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    She played in China last year after skipping '17 season to finished her studies. No official announcement from her but it looks like she is done with pro volleyball and just running around Chicago, her hometown.

    She isnt assured just yet. She isnt playing as a starter. LOL

    The one who is assured is foluke and adams.

    Adams is on a secret training with the national teM just so you know.

    You think two players who were sidelined for a whole year, one rehabbing an injury and the other just gave birth are the ones assured has a better chance of grabbing a spot for the upcoming Olympics than Ogbogu or Dixon?


    Ogbogu a NT staple last summer and playing club this season = not "assured"

    Adams and Akinradewo both inactive for a whole year = Hello Tokyo!?!


    Sounds to me like you're basing this opinion on nostalgia.

    I'd be pretty ticked off and would lead a torch and pitchfork crowd to the USAV offices if that's how they decide to build this team for the Olympics.

    This is unfortunately true. There are some who don't even try club volleyball after college and go straight into another career. Then there are others who struggle playing in a low level league that would rather go back to the US and find a better job. Imagine all the lost talent that could've been, not just for USA, but for other countries as well.

    We really need to get our shit together and start a domestic league.

    No we definitely don't need that! What we need is more sportsmanship on the court. Those players are role model for youngsters and volleyball is known to be a very civilised sports compared to other contact-sports

    You say civilized, I see neutered. IDK maybe because I enjoy hockey where the art of chirping is engrained and almost a sports in itself. Nobody would bat an eyelash and confused a celebration of a goal or chirping someone on face-off as being unsportmanlike. Different sport/different culture i guess. I mean i can understand the viewpoint like when you see a lot of people complaining about the "excessive" way Ebrar celebrates and all I see is a very passionate player. It's just funny to me that you have to follow some arbitrary rules like "if you wanna scream, turn around first"....Anyway it's not a hill I'm going to die on. I just wish we have more personality in volleyball to make them a little bit more relatable. That's all.

    To be honest, it makes me sick to see people are indeed cheering for such ugly acts:what::white: if you wanna see drama, go watch a drama movie. Volleyball is a sport where sportsmanship is promoted:hit:

    And excuse you...DRAMA is part of every sports. I'm not talking telenovela slap you across the head after you wake up from a coma drama. That's not what I want. Get off the high horse, man! Lol

    I know, I'm aware of her reputation and that incident with Naz....TBH I'm here for all of that. 😃 We need more personality in this sports. As long as they dont over step boundaries, a little shit talking doesnt really hurt anyone. In a way it kinda help foster a healthy rivalry too. It creates an instant storyline for fans of either team and it makes a regular game into something you wonder what their interaction would be like in the next go around. Anyway I'm not saying to completely go away with penalty cards I just want them to loosen up a bit and to remember that its a competitive sports and not a snowflake convention.

    I don’t see much NCAA, but Morgan Hentz looks really impressive to me. Is there any talk of her turning pro? She already looks like NT material to me based on the very short time I’ve spent watching her.

    During the broadcasts Karch talked about it a little bit. He said Morgan's position about not pursuing volleyball after college has changed. That she's more flexible about her options. He also said she has a chance to play in another Olympics (possibly Paris and the next) but hasn't really been in the NT gym...yet.

    ^^ Same. Same. Might be a little late for that now tho. I would really love to see her with the A-squad hopefully in the next VNL along with Butler and Stivrins maybe even Pittman.

    Side: Hannah Tapp is probably the most under rated member of NT. Solid and probably a more complete MB than anyone ahead of her on the active training block.

    Not to take away anything from Karsta but didn't she play at the World Championships too? She was given ample time and opportunity by Santarelli to dislodge Fabris in that OPP slot but she just can't seem to get it. A lot of factors could have played into this but she isn't really "new" or a "rookie." Especially when we're talking about an Olympian. These types of athletes should get back into the game in a snap.

    Karsta's an amazing athlete. Obviously better than free-ball Kelly but she doesn't have that great attitude about the sport if you compare her to someone like Annie. You know Annie wants this. She came into the last year's club season bringing her low-tier club team to the final 4 for the first time. She said in interviews that her mindset in the USA gym had to change. She strived to make the roster and starting positions and to not coast along just like her 2 previous years with NT. This year we saw a different Drews and by the looks of it she's not stopping with the learning curve anytime soon.

    Add Thompson to the mix and it's a rumble.

    I'm bored so this is going to be a lengthy

    • She did play in the world championships and that was a mistake to bring her there instead of Drews. She didn't really start training with the NT until June of 2018. The Championships was around September. She simply wasnt ready. Even as a backup for Murphy. In between that she went to PanAm but didn't really get tested until the friendlies with Brazil. She held her own there, considering..

    Im not a Karsta Stan or an apologist but I just don't think 3 months is enough time to get into "volleyball shape" both physically and mentally for anyone.

    • Fabris is a great player and it would be hard for anyone to do that and more so for someone who's been away from volleyball for two years. Remember she didn't resume her pro career until January of this year. It doesnt matter how many hours she spent training in Anaheim gym after Japan. It just doesnt compare. Any way she seem to be having a decent season now so that's something to be excited about.

    • I mean the fact that she even bothered to go pro when a majority of NCAA volleyball athletes hang it up after graduation says something about her attitude about the sports. Karsta, I think is a spot on, comically accurate stereotype of...a type of California girl. She's the very laid back with an almost too cool for school type. The never wanna be too far away from the west coast type...She was a walked on at UCLA not because she wasn't being scouted by other programs but because she doesnt want to leave California and the people in her life there. Same reasons why she decided to temporarily stop playing and pursue her other interests. I get that people think she's not committed enough to the sports but it's kinda hard to fault anyone who just want to dip their toes in every opportunity open to them before commiting on one and diving head first.

    Anyway this is not just about Karsta. Annie got a lot of unnecessary hate too. I just don't understand the constant shade. I would do the same for JT and Annie. I know we all have our own favorites but theres really no need to take a swipe at one so we could prop up the other.