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    I supposed Hill-Larson would be starters, and would get more and more court time as the competition progresses.. although to be honest I thought MBH would get more playing time..

    I really don't have any problem with that duo starting but I'm worried that we might be over using them in this long ass tourney. At least Wilhite is getting some serving duties. MBH on the other hand might get too cold and flop when we finally decide to deploy her. Can't be too good for her confidence too after a stellar VNL here she is riding the pine.

    They really need Bartch on the floor to swing at those oos ball. Kimmy's been very selective with her shots today on the left and would rather tip and it's not fooling Russia. Lloyd not setting Akinradewo enough when she's ready and available is a freakin choice.

    I am 100% rooting for the USA but I'm quite honestly surprised at how quickly they dispatch a very good Russian team. I though Russia would come out with guns blazing. It was fairly close but at the same time decisive for the Americans. Russia is a very likeable team so I'm kinda sad about their unexpected exit. Mikhaylov I feel wasn't his usual self throughout this tourney. Russian subs (especially Volvich) seems a bit reactionary. Kurkaev is a revelation. Poletaev is still kinda raw but reminds me so much of Taylor Sander. Volkov has a lot of youthful energy..he probably went to the same school of point celebration as Turkey's Karakurt. Lol.

    BTW Am I the only one who get distracted/chuckles at Lisinac rolling his shorts up to exposed his left thigh? He's like Angelina Jolie at the Oscars. Ha!

    Tournaments like this are ripe for conspiracy theories. Be it on collegiate level or international. Some people will always find something suspicious even out of the most mundane draw/selections especially if they feel like a host nation/team is getting a favorable draw. Having said that...they didn't really make it too difficult for people to question the legitimacy and fairness of this drawing. It's too amateur and quite frankly laughable. It's something you expect from a beer league and not from an international caliber tournament run by its very own international sports federation.

    Kingdon has a heavier arm, sure, but I feel like Wilhite is a more complete player right now and the powers that be seem to agree. I think the coaches prefer someone who brings a bit more stability in the back than another "terminator" since they already have MBH and Hil(?). Basically they needed a discount Larson and for now that's Wilhite.

    The USA gym have a lot of very talented MBs in their pipeline. A lot of them have much higher ceiling than any of the current MBs behind Foluke. Some of them are ready to step up the plate and might actually steal a spot or two before Tokyo. Maybe not retire but a healthy competition that might push some of them out of the A squad. I dont think it's impossible for any of those in the pipeline right now to claim a spot on the NT next year. Think of what a season can do to someone like Alhassan and Ogbogu.

    JWO electing not to play in the pro leagues is the reason why she's not going to be wearing the USA colours anytime soon. She was a promising prospect but her limited exposure to international level of play is the sole reason why she's at the bottom of NT libero hierarchy.

    Is it really a surprise why Wilhite was favored over the other options? In addition to being a better blocker she's also a more stable passer than both Lee and Kingdon. We all know Murphy is going no matter what but Lowe getting the nod over Drews after Annies impressive showing in the friendlies is a bit of a shocker...ok not really. I kind of expected it but at the same time I feel for Drews.

    I would think one of the deciding factors on some of the selections has to do with this possibly being the last hurrah for quite a few of the NT mainstays. I think a couple of that MB position would open up after this tournament.

    about US OPP.

    i didn't really watch the BRA league finals but i did watch one match in which fawcett was in the bench (and instead carla played, who's not very good). i like fawcett for the most part, i don't think she's any worse than murphy. i wonder why the US program decided to drop her.

    drews seems to have improved in the recent matches against BRA, she seems to attack a bit faster. also if US can get 2 good passing OHs, bartsch can also move to OPP.

    It probably has to do with the Karch/ US system. I think Murphy is better suited for this system than either Fawcett or Hooker. Not saying those two are not as good or as talented as Murph but the fast and low they currently employ made Murphy the better candidate for the OPP least in Karch's opinion and plus being a lefty probably tipped the scale in her favor. I dont think Fawcett adapted quickly enough that's why she was never able to nab the starting role from Murphy and probably why she was eventually released from the NT.