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    Yassss Chatchu-On is really underrated here still imo :box: let's see what she can do. Yesilyurt is a mess though right now but if she plays well maybe they can get some extra players later on in the season and hopefully settle in Turkish league for next year as well. Ajtcharaporn-Chatchu-on duo in a team... We want it :heart:

    I think she is like a Gabi type of player, good reception, floor defense, can block and attack. Hopefully she does well in whatever team she ends up in.

    thailand did better than I thought they would do against Brazil. Almost had a tie breaker. I think if Brazil didn't have better and taller blockers, results might have been different.

    Good job girls, you guys did great.

    I hope #11 gets a chance at VNL 2022 next year.

    the short guy? Just 183.

    Yes, him. Short is only relatively true in comparison by majority of players in the sport and his towering teammates. Lol but yeah he's a good jumper. Hope to keep seeing him on the NT, unless he's been there for a few seasons and I just never paid attention. Haha

    how tall is #6 who is currently playing at the AVC senior championship? I remembered him from youth tournament. He's a good jumper......even from youth tournament back then too.

    Congrats China! I'm glad to see their shorter player #6 on the NT. I remembered him from youth tournament several years back. He was and still is a good jumper like the Japanese men's team.

    Btw, how tall is he compared to his giant teammates? Lol

    Just wondering, guys. How do you feel about men's/boy's teams making slides a regular play? The Thai boys (and men) do it regularly, and now Phelps of Portugal just hit one (successfully) against Poland at the ECh.

    Yeah, 🇹🇭 men and many other SEA nations use their mbs to sometimes do slide attacks, but like Rains said, won't likely become a staple most elsewhere. And that has to do with an aggressive OP being there. Some even consider the manslide, a feminine move. I can careless, so long as it's effective in scoring and not used to often.

    Thai people are so obsessed about volleyball, today's game between Thailand and Russia was watched by 55k people live at some point, while in most cases the audience for other games is 5 times smaller at best, even game between Thailand and Cameroon was already watched 450k times, while the most watched non-Thailand game is at 170k. Insane, we're talking about group phase of Boys' U19 WCH. :P

    Wait till the women's team plays. Lol

    I enjoy Thailand's game. They don't have height, but sure have some skills.

    Just my opinion, but had they played like today on their first game against Bulgaria, they might have taken some sets or even beat them. Bulgaria was making lots of service and other errors. Thailand's could have capitalized on that.

    Pornpun-Pimpichaya, Ajcharaporn-Chatchuon, Thatdao-Hattaya. This new gen line up is good!

    Yep, this lineup minus thatdao was the ones that made that historic defeat of the Brazilian back in 2017.

    Thatdao and Hattaya gonna be the 2 MB startting now. I Like both but im the last 2 years we didnot see a lot from them.

    The teen mb, Tichakorn Boonlert is pretty promising too and will only get better with more experiences. But yeah, Thatdao-Hattaya will likely be the main starting mb duo till Paris 2024.

    Pimpichaia in Japan? Ajcharaporn in Turkish league! What about Chatchu-on????

    "Rumors" and I say rumors, because no official confirmation yet. But the players supposedly going to Japan, are Pimpichaya, Thatdao and Hattaya.

    Chatchu-on was also part of that Japan rumors, but seeing as her home club will be partaking in the upcoming Asian club championship. And she is their main player, she might not be going anywhere? So we'll just have to wait and see in the mean time.

    OT: will our new-gen golden triangle finally be playing together at Asian Championship?

    OT too, but yes as long as all 3 are healthy at the same time. Which they are :). Covid positive stopped them from VNL appearance this year, but they should be good to go by then. But currently training has come to a halt, due to the dates being pushed back till October.

    She cant be the Main OH. Koga is already the Main OH. No chance for kurogo to take Koga’s place.

    True, forgot Koga in the equation. Guess I should have said Koga and Kurogo....since Mayu is already a 2nd OH for Koga. And Koga already has proven she can score, so guess Kurogo won't likely get OH1 spot either way. Poor girl......

    why can't Kurogo have a role like Ajcharaporn on the Thai team? Ajcharaporn is a main OH, but she plays OP when Pimpichaya was injured and Malika was needed to be a reciver. But now that Pimpichaya is healthy and Malika retired, she will be the main OP and Ajcharaporn will go back to OH.

    Maybe that might work for Kurogo too?

    Though Mayu would have to be the 2nd OH who helps reception, If Kurogo takes such role. But who is a better point getter of the 2? There might be a