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    Ahh, that makes sense, but at the same time it's unfortunate for the younger girls to miss out on such opportunity. Just my opinion, but I honestly think the 3bb youth u18 is actually better than the majority of u23 NT players(aside from the few 3bb players also on there) lol. If the NT head coach steps down anytime soon, I hope the 3bb coach fills his spot. He seems to be a good coach that produce some good young players.

    The competition at the SEA games isn't particularly competitive enough for prep for the Olympic(mainly when facing S. KOR) qualifications, but something is better than nothing.

    GO PFU! here's hoping for more wins to come this season.

    Same here. though just heads up, she is no Chatchu-on :dance6: on the skill level yet, but does have the passion and drive for the sport. So hope she has a good experiences good or bad, just no injuries please.

    btw, i'm not sure if it's #11 or 13 from PFU, but she is small, yet aggressive and have a good hop....i'm liking her lol

    Most foreign OHs don't receive in Japan because, frankly, they suck at it compared to Japanese. Suelle Oliveira received for Himeji last year and was pretty good. She got targeted because Himeji's other receivers are top o' the line. Most Japanese OHs love to receive and attack. They do it all the time.

    Chatchu-on was the target of service last year as a foreign OH and did pretty well too. I'm sure Thanacha well be too when she gets some court time.

    last club season, Mercy Moim(#14 and captain) played in Thailand's league. Otherwise, I have no clue about the others or her this season.

    A Philippines with Valdez, Morado, Gonzaga and Madayag back and still lost to a Manganang less Indonesia. The problem with the Philippines is that they have idols, super stars, models etc. on the court and not so much a "team" per se. There is nothing wrong with having any of those type of players on court, as long as they still played and work as a team.

    If Manganang is to be absent again for future events, I don't think Indonesia will have much trouble still being competitive. They have the two young guns in Ratri and Megawati to help out the rest of the girls.

    Vietnam, you guys started the 1st set so well with so much energy and fire power and even got to the 20 point mark. What happened in the rest of the other sets?

    And Thailand, we already know where you guys stand even before the tournament started. lol

    Why are these players out, do we know? Injury?

    Valdez, Morado and Madayag have club commitment the very next day(Sat) in a different location than the SEA grand prix location. Mau is injured from 2 weeks ago in the Thailand leg. Hardy doesn't have the correct paper work to play and represent the Philippines. So basically she was playing as a foreigner/American for the Philippines 2 weeks ago lol. I honestly don't know how AVC let that slide.:aww::rolll:

    If you're wondering about how she managed to traveled, she may well have used her US passport.

    I meant, how was she able to play and represent the PHI in first leg, but suddenly can't in the second leg due to passport issue?

    If passport is the issue, should have happened in the first leg as well, dont chu' think?

    The Philippines will miss the service of Kalei Mau and Alohi Robins-Hardy for the 2nd leg of the SEA grand prix being hosted by the Philippines. Mau was thought to have some skin allergy, but turns out she is also nursing an ACL injury. Not sure how serious that injury is, but sounds like she will be out for a while and miss the whole tournament. Then Robins-Hardy doesn't have the passport to participate, but how was she able to participate in the first leg if she didn't already have it then???

    but some good news, is that they will have additional players in Jasmine Nabor(S), Gretcel Soltones(OH), and Alyssa Valdez(OH) along with the other regulars from the last leg.

    Rumor has it that the Philippines only decided to host a leg of the SEA grand Prix due to the hosting fee was waive or there wasn't any????

    The PHI can fix all of this funding issue if they could get some of their rich sponsors from their two semi pro commercial leagues to support the federation. Every teams in the two semi pro leagues always hires at least 2 foreign players. Imagine if those same sponsors supported the federation and it's cause instead or at least support both at the same time.

    As much as I love Piyanut I have to agree with you.

    What about Thapapaipun? She is experienced player however I didn't see her for a while. What do you think about her as second libero?

    Honestly, I haven't paid much attention to her, but what I recalled, she is about on par with Supattra and Yupa in skills. So I guess any of them will work as a 2nd libero. But she does have the advantage of playing an OP if ever needed lol

    I'm anticipating to see what the u18 libero can do. She was awarded the best libero from the recent u18 WCH. Let's wait and see if she can become a Wanna type libero. I really do miss Wanna. :'(

    Onuma is such a goddess.

    I’d be surprised if she doesn’t get an MPV award.

    MVP: Onuma(THA)

    Best spiker: Chatchu-On(THA)

    Best Server: Megawati(INA)

    Best Setter: MUtiara(INA)

    Best Blocker: Mayjoy Baron(PHI)

    Best Libero: Nguyen Thi Kim Lien(VIE)

    Don't know why there is no best OP award

    Piyanut is past her prime, she has been rather lazy these past couple of years. I would love to see another Wanna type of libero who covers the floor and pass well, digs/saves every ball, reads and anticipate every ball that is coming her way etc. She is by far the best libero THA has ever had and one of the world's best during her time. I think if she was still in the game, she could probably out perform all the current THA liberos lol

    of the 3 best MBs (1 in Thai leauge, 1 in local league, 1 in U23 Asia championship) had a kill block.

    I give the the one from Thai league a bit of slack. She is still a teen. She'll eventually get better.

    The Thai team will have advantages of practicing together though. Korean league will start soon and all the players are playing in different teams with different systems. Plus KYK will be back to Turkey.

    The Thai league will start in January after the OQ to give them the best chance of practicing together as an NT.

    I do really hope they can win. Let’s see :)

    That's nice. I hope Ajcharaporn and Hattaya will be in shape by then.

    Know anything why Thanacha isnt in Japan practicing with her club, but came back to play with the u23 in Taiwan instead? Maybe she got a little break or something?