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    Why is Lowe getting dunked on so much since her return? Looking at her stats with the national team this summer it doesn't looked like she was heavily outplayed by the other OPPs and that's after coming back after a long hiatus with no volleyball whatsoever. She was basically a rookie again.

    Are people forgetting that last year was her first year back fulltime? . She wasnt even in Conegliano at the start of last season and when she arrived she was mostly playing back up. Im happy that Drews finally got out of Murphy's shadow because it was overdue and she really earned it. I just dont think Karsta deserves any of the snide remarks she gets.

    Then if that is the case, should have accepted vakif offer before she accepted club in china. there was a news the reason why she announced late re: her transfer club coz she can't decide where to play bet. vakif and club in china.

    Maybe she thinks the schedule in China is a lot more forgiving than playing a whole season in Turkey. Maybe she looked at vakif roster when they made her an offer and for whatever reason believed someone might be ahead of her on their dept chart. I can't claim to know what she's thinking but she must have a very good reason for it.

    IMO Dixon will make it to Tokyo. She could have made it to Rio if her injury didn't happened.

    I agree. I would even put her chances ahead of Akinradewo and Adams. Just for the fact that shes playing this season and they're not. We dont really know what level Foluke and Adams are going to be in until we see them play early next year. So with that I'm fairly confident that Dixon is going to be in Tokyo. She's the front runner for the vets and Ogbogu, barring any injury is right there with her. If we're only taking 3 MBs then most likely Foluke and Adams are competing for that (sadly..)1 open spot. Washington's best chance is probably Paris but would still be in the mix if the vets ahead of her are not ready.

    MBH to play with vakifbank by end of CVL on jan. isn't it the reason why mbh is now playing in china is to have plenty of rest before vnl/olym next year and able to practice with other NT player? it doesn't make sense now.

    Is that confirmed? Well, IDK how much $$$ vakif is throwing her way but money talks. That and she probably expect to not play every game anyway. I'd assume..practicing with a lot of the best players in the world is also better than practicing in the gym in Anaheim with the fringe players that are currently not playing pro. I would think that's a good enough reason for anyone.

    It's not a blanket ban on all Russian athletes. I thought they made that part very clear. They can still go to the Olympics as "Olympic Athletes from Russia" like they did in Pyeongyang last year.

    Any Russian athlete that can prove that they're not connected to the doping scandal can and will be allowed to go but under a neutral flag.

    The ban effectively means there will be no Russian national anthem if they win. No marching with the Russian flag. No flag or the word " RUSSIA" on any uniforms...but there will definitely be Russian athletes competing in Tokyo.

    The issue was about Russia and performance enhancing drugs. Marijuana would give you just about the opposite of what a high performance athlete is looking for especially those trying to cheat to gain advantage. The only reason why it's included in the lists of WADAs band substance is because it's still considered a schedule 1 in America. They would not be open about a possible excemption if its something they deemed as highly illegal and unfair to clean athletes. Something they would never do with other band substances on their lists.

    What's "LOL" to me is that you seem to think smoking a blunt on the reg, on one's own time without anyone pressuring them to do so and a state sponsored doping scandal are the same. Like a body builder picking up a bong would get the same results as another body builder injecting HGH. Lol

    I feel like they should've trained and converted Alhassan to play Opp or something. Just imagining her hitting bic with that approach and vertical of hers...oh that would be a sight to see. Same with Butler. I think she could be deadly on the right. Is there anyone on NT training block that you guys think would be better playing a different position?

    Lamar Odom (Basketball Player) wrote a book and admitted that he cheated in a drug test before the 2004 Olympics by giving his trainer's urine sample instead of his.

    Hard to believe that nobody did not notice anything . Or they did but simply let him get away?....We would be foolish not to think there's been many many more cases like that.

    The only reason he revealed that is because USA did not win Gold in 2004. Had they won of course he would have not said anything. And he's retired, so that won't affect anything anymore.

    Nice of him to admit that he cheated....not surprised that you're equating his used of cannabis to performance enhancing drugs. Because of course.

    Just so we're clear, you quoted brahmin - explaining why

    Russia's case is different coz "USOC is not paid for by the US government, and hence not state sponsored doping"...and you thought bringing up Lamar Odoms weed consumption add what exactly to this conversation? Oh yeah to speculate and change the optics .Right, right.. I got it now.

    Right. Stand corrected about Sharapova but my point remains the same. They're not gonna inject themselves in situations like that to protect their brand ambassadors.

    Anyway people should try and watch the Netflix documentary Icarus to understand why this doping scandal is on a whole'nother level. Good way to kill some time.

    Nike dropped Maria Sharapova when she tested positive. Did the same with Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong...and they're like the heavyweights in their sports and some of the most high profiled athletes of their time. It would be a PR nightmare for a sports oriented company like that to stick with a "disgraced" athlete or be found interfering with an on going investigation to save their brand by covering it up.

    Besides they don't quite move the needle of profits as much as a Michael Jordan or a Tiger Woods. Even Woods infidelity got Nike a lot of negative publicity. Just imagine how disastrous it would be for them if it goes out that they participated in a cover up. So I would say there's a near zero chance that they would do something like that.

    I mean, Lake and JWO are still in the running for the bro spot in Tokyo along with Courtney. So I would think it's the same for the setting position with Hancock, Poulter and Carlini.

    I really like Hancock a lot. I like what she brings. Theres not a lot of offensive minded setters out there especially in womens volleyball...but I can see why she might be seen as a little too "aggressive" for Karch who prefers structure, set plays and "safe bets". Still, i think her chances of going is about equal to that of the other two.

    It’s been years that everyone has talked about Karch’s system. He used to run a fast one but is he still doing it? It seems other teams are running faster. I think the plan now is using all your pins/give your MB some play but they are used for blocking, and more of a precise game. But I do like Hancock’s dumps and jump serves

    For all the talks of his rigid system here, he has experimented a lot this summer. He stopped pushing for USA fast all-day-everyday, didn't drop it altogether but instead used it sparingly. He was a lot more forgiving with the subs, he let them play and work out their issues but he has also pulled them out when they can't correct themselves a lot earlier than he used to. So he showed some growth this season.

    Do any of you guys see Whilte as an important&key player for USA in future years ?

    Right now she's fringe at best. Unless she makes some great strides the next year or so but no I don't see it for her. She could be an important role player for BCD squads but I just don't feel like her ceiling is high enough to be a key player for the national team.

    Im very disappointed with performance of Madison kingdon. Do you guys think she is considered as one of the transition players? With her current performance, she looks very average

    Factoring her experienced, tenure and who else we have in the gym? Yes I would consider her to be one of them a.k.a temporary placeholders. At least for now.

    I dont think she would be a mainstay in the A-squad. I dont even think the coaches sees her as the next in line for a "promotion" but maybe as a short term solution. I think she offers them a stop-gap when any one of the current OH decides to hang it up. I do think she'd remain as an option until a viable prospect comes up the ranking.

    Just like what happened in the setting and MB position this year, I think next year after the Olympics the OPP and OH paths would open up and NT positions would be up for grabs. It would be an exciting time for sure.

    As of today i don't see any young and current NT who can replace these vets. Courtney probably of course rob will be there but who else?

    JThom could be an option. In the little chance we saw of her this season on that side, her hitting, reception and defense was better than expected. Better than any newbies that rotated as an OH for all the tournaments we played this year. A little seasoning in the pro leagues should do her wonders.

    After that...? Some fringe A squad players: MKR, SWP, RJP, Lee, Foecke. A lot of growing needs to happen especially for the last 3 to become a mainstay but for now I only see them as transitional players.

    Plummer if she so decides to play indoors I think is more suited to be an Opp. So you have Annie, Karsta who is finding her groove back, her and then Cuttino. <- shes not having a stellar season but there's some untapped potential there.

    makes more sense. there has not been any improvement in her defense and passing so far. She gets aced on a lot and is hidden in receiving patterns

    And that is why I said she put herself at a disadvantage. It's common knowledge that Japanese love to play a structured game. Good reception and timely defense tantamounts to offensive output. A player like Lee who can't compete with the Japanese when it comes to defensive ability would be more than likely to be hidden away and used solely for their arm and offensive prowess. It's a nice enough for both parties but if her goal is to become a well rounded OH then Japan might not be the best option for her at this young stage of her career.

    the japanese are actually really strong servers not to mention the foreign players who also play there. I’ve been watching Lee’s games and her passing really needs A TON of work. So there’s no need to discredit the league she’s in, in terms of her improvement track. Moreover, Japanese may not be that tall to test how the hitters move around tall blocks, however the Japanese defense is really testing her hitting too. I think it’s still good she plays there for improvement.

    I'm not discrediting the league. I actually have a soft spot for it. Probably should've worded it out better. What I'm trying to say was that playing with defensively responsible players makes one especially one with shaky reception less likely to step up. And that's what I think is happening and she's suffering for it.