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    Congrats Supreme! Khonkaen did well too, but just wasn't enough.

    After Ajcharaporn's performance during final 4, I think a lot more Japanese teams will want her services. Hope she plays in JVL next season.

    Ajcharaporn is working hard. I think she has scored 25+ points in every match so far. The first game of the final 4, she scored 30 points and I think the latest game vs khonkaen, she made 35 points.

    I never really liked Wipawee and Watchareeya much, but both stepped up their game. Though on NT level, while Watchareeya has showed she can play at high level from time to time. Wipawee on the other hand, hasn't shown she has improved much. Maybe she will get more chance to show herself after all the veterans finally retired 🤔

    Khonkaen, I have to applaud Kannika. She may only be 1.68-1.70 cm, but she puts in the work and is a good OH. It's too bad she isn't 5-10 more cms.

    But all those great plays aren't nothing without both teams wonderful liberos.

    Korat is using two setters on court. The last time that happened, was at wch 18, when malika was injured and both pornpun and tomkom both came on.

    I assume Wanitchaya is injured? Since she hasn't been on court since the first set from the first game.

    I also notice aside from Supreme, the other 3 teams seems not ready or not really wanting to play much. I initially thought khonkaen might easily be taking the title, but seem Supreme will be a tough nut to crack.

    In my anticipation of the final 4, here is a YT video HL of Nootsara and Chatchu-On during the regular round. She does wonders at 178cm with Tomkom's settings. Now if only she was 8-10 more cms, she be even more beasty.:dance6:

    Sadly, Jung Ho-Young has not lived up to the South Korean media hype place on her many years ago. She struggled in her first season in the league. Initially, she wanted to play as an outside hitter but her reception is very lacking. From what I have recall reading, JHY will concentrate on playing as a middle blocker this season.

    since she lacks reception, she could play as a non receiving OH like what china does with Zhu Ting, Wang Yie Mei and Ling Ying Ying. Though she would have to be good at terminating balls if she was to play such roles. Good luck to her mb position, maybe if she becomes good enough, we'll see her on the NT in the future.

    Sorry, I have to get this off my chest but am I the only one who thinks Pyo Seung Joo is a horrible player? Full transparency, after watching all her plays on the National team, I couldn't help but cringe every attack she's made. She just doesn't have the height, the speed, the brains to be on the National team. So frustrating!

    Like you, I'm not impressed with her performance, but I think she's tall enough...isn't she 182 cm?

    thanks, i'll check her out and yeah, i think that's her name.

    that's unfortunate, but make sense too. SEA games 30th is hosted next year by Vietnam, so guess they want to keep their main player as safe as possible till then. And they will get a new cuban coach soon. I could imagine how dangerous 4T can become under a good coach and training course.

    Agreed about the thai fans lol...funny and amusing, but just shows their great love for the sport and players, still:rolll: though

    Jarasaporn could work for JT if it eventually comes true.

    I thought Denso had 4T?