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    I'm not sure how much game she's got beyond attack, but that part is impressive/

    If nothing else, hope they consider her for the terminator job. I think she can at least do that part with her power and jumping ability.

    I haven't even watched any full game yet, but just that highlight video and she caught my attention...maybe i'll watch Hitachi's game while i wait till Thatdao and Pornpun's games that includes them shows up. lol

    I notice that a lot of Japanese female players favors the hitting style like Sarina koga's of bending the forearm. Saori Kimura, Ebata , Mami Uchiseto and a bunch of other club girls as well. It's seem effective, but I always thought it looked a bit strange or doesn't provide as much power that way🤔 ....though not only limited to Japanese players. Kim hee jin and Chatchu-on also seem to have a similar style like that too......dont mind me, I probably have no clue as to what I'm saying. Lol

    Glad to see her playing abroad.

    It was a long time coming. JT wanted her after they couldn't get Hattaya's service due to injury. But Thatdao had also just recovered from her 2 year hiatus after a bad knee related injury and didn't want another injury too soon again. So she declined and that's when they got Thatdao's home club's other promising mb instead.

    ah ok, thanks for the clarification. Guess it's not so bad after all then.

    What I really like to see happening, is somebody working with Nong Dream. She isn't very agile, but with her natural height advantage, she would be good for blocking(granted trained enough). Regret that young 1.95cm Beach player not converting to indoors(not yet, but hopefully someday soon though haha). She is a tall and solidly built girl with agility and power behind her. Something the indoor NT sure can make use of somehow.

    ...but its not the end of the world if the beach girl doesn't ever convert or Dream gets good enough for senior there are many tall younger talents in the many provinces the tall young lefty mb(Gigi) from ruea wittaya school that was recently moved to play the OP position. I think if that girl gets trained well enough, she could be a future NT prospect.

    seems like Ajcharaporn is staying in Supreme and not going anywhere this upcoming season?

    nong Bai Toey moves to Supreme. But I think she should have stayed in Pro flex instead. That way, she gets to be starter and play full time, but at Supreme, she will have competition and might not get much court time. Unless the moved was to make her the starter OP of the team?

    I wondered how khonkaen will fair this upcoming season? Although Kaewkalaya Kamulthala will be back, 4 other crucial players are leaving(3 abroad and 1 changing club).

    I guess setter kullupa from Diamond will probably be back to khonkaen if rumors of either Nootsara or the tall veteran setter from 3bb is going there are true. Still, what other mbs are coming to help them?

    And recently, heard rumors of Pleumjit possibly going abroad to NEC red rockets in the JVL. But I thought she renwed with Supreme already?

    you're right, she probably wouldn't take a lower deal just to play. What i meant is, she might have to if she was going to play aboard in the current situation. Most clubs around the world had to deal a lower salary for their players. I read that even TVL won't have a sponsor this upcoming season and will be giving out lower price money for the top teams and players. Since it is all up to the Federation or sport authority currently to deal with.

    I just hope there will still be coverage or somebody uploads to Youtube for non native fans to watch too.

    is Nootsara moving to Diamond Food club next season?

    I was hoping she would go abroad again. She could've gone to Italy to replace Carli Lloyd. Although her hiring price may be higher than most players, I'm sure she would have taken a lower deal if hired.

    Yay for Chitaporn! She may be slower, but her blocking game is good. Hopefully coach Te can help improve her attacking to be stronger and better too.

    Speaking of that, I saw a university game from 2015 where she was starter mb and she was excellent. She needs to get back in that form. But maybe its also a confidence mentality thing too?

    She performed well during local stuff, but tend to be error prone and struggled during the big world events.

    Anyone know if these transfers from volleybox true/official? Link provided doesn't work

    Not sure about any of those 3 transfers, but its possible. Though I do know 3 players from khonkaen didn't renew their contracts with the club. Thatdao, Pornpun and Hathairat are going to play in JVL next year. Pornpun is Toyota bound, Hathairat is in PFU and Thatdao is likely going to JT, but isnt confirmed or revealed yet.

    Folks at volleybox have added Hathairat Jarat to PFU based on a facebook page named "volleygossips". Could be a Russian bot trying to meddle in our V.League!

    Is it likely to happen? Probably, I dunno. But a facebook page named volleygossips isn't a source. It's a rumor.

    Thatdao, Pornpun and Hathairat didn't renew their contracts with their club(all 3 are from the same club) so those 3 must be going somewhere 🤔.