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    I dont see a reason why they should let go of SWP and MKR for now. They need more women in the gym for scrimmages and it's not like they're blocking anyone's path to the A squad. Plus their experienced and leadership could be of great value for the newbies on the B-C-D group.

    Foecke gained some grounds on Simone Lee this season and probably the next in line after the four vets. Lee put herself at a disadvantage by playing in Japan and not really getting the quality repetitions she needs in passing and receiving.

    If they keep her around, Courtney to me is very intriguing. I think they'll switch her back to OH2 after the OG and when some of the vets retires. We have a great number of transitional players available but I think most of the "would be game changers" at least for the USA team are currently not in the gym.

    What do we think of Adams' future in the NT particularly for Tokyo?

    I think the rised of Washington and Ogbogu signaled the changing of the guards at the middle blocking position. I dont think that alone would effectively end Adams bid for Tokyo. But...coupled with her recent injury and missing club this season, it would be more difficult for her to earn a spot.

    When it comes to MB veteran presence, all things equal she's only behind Foluke but factoring heath she's probably 3rd in line to Dixon and a pregnant Akinradewo. I expect her to still be with the NT going forward but it's only going to get tougher with Alhassan and Tapp joining the ranks and improving and Butler and Rettke on the horizons.

    Not just swept them....THUMPED them (in the final 2 sets; the first (I was following SidearmStats) was quite competitive until 16-18: then the wheels came off)!

    And that was a good thumping too. Butler looks phenomenal. I wonder how she would do as an Opp for the NT. She's terminal AF. I really like this Texas team.

    FIVB asked directly Poland to host the finals. Now Polish federation has to decide do they want to host it.

    4th of July is kind of cover, but real reason is that FIVB didn't like last year finals.


    It's really not. Thats clearly an editorializing attempt by a Polish publication not the "real reason". FIVB is not in the position to demand anything more from a host country. It's not like they're up to their necks with bids from other nations. That week is a really big deal for us. Volleyball barely makes a blimp in American consciousness. It would be terrible business if they procede and try to compete with everything that's going to happen on that weekend. It's as simple as that. I hope Poland takes it. Love their crowd, always a great atmosphere and they sure know how to host an event.

    Play nice people. There are already far too much negative energy out there in the real world. Let's just keep it about the one thing we all loved.


    That's PSU alum Nick Goodell...Am not really sure whats up with Aiyanna. She's no longer training with the NT and I dont remember seeing her name in the list of transfers that was recently released by USAV.

    Hahahaha no more justin wong orantes. She will be cut

    Doubt it. She was making roster while sitting at home the last three years and she's finally going why would they cut her now? And it's not like we have an abundance of liberos in the system. We need every bro that enters the gym to remain there and be an option

    Who do you guys think are indoor players of the year and most improved?

    IPY - Robinson and Bartsch

    MI - Drews

    Drews and H. Tapp would be my most improved players. Its a true breakout year for Annie. Meanwhile H.Tapp has played herself into the A/B squad with her game this season.

    Robinson without a doubt has been the most important player for us. Shes a very well rounded player now. Defensively sound and explosive offensively. Good year for her.

    'K - just finished a night of following NCAA (US college) v-.ball. Afa this NORCECA tourney, I feel that KK is experimenting, before everything breaks down, so as to allow most of the current squad to (finally) get to their professional teams. One thing I do feel confident 'bout is that this team will not be the one in 2020!

    Ok...Since you're confident bout to explain, elaborate and expound the "will not"part. What about this NORCECA squad that made you feel that way? 😁

    Who was saying that? If you're talking about werka then I think he/she meant the 2nd unit/bench/reserves and werka is right because they've been used as such for much of this season.

    Yep. At this point in their young careers Carlini is a lot closer to a finished product than Poulter. This is Carlini's squad...for now. I believe Karch giving Poulter a lot of reps against tougher opponents this season is to get her ready to play backup for Carlini.

    Eh....I'm pretty sure each club knows of the scheduled commitments of the NT players when they signed them. I dont realy care for this tournament either but if this is the group that we're sending to Tokyo then I'm fine with it. I think it's a welcome moment TBH.

    We have, unfortunately, the disadvantage of being scattered around the world during pro season so they normally don't get this much time together. We also have 2 new setters, a whole group of new MB's not to mention a system and a libero situation that still needs figuring out. Its a pretty tiny window to address all that after the club season and before 2020 OG so we might as well take advantage of this opportunity now.

    Wait why team A going to norceca continental championship? These players are for sure tired and just want to rest before playing with their club teams.

    Can they just send team c, d, e there?

    It's because most of them are either back in their colleges or with their professional teams already. They're the only ones left in the gym.

    And some think or thought Jamie Morrison might be in consideration to replace Karch Kiraly. Morrison was just fires from the Netherlands NT. Awful timing. Perhaps they have someone in the wings and planned.

    Fearing is more like it. It's also not an unreasonable thought considering how he positioned himself as a future candidate for the job. He puts himself in front of the line when he stepped away from the NT and started coaching a Euro powerhouse to pretty good results.This firing will undoubtedly put a blemish on his resume but he would definitely (whether we like it or not) be in the shortlist when Karch decides to step down.

    I am guessing that Karch will be done after Tokyo. 8+ years in national team position is a ton and he’s been very successful in his position. I mean we are complaining about 2nd place at the World Cup, won the VNL for a second year in a row. A big question will be who would replace him? I can’t see any off the big name schools coaches doing it. However, a younger up and coming coach like at Oregon or Stanford might?

    That really is the big question. Should we try to look outside of the usual suspects within the USA machine to guide this team? I'm not sold on Jamie Morrison and I have a really bad feeling that he's next in line. I'm also not convinced that anyone clamoring for a coaching change the past few seasons really have any idea of who they think could realistically and succesfully replace Karch. Most just want him gone.