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    I wonder why they dont train the second setter from u23 squad for the senior NT? She is better than Tichaya, but Tichaya always gets started over her.

    And also train the u18 libero.

    They just announced Thai roster for the ASEAN Grand Prix. Same players as the Asian championship except Nootsara and Yupa. Gullapa is the second setter here.

    Also, Pimpichaya is back :)

    I seen some interviews and their new OH seems passionate to play for the Philippines NT. The setter on the otherhand sounds like she doesn't really care.

    Like them, I'm also from Hawaii just from a different island. I watched some of Kalei's (the OH) college matches before and she can hit some hard balls, but at times be error prone. I'm not sure how she will do against tougher and smarter competition.

    It's a total waste that they skipped those other competitions. Those could've helped with experience and development.

    I think Kalei had some kind of shoulder injury while in the Puerto Rician eague. But seems she is fine now and yes agreed about her being a hard hitter., just doesnt have the highest court intellect.

    blue1234 sorry to hijack your Thai thread, but do you know if the Santiago sisters are going to play? Jaja is taller than that

    lol, no problem. as far as I understand, JaJa doesn't have permission from Medics to return in time to play for her country this year. They only allowed her 1 week, but that is not enough time, so she is staying in her Japanese club instead. Her older sister, I'm not sure about, but she isn't even on the roster this year or something like that.

    And yes, JaJa is the tallest native PHI player at about 6'4-5''. Since her Japanese stint last year, she has improve somewhat, but she still has an awkward jump. The girl need Lang Ping to be her personal coach, so she can train her to be fast like the tall Chinese ;).

    I assume they are going to play in the inaugural ball: The South East Asian Grand Prix 2019? Four teams competing. Weird story, I say.

    yes, that's why they went to have a training session in Thailand to prepare and since Thailand is hosting the first leg. They also played Toray arrows a few days ago in Thailand and it was even worse at 5-0.

    the PHI has the worst federation, they can't organized training session with everyone, so they think if they go to various countries for a week or two before big events, they can get better. sorry to break it to them, it takes years and years as a cohesive team to improve

    the two American are, OH is 6'1'' and the setter in 6'2''. The other native PHI players are all 5'11 and below. But what do THA have to worry about when they can dig and block Zhu, Boskovic and Egnou etc. at times lol

    but agreed, they shouldn't have wasted those AVC tournaments so that their team could have gain some experiences for the better. Good luck to them.

    Amiin to this. Kinda unfortunate for Thailand. These 3 were the upcoming rising stars, supposedly the ones to take the torch from the golden girls of Onuma, Wilawan, and Kantong. I was hoping these youngsters will bring Thailand up a notch but it seems like they still can't do it without the help of their seniors. But hopefully Thailand will make it to the Olympics. It will be a good departures for some of the older generation and tbh, the original 6 deserve to play at the Olympics at least once for all the things they have done for Thailand's volleyball.

    What injuries she sustained? Was it when she was playing in Indonesia?

    I'm not positive, but she sustained some kind of leg or knee injury during practice before the VNL this year. if you go to the Thai female nt thread,, you can see links in the spoiler area and she played a bit in the tune up game. It's only a fan cam recording, so it may not be the best quality, but you can see her in there.

    Do you what the score was?

    it was 4-1...they lost the 5th set with the young bench players and Wilavan. Some key player was also missing such as Nootsara, Chactcu-on and Onuma.

    And the secret advantage of a tall setter is ... ?

    They both look kind of husky and slow to me. Not sure that's going to help.

    This is a weird story

    just guessing, but PHI federation thinks having a tall setter in the line up is an advantage in net defense, but that would only help so much if they were a good blocking teams, which they really aren't. They have poor floor defense and reception as a tall setter can only do so much......

    their tall fil-american OH is a strong hitter, but yeah, she is slow, poor in defense both at the net and floor, so yeah....then their best native OH was recently injured, so she is out of the picture for a bit...they said she needs a week of recovery, but I think might take longer than that.

    what's worse for them is that their nt pool couldn't even have practice session together with every player and head coach in attendance. So I don't see them getting pass Vietnam and Indonesia, but maybe they will pull a surprise...

    Thai NT vs Philippines NT friendly

    this is a fan cam version I found, so the angle aren't that great, but you can see the game.

    I believe it's 3-1?

    you can see the "secret" players that the Philippines try to hide from being scouted...the tall OH in the red short and the tall setter in the black short. Both are Filipino Americans from Hawaii. Honestly, Thailand has nothing to worry about any "secret" or not so secret any more players. lol THA has faced way taller and stronger teams without problems even if they eventually lose the match.

    LMFAO I prefer them as triangle because the position they usually are on court. But Hattaya is my fav too, alongside Thatdao. These two are both very promising backup for Pleumjit.

    there's the teen mb, Tichakorn as well. She only got limited court time during the volley master and VNL, but she did put those little court time to good use.

    Pimpichaya has played along the NT vs the Philippines in a friendly tune up game a few days ago. But i don't think she is in form yet? Maybe by January, if she doesn't sustain any new injuries.

    I haven't really paid attention to this tournament, but the THA MB #15, as short as she is, is rather beasty. If only she was at least 180-85 cm, i think she would be a great addition for the future NT.

    The young Thai libero also has pretty good performance. I hope she will continue to grow and improve even more and who knows where she will be in a year or two.

    Well. Thais are generally open-minded about this so I don’t see any problems about them dating women.

    For Sara, she said on ig that she’s single now and I believe so :)

    Sorry, if I made it sounded like I had a problem with them liking women, I dont :).

    I thought Nootsara has a man or was with one anyway? Lol

    The only ones I think are into the same sex are Pleumjit, Malika, Wanna, Hattaya and Ajcharaporn(sorry guys lol). These are the ones I've seen videos made and talked about, but it may or may not be true, so take it with a grain of salt:P

    MKJ we need some of your insider Thai knowledge please ;)

    Thatdao was injured during club season 16-17(correct me if I'm wrong MKJ )and went away for almost 2 whole season and only returned during 2018 Asian games and then played WCH. Sustained minor injury and skipped VNL 2019 etc.

    But yeah, even now she isnt fully recovered...maybe 80% or so....I would love to see her back to her form before major 2016 injury if possible.

    Thatdao can’t do the slides as before due to the injury a few years back. She had to rest for 2 years and just came back during the Asian Games last year.

    I agree that Tichakorn is very promising. They should allow the seniors rest and let the juniors to shine more.

    yeah, she isn't fully recovered, hopefully she eventually will be able to get her 2014-16 form again or at least close to it.

    on the other note, I'm excited Thanacha will get a chance to develop further in the Japanese league this coming season. She does not posses the same qualities of skill as Chatchu-on and Pimpichaya when they were the same age as her, but she has potential. Excited to see how she will perform.

    If you have any Thatdao love looking for an outlet, she played a good game against Japan. Looks great. Angry kills. Wonderful.

    I love her, but she can improve her blocking though. She actually was rather similar to Yamada when she was around that age. And she used to do slides as well a few years back, but now she mainly hits in front of the setter and occasionally hits as WS in desperate rotations lol. Wished they would have used Tichakorn more too. She is young and promising, but saw very limited court time the whole tournament.

    someone just made a clip of her actions vs Japan in the finals

    I'm late and you beat me to it lol, but yay, i'm glad Thanacha is getting a chance to shine and develop further. She was mainly a back up in supreme and with Ajcharaporn not going back to Indonesia, she would probably not see much court time this year.

    Thanacha is a rather raw talent currently, so hopefully her time and experiences in Japan will make her more refined and better prepare to take her spot on the senior NT level in the future. Good luck Momo!

    But does that mean Chatchu-on wont return this season? If i'm not mistaken, she supposedly resign a contract or at least it was announced earlier in the year that she is to return to PFU in preparation for the Asian Olympic qualification who knows whats up these days:whistle::gone: