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    good to know she is fine.

    I think it's time Thailand try something new with their coaching staff. Speed isn't going to help too much, when you can't block well either. Fast plays and combo aren't as effective as it used to be in the early 2000s for them. Every taller teams are just anticipating those combo plays and seem to not fall for the first decoys so much anymore and just wait for the second real spiker now.

    Try hiring new trainers, staff etc, even if they are foreigners and try training the taller teens. Even if those teens are not as skillful as some of the shorter ones. You need height to help both in attacks and blocking. So many points are being earned by opponents due to not being able to block/stop them.

    Imagine if Dream, Nattida, Chitaporn and Thatdao were trained by Italy's coaching staff for the Thai NT. They would be so much better in both attacking, jumping and blocking. lol

    I would really like to see a future Thai nt with height ranging from 180-186/7 cm if possible, with exception of players like libero and setter. But that might be a little too much to ask lol. With that height range, not too short, but not too tall either and can still be nimble, agile enough to move and dive around to save balls. But most importantly, can attack and block better.

    MKJ Know anything why Chatchu-on wasn't playing much during this first week? Does she have some minor injury? The times that she entered the court, she was actually a bit more effective than Ajcharaporn was. Hopefully she isn't and both her and Wanitchaya gets more court time in week 2.

    I've heard there is a biography movie being currently filmed or in the talks about Lang Ping's career and the Chinese National volleyball team, starring a well known Chinese actress. Any other info about that project from Chinese users?

    My guess is that Kiraly is trying to avoid as many errors as possible and giving easy points away. NT seems to put more pressure on people since they are fighting for their nation and not just a league. Not saying league doesn't have pressure too, but playing for pride of your nations just seems to put on more pressure on individuals.

    I like Bulgaria's libero.

    That was 29 Germany Errors that Thailand got points for. It's weird that they list it that way sometimes and sometimes not--like at the end of matches, but on this occasion it's labeled "Opponent Errors".

    ahh ok, I was looking at the stats and misread it then lol, so Thailand was actually 18 errors and not 29.

    I love Plumejit. I think she is one of a kind and Thailand won't be able to produce another like her for quite some time. Currently Thailand doesn't have very good sliders. Hattaya does ok with slides, but she is better at attacking in front of the setter. Thatdao has done slides, but her approach isn't the best and she is kinda slow when doing them too, that's why she is also better at doing zone 3 attacks. I think had they kept training Jarasaporn, she would've been the best slider prospect after Pluemjit.

    I wonder dont they have tall players like 190cm :what: I dont watch Thai league just curious. They mostly lost because of being short IMO

    It seems that not many female Thai players grow pass 183-84 cm in the volleyball field. Even those around that height, aren't many either. All those around that height seems to have been MB. However in the early 2000s, Thailand NT did have one MB that was around 187-89cm. Since then, all the Thai players has been 184 cm and below.

    The only girl player I know that is around 190cm(she is actually 198cm), is a teen girl nick named "Dream". But sadly, she only have the height and not the skills or power needed to be part of the NT........ she isn't being trained by the NT coaching staff and just developing on her own with her local school.

    At that rate, I think it will be in her early 20's before she is noticeable. Currently, just a tall and lanky 17 y/o girl, with tiny muscle mass, sluggish movements and basic volleyball knowledge.

    nice to see wanitchaya, jutarat and tichakorn get a chance with the senior team. I have a feeling, we might just see all or at lesat 1 or 2 of them again during VNL.