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    I wished Wanna would consider training future liberos aside from her coaching gig too. She is the best Thai libero in their history and also one of the best in the world at one time. Young future libero can gain a lot of information from her, same with Nootsara and Pleumjit teaching young setters and MBs.

    I think the only 3 current 3bb youth member that might have a chance in the future NT, are the tall 15 year old MB, the libero and tall setter. But even so, there are several tall young girls in other schools as well that are about 180 cm or taller. So there will be lots of competition for sure.

    Korat vs 3bb, it was basically Chatchu-on and Filipova vs 3bb. The amount of balls Filipova was getting was almost like half of all of korat's attacks lol. But make sense, since she can score a lot. Perry wasn't much help, seem she isn't use to the faster sets of the Thai style yet. She probably will do better with slow and high balls only. I think she even unperformed in the Philippines last season and was replaced. Would be interesting to see when Korat faces Supreme and the Supreme MBs can block better. But Filipova still has the height advantage, so might just slow her down a bit, but not stop her in her tracks.

    3bb, I don't like how their tall veteran setter mainly stand and doesn't jump set. That makes her sets very predictable. Tichaya isn't as stable as she is, but at least Tichaya jump sets. I think young Parichat has the most potential of the 3. Wished she was as tall as Tichaya and Narumon was. And it was a surprised 3bb started with Anonanong and Saowapa. Saowapa is a very explosive MB. Her attacks are strong and fast. Same sentiment as for the young setter, lacks height:(

    I hope she keeps improving, since their will be no more Wilavan to help stabilize the reception line for the NT now.

    If Kaewkalaya Kamulthala and Karina Karuse were available, they would greatly help Korat stabilize their net defense. Btw, were is Karina? I don't see her listed on any teams this season.

    Just watched the Opart vs RSU game from this past weekend. Even though they are the lower level teams, I enjoy their game. I liked Arisa from Opart and Kajana from RSU. Arisa is small, but she sure can jump and hit. Kajana is also a standout with her powerful hit and unique hitting approach.

    Maybe Proflex should have hired Parinya from Supreme as their main setter? Parinya isn't the greatest, but she seems better than the proflex's current main one. Though their main problem is reception, if the reception is bad, doesn't really matter who the setter is, the setter won't be able to properly set how she would like it to be anyway(unless that setter is Nootsara lol).

    I saw a HL of the 1st game of Korat vs Diamond food and Chatchu-on had a couple of nice cut shot right inside the 3 meter line. If she can do those during the NT, she could probably avoid the blockers better. Come to think of it, I think I saw an interview a while back and she was with Ebata in the Museum or some similar place and she was wearing Saori's shirt or at least her Jersey number for a picture with Ebata. Maybe Chatchu-on idolize Saori Kimura? lol...but Kimura's angle shots are a nice style Chatchu-on could probably pick up down the road and could be quite useful in avoiding blockers better.

    I watched some minutes of the 3bb vs Khon Kaen and supreme vs proflex matches.

    3bb did ok, but their young and inexperienced setter was having a hard time connecting to all the players, especially the two tall foreigner MBs. She sets the ball too low for them and so, most time they have to tip or lightly hit the ball. But I think as the season gets going and she keeps getting court time, her connections with her hitters will get better. Was also nice seeing Aonanong getting a little court time. She is basically like a young Kuttika, but not as skilled yet.

    Khonkaen on the other hand did well with Pornpun as their setter. They were aggressive throughout the match.

    Supreme, you are you, no need to say more lol. Proflex, I don't know how old their setter is, but she needs lots of work. Actually the whole team needs work. Their receptions was just a mess. But it doesn't help that they are playing one of the best team in the league too. So nice to see Dream having court time, but she desperately needs to work on gaining some muscles. She is not like the other players, she is tall(202 cm) and needs the extra muscles to move those long arms and legs of hers faster and stronger. Her spike approach needs work too, she is spiking under the ball and not behind it Nothing a good training and nutrition program can't help her with. If she was taken seriously from the time she tried out for the youth NT till now, she would have improved so much. But she is still young, so lets see how she will develop during the league. Anyway, I think the most promising player in Proflex is Bai Toey. She just needs a better set and training.

    I've never heard her name before. What's the tournament she represented 3BB Nakhonnont? If it is for Princess Sirindhorn's Cup, she may be the girls from another school.

    The girl i'm talking about, she played with 3bb for the ASEAN school games 2019 and Sealect Tuna tournament that same year. She wears shirt #6. She is about the same height and body type as Sirikanda, but a bit more muscular looking.

    #6 in this video

    joy16 do you know if Pinyada (young OP) is part of the 3bb club? I've seen her play with 3BB's youth team during a few games, but then during the local thai girls super series, she played with another I'm confused, is she originally from 3bb, but recently transferred out?

    Btw, I think she is a better OP than Sirikanda and kewlim(sorry not sure the spelling of her name) when I saw her play those few games with 3BB's youth team. Though, they weren't bad either, I just liked her better. Lol

    according to this

    the coach held himself accountable and is stepping down. I wonder who will be the next NT head coach of Thailand? a local or maybe a foreigner?

    Please no, I really hope Thailand won't dissapear after this, the world needs more competitive National teams (which aren't a lot tbh) and not the good ones to vanish like Cuba did

    same sentiment, I really hope they won't disappear after this.

    I'm just so mad at Thailand's coach. I mean, do you not see that your serve-receive game is super weak? And yet, you have not improved that department at all!!!! He needs to go ASAP!!:cursing:

    I felt the same way about the coach.

    There is a better youth club coach, but don't think he will ever take up the NT gig. With the current coach, I don't think the younger girls will achieve much. Heck, now that the 5 veteran will eventually retire one by one, the remaining younger girls will struggle a lot and they might even disappear from the world stage for some time or completely like Cuba.

    In my opinion, it's better to leave Ajcharaporn at OH, than play OP. She is clearly stronger and better as an OH. Leave the OP position to Pimpichaya and Mallika.

    It's nice to see Tichakorn get starter position in this first game. She is a good blocker, but needs to work more on her slides. Actually the whole Thai team did a good job blocking in the Taiwan match. I hope they can continue this throughout the rest of the tournament.