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    I saw some article that stated, Diamond food and 3bb's foreigners have returned home, but didn't mentioned about Supreme or Korat's foreigners. Does that mean Supreme and Korat still have their foreigners sticking around in case the final 4 will eventually played out?

    a nice little video on YT I found of Chatchu-on's gradual performance from 2014-2020........she started playing professional club level at 14-15 years old in 2014, then went to WCH in Italy that same year too with the U23 squad and later debuted with the senior NT in 2015-present..........there are several talented girls that are taller and younger than her in various sport schools currently. I hope those girls will get a chance to take some of the same steps she did too....would be nice to have more players like her, but with a bit more height too please. lol

    the latest game of Khonkaen, Chitaporn had a good performance. she worked hard and had improved some, though she can still work on her jumping and attacking some more also. She seem not very good at hitting at angles or other directions besides mostly straight to the back. That's not good, since it will be easier to block those attacks instead of angle hits. But keep working hard and improving more.

    btw, seems like all the Khonkaen MB has good blocking skills, maybe Dream should sign with Khonkaen next season. Maybe their coach can turn Dream into Thailand's very own Yuan Xinyue:dance6:

    We will know for sure today the final 4.

    I feel bad for Diamond Food. If there’s a team to beat Supreme this year, it’s them. Their players are really good but the team system can be improved. And don’t make me start with the coach :rolleyes: Wanna might be the best libero in her time. But she’s not a good coach...not yet. She’s overrated because Korat was a champion last year without losing a single match. But she had Nootsara then. Not this time.

    On the other note, Korat team is a mess. No one can hit the ball except Chutchuon and Strashi. It’s depressing to watch :sos:

    um hmm, that's exactly how I currently feel towards Wanna as a coach. I think she should be a libero trainer instead of head coach of a club team. She has vast knowledge and experience as a libero, young liberos sure can gain lots of info from her.

    and sadly with only Chatchu-on and Starshi, that's not going to be enough to win games or make it to the finals(hope i'm wrong). I think they will probably end up battling it out for bronze instead. I think it will likely be Supreme vs Khonkaen in the finals......and I hope foreigneless Khonkaen eventually takes it all. lol

    I think there will never be another Thai setter like Nootsara. While Pornpun and Soraya are good setters, Tomkom is on another playing field. Nootsara's IQ, court vision, foot work, precision, stability etc is unmatched. Just like how Pleumjit's skills are unrivaled for Thai MBs.

    I think it would be cool if in the future, Thailand manages to develop a tall lefty setter at least 180 cm or taller, with Nootsara's skills and Prim Intawong's lethal second ball attacks:rolll::dance6:

    Thatdao played that recent match against Diamond very well. From her performance throughout the league so far, seems she is close to her 2014-16 form. She still doesn't jump or block as high as she used to then, but her performance seem to be almost the same. Can't wait to see her during VNL 2020, until then, no injuries please! Their coach also seems like a good coach too. Maybe he should be the head coach of the NT and not former head coach, Danai? I would like some new ideas or at least a bit better techniques and tactics and that can only be done with a new head coach and his ideas.

    Diamond, they have local players and foreigners that have so much potentials, but aren't being used very well. Zheng Yixin, the Mb is doing well, but can't say the same about, Qing Qing. Maybe if she was here from the first leg like Supreme's 2 Chinese players, she might have adjusted better too?

    in the recent match of Nakhon Ratchasima vs RSU, again Chatchu-on was highest score. This time, she poured out 42 big points. It's good she gets a lot of sets, but also bad, since it can cause exhaustion and risk injuries. I think RSU isnt a big enough threat to have used her throughout the match. Anyway, HL below for those that are interested

    Zheng Yixin first hl from her first game

    And MVP of that match, Chatchu-on Morsri's hl

    just my opinion, but when she plays confidently, she is almost unstoppable.....same can be applied to Pimpichaya as well. I just wish both were at least 2-3 inches taller.

    He resigned last month and returns this month?

    yep, he voluntarily resigned after the disappointment in the failure to make it to Tokyo...I guess he was persuaded to come back and give it one more shot??? But like Pader said, he hasn't really brought anything much to the table and other coaches might have been a better option. I just don't know...maybe the other two Thai members might chime in and have more info to share.....

    Former head coach, Duan Danai returns as head coach of the Thai women NT.(he resigned after not making to Tokyo Olympics)

    I'm glad and disappointed at the same time. Glad for the NT to have a head coach again, but disappointed the association didn't try else where for a different coach(whether it be local or foreign) that could possibly change things up a bit. They really need a coach that can help improve the blocking, serving and receiving department of the team. Thai NT have the weakest blocking and serving of all the top 4 Asian teams. And this coach's tactic and techniques are't the best either, all the other teams pretty much know how the Thai plays with him. At this rate, I don't think Thai NT will catch up with Korea even after KYK retires.

    The old coach before retiring after Rio Olympics qualifications, was way better in my opinion, but he won't return as he is busy with his family and life now.

    MKJ and joy16 was the last match of Supreme not important? Why did they play without 4 key players?

    Supreme without their key players are rather weak and I think they will be have struggled to win against the 3 lower teams. This year the lower teams are playing better game by game. They have challenge all the stronger teams in some sets and even won a set in some of their losing games. Wipawee, I think all these years on the NT, you haven't really developed much to warrant your NT spot. I think it's time some other young prospects take your place. Same with Pattaya, I hope she doesn't get a future NT spot just because she is part of Supreme's club. She is similar to Wipawee both in height and skill level, so it's no in my opinion if she ever gets a NT spot too.

    who's tiana?

    Tiana Dockery, one of those lower level US players that has played in the various lower leagues. She isn't very tall, about same height as some of the Thai players. She hasn't perform very well during the beginning of the league, but recently in her latest game, she had a good performance.

    here is her HL from the latest game

    Is Ramirez sure/official?

    ok, sorry, I just read where I saw the mention of Ramirez and assumed she was already confirmed, but it seems after more careful reading, it is just a rumor and possibility. But i'll update if she becomes official or some others later when I see it.