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    that's true, she should consider King Bangkok, Opart and Rangsit University or whatever new clubs that got promoted, to get more playing time even if she isn't a starter.

    Yes~ The girl in No.2 is her.

    Yes. That’s her. I don’t know when the event was but the comments said she played beach volleyball in university team several years ago.

    Thanks you two for the confirmation. So, this video was recently uploaded, but might have been an old clip from her college days.

    I think she was a good slide attacker and she had potential to be a very good MB like Hattaya and Thatdao had they kept training her. Though what I notice about her was that she was rather quiet and not as aggressive as the other players. Maybe that was part of her downfall from the senior team to playing smaller tournaments and with the youth squads at some events, instead of the world level games.

    Tomkom has lethal floater serves. Ajcharaporn long and high float serve is the weakest imo. They don't have to do the atomic power bomb serves like the Cuban did in their hey-days. A precise, laser-like floater serves can do enough damage,

    "Atomic bomb" :lol:

    but agreed, a precise floater will work fine and be even more effective.

    but how will the new golden triangle work? Ajcharaporn seems to be a hole in receiving but she attacks best in position 4. she has been playing as Opp for a while but she is most dominant as OH. can Pimpichaya cover her in terms of passing? what happened to Pimpichaya? was she injured?

    the new MB duo is good imo. Thatdao and Hattaya all have potential despite their height. and the two-liberos system is good at some part.

    but for God's sake, they need to improve their serve. they have simple float serves and they are not exactly the best blocking team in the world. so they need to put pressure on opponent's receiving line.

    Ajcharaporn started her NT career as an OP and gradually became an OH(which as we have seen, suits her best, but she plays either depending on occasion). As for how the new triangle will work? my guess is once Pimpichaya recovers fully from her injuries sustained during training prep for this year's VNL. It will go back to how it was. Ajcharaporn as OH#1, Chatchu-On OH#2 and Pimpichaya as OP. And on the weird occasion like last WCH due to injuries of the young WS, Thatdao may sub in to play as either an OH or OP if needed. But that won't be necessary, once Malika retires, the young OP, Thanacha from the U23 team should take her place.

    But what I really want is the 19 year old, 192 cm beach volley girl named Pat to play as OP if she ever decides to transition over to Indoor volley. I think she would be a good and strong OP for Thailand as she is strongly built and she is rather mobile and agile too for her size.

    and yes, I have mentioned before, but once upon a time, Thailand had 4 strong jump servers among the golden generation of girls in Pleumjit, Malika, Amporn and Onuma. But now only Onuma still does Jump serve on special occasions. Would be nice if these younger girls learn to jump serve or do better floaters.

    I agreed. I really thought by 2017 they will utilize the new golden triangle - Ajcharaporn, Chatchu-on, and Pimpichaya because these 3 showed so much potential as a trio. Too bad they keep going back to Willavan and Kantong (although these 2 still can play a very good game). Maybe the golden girls are still there for Tokyo 2020. Hopefully (and I pray to God) they will make it to Tokyo and after that all the golden girls will step down. Pornpun is the closest thing to Tomkom imo. And whatever happened to Thatdao? She was one of the most dominant Thai MB?

    me too, but I think it's due to how unstable those 3 still are. Wilavan, Onuma still covers them most times. Though Chatchu-on isn't bad in reception and floor defense either, she just isn't consistent.

    I think so, this is their last chance to make it to the Olympics as the awesome 6, would have been 7, if Wanna was still active. I think maybe that's why Amporn was called back just in case they make it this time and she will get to enjoy it with them too(if they make it).

    Thatdao has some injuries during club season again. But she was training with the NT pool of players before the VNL, so I think her, Hattaya and Pornpun should be back by Olympic qualifier round in a few months. Pimpichaya on the other hand, might not be until the continental Olympic qualifier in January or so.

    but players like Tomkom and Pleumjit are still valuable to the team.

    I love both of them and the rest of the Golden girls dearly, but as we have seen, the younger girls just won't step up or at least play like they should and cave under pressure rather easily. It's always the older veterans to the rescue. All the younger players, including the injured ones that aren't here at the VNL can be consider veterans themselves. Ajcharaporn, Thatdao, Hattaya, and Pornpun have been playing on the NT since their late teens and even the two younger ones(Chatchu-on/Pimpichaya) have been on there since they were 14/15.

    Thailand have younger setters that are similar to Tomkom, although not at her level, but have the skills down. The hardest one to replace would be Pleumjit. Hattaya is probably the closest MB to PJ, skill wise, but still not there yet. I think she might even be the next captain when the veterans retires.

    Thailand coach never let Plemujit rest, I'm speechless... Youngsters don't even get much playing time in VNL:gone: He's bringing nothing to the table, Thailand made zero progress since he came. He's really horrible:rolleyes:

    Agreed. That's why I miss the old coach. He still mainly used the older girls during his time, but he actually helped the THA team.

    My hope is that after 2020, there will be no more golden girls left on the NT and only the younger current members and stand outs from the youth teams. The younger girls won't step up as long as there are the older veterans still around to lead/provide a safety net. The older veterans needs their long overdue vacation time. They can always come back to the NT, not as players, but coaches/trainers etc.

    THA 3-1 RUS

    Yay! the trend of 1 win a week continues and they did way better than last year already with 5 wins. lol

    Hope tomorrow's match against USA, they let all the young players play the whole 3 sets, instead of any veterans and just go with the flow. But that is more just wishful thinking, seeing who they have been using in court time these past few weeks with majority of the time.

    I think it was only the third set. They fell apart. Yeah, they blew leads in the first two sets but they were wonderful entertaining sets for the most part.

    sorry, what I meant was, usually THA x JAP are extended sets due to THA having good net + floor defense, good reception, along with attacking too to counter Japan's superb plays/defense, but today, most of those things were missing for the most part

    Kurogo is MVP of this match for me.

    in this match, it really shows the thai golden girls ages, time to call it quits( after 2020) and let the younger girls learn to be on their own. They won't step up as long as the veterans are still there.

    I thought initially with the addition of Ampron, the NT would do a lot better, but she isn't making much difference or a big difference anyway.

    -Should have kept training Jarasaporn instead of Watchareeya.

    -replace Kullapa, she is too predictable and flat footed like sitenoise mentioned a while back

    -bring in some younger OH and OP that is more capable than Wipawee

    -learn to serve stronger and better with good techniques

    -cover the floor and receive better...Japan had a jolly time receiving those easy floats and put them into good use almost every time

    at least the trend of 1 win per a week for the THA is still there lol. Next week though might not have any wins due to the oppositions. But if they are lucky, they might just beat Russia

    Somebody needs to work on Thailand's serves. Too weak, and everybody's serve is pretty much the same.:gone:

    Agreed. They aren't tall enough to provide good blocking, so services would greatly help if their serves were stronger from the line to put pressure. Once upon a time, there were 4 strong jump servers from the THA golden girls, but now all except Onuma still does jump serves( she barely does it now since post surgery). The recent game vs BRA, was the first time she has done any jump service this VNL. How I wish the younger girls would learn jump services or stronger floaters that travels faster.

    Thailand's trend so far for the last 3 weeks has been 1 win a week. Will that streak continue this week??? We shall see soon enough.

    edit: roster for week 4 in Tokyo

    S: Nootsara , Kullapa

    L: Piyanut, Suppatra

    MB: Pleumjit, Amporn, Watchareeya, Tichakorn

    OH: Wilavan, Onuma, Chatchu-On, Wipawee

    OP:Malika, Ajcharaporn

    That's just his opinion. They and the other two teams may or may not have jet lag as well, but seems those two were also performing better too. DOM was performing well in the last few matches and today just didn't look like that and so maybe he said that base on their performance for whatever reason...I don't know:whistle: lol

    True, most of the Thai's main players aren't very young anymore. But, can they still play 5 setters games? I don't know, guess it depends on that individual game and how well they are performing atm. As the saying goes, the ball is round and it can go either way or something like that. :rolll:

    Whatever happens in the next two matches, I hope they keep fighting till the last point like they always do.