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    As soon as the ball is served, none of the rotation matters except for libero

    Don’t forget that crazy save plays can put players out of position so even players switch a zone in the middle of play as well, just for court coverage.

    ok, thanks, that makes it much more clearer now about what I initially was asking about. Guess that also gives advantage as well for an OP who is left hand hitter and then after the serve or out of position saves suddenly starts hitting from zone 4 instead of zone 2. Anyway, I think if PFU did that every once in a while with their left OP Uda and Chatchu-On or their other OHs, they might have better chances to score more. Thanks again to sitenose and brahmin for explaining things out.

    i just saw player from Ageo number 3 :what: is she Japanese ? i couldnt read her name

    Her name is Jaja Santiago and she isn't Japanese and is a one of the foreigners from the Philippines. Tall about 196 cm, but kinda of slow and has an awkward jump. In her home country, she started as MB in college, but recently her home country has been trying to covert her to an OH/OP. Though I think due to her natural height, MB suits her best. She just needs to improve.

    In Asia there is also still JT Marvelous, Hisamitsu, Toyota + best Chinese teams. Which would be great addition to this competition as well. My ideal would be I think 2 Italian and 2 Turkish 1 Brazillian 1 Russian 1 Japanese 1 Chinese. But the bests in all these.

    Those other Asian club teams won't get a chance to play in the WWCC until 2020(assuming one of them wins their own league's title and the 2019 AVC club championship title). As Supreme was the winner in the AVC club championship title during 2017 and 2018. They will get to represent the Asian clubs at the WWCC in 2018 and 2019. Though both times they won, they had better reinforcements (both locally and foreigners) than they currently have now.

    Is Soraya injured?

    I was wondering that too. I hope she isn' she barely came back from knee surgery too. Even though the other current setter of Supreme(Waraporn) is a veteran setter like Nootsara, she isn't very good.

    week 5 is under process.

    yesterday, Supereme Chonburi Genarali 3-0 Khon Kaen Star, while 3BB 3-2 Air Force

    This morning, Opart 369 3-0 Rangsit University

    where can we review the classification, schedule and the personal statistics of the VTL?

    I've been seeing the stats from Thailand volleyall association facebook page…kHe6xSF0lTfLhf6favFiYM28s, but seems they haven't posted it yet....maybe will a bit later this week. I will update the stats when I see it

    the ranking of the teams as of the end of the 5th weeks is as follow

    1. Nakhon Ratchasima

    2. 3BB

    3. Khonkaen Star

    4. Supreme Chonburi

    5. Air Force

    6. King Bangkok

    7. Opart 369

    8. Rangsit University

    Supreme has Wipawee as the main OH now, but she isn't quite as effective as Ajcharaporn was and missing Fatou is also another blow to the team. They have young 18 y/o 180 cm Thanacha, but she is still very raw and is more error prone than scoring atm. In the latest game of Supreme vs Khonkaen, they even had Plumjit play as OP instead of Thanacha. As much as I love Plumjit, she wasn't an effective spiker like Thatdao was when she had to play that position(not that Thatdao was super effective either, but did better than Pluemjit in that same role. Lol) They should have just let Thanacha or the other OP play instead.

    Supreme Chonburi 14 player rooster:

    S: Soraya Phomla, Waraporn Poomjaroen

    OP: Thanacha Sooksod, Nampueng Khamart

    OH: Wilavan Apinyapong, Wipawee Srithong, Pattiya Juangjin, Patcharaporn Sittisad

    MB: Pluemjit Thinkaow, Watchareeya Nuanjam, Tirawan Sang-OB, Sasiwimol Sangpan

    L: Piyanut Pannoy, Supattra Pairoj

    No Ajcharaporn and Fatou as both are with their new clubs.

    JT's new uniforms look weird. especially in HD


    I usually only download music from YouTube and that doesn't require signing in, so I'm not totally sure either....but some music does have copyright and when you try to download those, it won't allow you to, maybe something like that is happening and why you can't download this specific vid?

    the JT vs PFU match on Youtube is surprisingly in a good quality too and not the usual 360-480. Though I wonder why the Thai MB for JT hasn't played any games so far? Injury?

    and, i'm also surprised PFU is actually doing quite well against JT so far. Must be an off day/night for JT or have they been struggling since the beginning of the league?

    Indonesia in pumping up their league. I hope South East Asia will have a champions league format even for just a month or two. Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam have pretty solid local leagues that gets stronger every year.

    There has been talk like that before...I think I read it on the AVC site last year or some other site I can't recalled. They were talking about some kind of regional Grand Prix like event for the various Asian countries, but haven't seen any updates on that idea since then. At least if there was such talks, it's something that could happened in the future.

    you're correct about Chatchu-On. I was just thinking that they might call her back since she was part of the team the last 2x that they won the AVC women's club title. But it''ll probably be different this time around..either way, good luck to them.

    4 Thai players (3/4 are current and 1 is a former NT member) will play in the Indonesia Jadwal Proliga 2019 starting next month. (OH/OP) Ajcharaporn Kongyot to Jakarta BNI Taplus, (S) Guedpard Pornpun to Jakarta Popsivo Polwan, (OP) Pimpichaya Kokram to Bandung Bank BJB Pakuan and (OH/OP) Jutarat Montripila to Jakarta Elektric PLN. It's not a competitive league but it's a start and maybe next year they might get better offers.......

    week 4 replays

    3bb vs Khonkaen Star

    Air force vs Rangsit University

    Supreme chonburi vs Kingbangkok

    Nakhon Ratchasima vs Opart 369

    Supreme will be partaking in the women's world club championship later next month. All the teams there will be tough competitors to contend with, but with two of their key attackers being transferred out to play new leagues, it just got even tougher for them. And plus they aren't particularly doing too well domestically either(currently in 5th/8 place after this week with 2-2 W/L record).

    So some questions remains to be answered are, will all 3 of Ajcharaporn, Fatou, and Chatchu-On return for the club championship or will Supreme play with their current rooster and bring in a foreign MB and OP to help out if those can't come back?...we'll just have to wait and see.....

    I'm not positive if Ajcharaporn and Pornpun will be on the same team...when I last saw on wiki, it says they will be on the same team, that's why I said that earlier haha...but as we know how the info on wiki isn't always correct and anyone can edit those info to whatever. Guess we'll just have to wait and see for more news to come out.

    Oh, interesting, didn't know Montripila will also play in Indonesia as well. I always liked her, not very tall, like Onuma and Wilavan's height, but strong hitter, good jumper and smart too. Though she was playing for Opart 369 recently I believed. Guess she got a better offered from overseas.