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    week 11 replays

    supreme chonburis vs King bangkok

    Khonkaen vs 3bb

    air force vs rangsit university

    nakhon ratchasima vs opart

    Wang Na, the Chinese setter from Chinese club Zhejiang has played a few games now and I really like her. She is very confident in her sets. I wonder why she hasn't played for the chinese NT or has she in the past?

    with only 3 more matches in leg 2 left till the finals, standings are as follow:

    1. Nakhon Ratchasima

    2.Khonkaen Star

    3. Supreme chonburi

    4. 3bb

    5. Air force

    6.King Bangkok.

    7. Opart

    8. Rangsit univeristy

    So nothing has changed in the standing since I last posed about rankings a few weeks ago. But things might slightly changed once the Indonesian proliga is over and Ajcharaporn returns to help Supreme in the simis. But she won't be the only one, Pimpichaya will return to 3bb, Pornpun will go to Khonkaen and the leader group Nakhon Ratchasima will get an additional help in Yelez Basa.

    week 11 stats…t8vPZNGU5aQY0lden7lQBLGzQ

    I seriously doubt that, it's not like Thai players are good at reception...

    not the best, but certainly better than most on good days...

    Guidetti a lot of times confessed his admiration for Thailand team, said they have the best side-out game in the world...

    My guess is Guidetti is trying to improve Turkish offense which was the biggest problem in WCH...

    Our OHs are not particularly smart, so coach has to be more creative...

    Thailand is the master of combination play, I think Guidetti will try to adapt some of their tactics...

    make sense.......thanks to both of your insights

    Not sure if this is the correct thread to ask, but i'm going to ask anyway.....

    2 weeks ago, the Thai head coach was in Turkey and met with Guidetti....anybody know what that was about? Maybe to help the Turkish team or Vakifbank to have better reception techniques and play faster?

    week 8 hl

    Nakhon Ratchasima vs Rangist univeristy

    Supreme Chonburi vs 3BB

    King Bangkok vs Air Force

    Khonkaen Star vs Opart

    week 8 Stats…ngI8zHDxdPmLh-uim0gvkAmyc

    -Ajcharaporn returned briefly to Supreme Chonburi in the game against 3bb and helped them to a 3-1 win. Which was the opposite in the first leg ,where supreme lost 1-3 to 3bb. They also signed Kenyan team captain Mercy Moim and Chinese setter Wang Na.

    -3bb was rumored and even announced on twitter of the new Chinese MB Zheng Yi-xin for the 2nd leg of the league, but seems like she has declined the offer or something to stay in the local Chinese league instead.

    -Nakhon Ratchasima is rumored to have signed former Turkish spiker Yeliz Basa, but seems she will probably stay in her current league(Indonesian proliga) for the time being until it's done some time next month before coming over.


    The new rumor:

    Zheng Yi-xin denied that she would go to Thailand after the match of Fujian against Beijing in Chinese League 18/19.

    What happened?


    Just watched the 3bb vs Supreme game and Yeung Sau Mei is still there with 3bb, so guess that rumor must be true that Zheng Yi-xin denied the offer. From some rough translation of that article, seems like she will join Tianjin soon. The chance to win a league title and not have to adjust to a new style of playing and climate must also be a factor too?

    5 teams has 1 or 2 foreigner this year. Nakhon has 1 Japanese mb and soon a former Turkish OH, Supreme has the Kenyan OH, Khon kaen star has 2 Brazilian OH, 3BB has the Hong Kong mb and Air force has 2 Vietnamese players(mb & OH).

    Zheng Yi-xin (MB, CHN) will join 3BB for the second leg of the league.

    That means Zheng Yi-xin is replacing Yeung Sau Mei. The mb from Hong Kong. Yeung wasn't doing too bad either, but guess 3bb wanted a taller mb for the second leg and want to try and keep their sencod place rank as long as possible.

    Aside from the new Chinese mb, 3bb will also bring back Juturat Montripilla from her short stint in the Idonesian proliga.

    Then in Nakhon Ratchasima, they will soon sign former Turkish nt player Yeliz Basa(whom was playing in the Indonesian

    Proliga with Pornpun).

    Nakhon seems likely to win the title base on paper, since their rooster has some already big names with Nootsara, Malika, Onuma, Mai Okumara, Amporn, Jarasaporn and Wanitchaya. Yeliz will be another hard hitter to help Onuma.

    Its a lot more interesting in this second leg. Lets see how things go...

    why does not the chance go to Nakhon Ratchasima ? they turns up dominating in VTL this year.

    Supreme won the AVC club championship back in 2017 and then again earlier this year. So that's why they were able to represent the Asian leagues in the 2018 WWCC and will again in 2019. Nakhon or any other Asian clubs would have to win the 2019 AVC club championship title if they want to be the Asian representative in 2020. Unless one of those clubs got offered for a wild card and except it like Altay did this year, they would have to win the 2019 title.

    week 6 stats…5d_Ma-quAZSdvnNHzrsqCO4Ok

    N/p pappi

    Supreme was playing mainly with young players(aside from Wilavan and Pluemjit) both in the VTL and the WWCC, but yeah I was disappointed with their performance as well. Though they might have had a chance from being last if their main setter Soraya wasn't injured. They will get another chance again in the 2019 edition, hopefully this time if they have foreign players, those don't get bought out again. hahaha

    As soon as the ball is served, none of the rotation matters except for libero

    Don’t forget that crazy save plays can put players out of position so even players switch a zone in the middle of play as well, just for court coverage.

    ok, thanks, that makes it much more clearer now about what I initially was asking about. Guess that also gives advantage as well for an OP who is left hand hitter and then after the serve or out of position saves suddenly starts hitting from zone 4 instead of zone 2. Anyway, I think if PFU did that every once in a while with their left OP Uda and Chatchu-On or their other OHs, they might have better chances to score more. Thanks again to sitenose and brahmin for explaining things out.