiaka Ogbogu, Tori Dixon, Haleigh Washington, Hannah Tapp, Rachael Adams, Rhamat Alhassan, Dana Rettke, Jenna Rosenthal, *Brionne Butler

    LIB: Justine Wong-Orantes, Mary Lake, Amanda Benson

    So we have 3 high profile (Murphy, Lloyd, Gibby) exits from NT and another 2 (Whitney, P.Tapp) who are most likely done and alredy moved on from the sports. I think we might see a few more get dismissed from the fringe roster in the coming months and then sadly a couple more vets will probably bow out after the OG. That's a lot of openings for aspiring NT players.

    Looking forward to the open try-outs this February.