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    I am not really familiar with players outside of the main NT. 😩

    Has any player from Thai play outside of Thailand, other than the golden girls?

    All whom played outside of Thailand at one point were pretty much either former or current NT players.

    So yes, quite a few of them has. Mostly have been in the SEA regions, but also includes Japan, khazakastan and Germany. The one that played in Germany for a few seasons was the main libero before Piyanut.

    so basically 80% of the starting 6 needed to go. 😂

    sad, but true :rolll:

    I'll leave it to MKJ to elaborate on the investment part.

    Btw, do you know about the 2 Brazilian men playing in the thai league for Diamond food VC? One is a setter(Andre Luiz Queiroz) and the other is an OH(Luiz Felipe Ferreria Perotto). The OH has been playing for a few season in Thailand, but different clubs.

    I guess Thailand must just love Brazilian foreigners 😆 . Many have played for both men and women's division. Onuma even dated one of those Brazilian players at one point 😆

    Who were the players that don't deserve to be there in your opinion? As far as I can remember, the OHs were not impactable during the match, And having heavy hitters like Bagunas and Espejo on the other side of the net, Thai didn't do anything to stop them.

    for OHs, I would take out Kitsada and Anut. The latter is a lot younger than the first mentioned, although he has a strong swing, it's slow and easily blocked. Kitsada, don't know what happened to him, but he doesn't jump and hit like how he used to when he was younger.

    MBs, take out Kittinon and Anchit, while kittinon is fast and can block, he is a bit short and the second person, he is just slow.

    OPs, would take out the right hand hitter. He is a heavy hitter, but he can't jump or very smart.

    I think if Thailand gets a good or even decent foreign coach like Taiwan did, I think they have potential to be a lot more successful and maybe even get a chance at global level like their women's team.

    Hopefully some new faces show up on the NT this year.

    Where was Jiraiya? Wasn't he available or he already retired that time? I really don't understand how they lost because I didn't follow the men's team as much. What happened to the Thai NT that year?

    jirayu pretty much retired after the 2018 Asian games in Indonesia. Funny thing, they also lost to the host(Indonesia) in a 5 setter too that time. lol

    simple, not taking the host team seriously, get your butt kicked by a more ambitious team that desperately wanted some kind of podium finish....on a serious note though, I think bad coaching, wrong player choices and lack of a good tactics/techniques caused them their lost. SEA games 2021 is coming up at the end of the year, let's see if Philippines or the host team can pulled an upset this time too.

    Thailand needs to step up their men’s NT. That defeat to Philippines was so painful. Thai NT needs some young & fresh talent - like the Philippines.

    Yeah it was and humiliating for them too. 😆 the gold medal defender lost to a team that hasn't made any podium finish in 4 decades 😳. But they did it to themselves, not using their main scoring OP and underestimated the ambitious younger host team.

    Doesn't help that their coach doesn't seem to be up to date with modern volleyball either. THA has many good players, but lack good trainers and guidance.

    Hopefully they took the lost as a wake up call of some sort. Because Vietnam, as host are pretty ambitious this year for SEA games too. Bringing in a cuban coach for women and a Chinese coach for the men's team.

    The 3 im talking about

    Im watching some HL from the men's division and there are a few young stand out players that should be included in the Men NT training camp if they aren't already. Korat has Thanat, Prince has Pitak and Phitsanulok has Kittithad. I hope to see all 3 of those young men on the NT soon or better yet, just let them play during the next SEA game this fall/winter. Kitsada and Anut can go or get demoted if you ask me :/both are pretty useless:rolll:

    Where is Ajcharaporn playing this season? Any words on Nootsara? Is the queen ready to grace everyone with her presence on court? 😂

    Acharaporn is still in Supreme, no words on the queen Tomkom lol. Maybe due to budget cut, she will only make her appearance during the 2nd leg or the final 4 this season.

    Thanacha is playing OH? Did she play MB before? For some reason I have this image in my head of her playing MB with PFU last year, although she didn't play much :/

    And for my own edification, when you say "original OP" position, do mean nothing more than non-receiving OH or do you mean "hits primarily from the right side of the court"?

    She played as a wing spiker during her PFU stint. She had little court time, but always wing spiker and not MB.

    She started as an OP when she first got to the youth national teams, then was switched to OH and pretty much kinda stuck there for awhile and then switched back to OH and back to OP etc. I think it was the 2017 u23 WCH in Slovenia that she made 31 points as an OP. For making 31 points, even though it was a youth tourney, should tell you something (lol) and she doesn't hit and look quite like a flexible OH usually does. I mean she can still score from the left, but right side might be her calling instead. She does receive decently and is a good back court defender as well, so I guess she will play whatever position when needed just like the other girls on the NT.

    You can see a bit of her HL from this video, she is the last person featured among the top 5 players from this past weekend.

    chatchu-on is doing a fine job leading her team their first win, but it's Rangsit University, so it's pretty much a given. Though Rangsit University (RSU) didn't just give in, they fought for every point of theirs. I think if not for their lack of height, they would be a pretty decent team to beat top teams or at least go the distance.

    Nice seeing diamond start with younger players. Thanacha was starter, she did an ok job. Not sure if she should stick to OH or go back to her original OP position 🤔...either way, looks like she have improved. She is faster, her attacking is stronger and even seemed more aware of her options of attack. Doesn't just keep hitting straight into the blocks as much. 😆 I like that the young starting OP of diamond does a jump serve, must be Onuma's influenced 😆, she still needs work, but can see her being helpful in the long run.

    Proflex, nice to see being in the nt training camp and training with Supreme have improved Bai toey. She is also faster, stronger and jump higher. She still got a ways to, go but good job. It's too bad she won't stay in proflex for the entire league, as she was only loaned to them. I much rather see her play her entire season in 1 team. She will keep getting to be starter at Proflex, but might be a benched once back with Supreme.

    Women: Supreme vs Samutprakarn

    Women: 3BB Nakornnont vs KhonKaen Star VC

    Supreme had an easy win. The only player from the other team that can score, was #20. I hope her team gets better as the season progress.

    3bb has too many predictable settings and getting blocked time and time again. I think they should have started with Parichat instead of either Tichaya or Supatcha. Both Tichaya and Supatcha doesn't really jump set, but just stand and idk if that's a style that is taught at 3bb, but it's to predictable that way.

    Khonkaen on the other hand, has a nice setter. I think she is also part of the nt training roster.

    For some reason I can't find the Thailand NT thread so I'll ask here. Who's next in line after Pornpun? Not a fan of Kullapa. Is Soraya Phomla in there? Who else is got buzz?

    Yeah not much of fan of Kullupa either.

    Not sure what's up with soroya, she hasn't been called to the NT training since after WGP 16/17. I can only assume she has some kind of serious health related issues that is keeping her from being part of the NT. As for talents after Pornpun, I think Natthanicha Jaisaen and Parichat Intharasit are next in line. Though I would like to see Tichaya be next, but that might not happened. She is taller at 179cm and can help with block better, but she is inconsistent and often times(at least during clubs) as you mentioned with Kullapa, "flat footed"

    They need to focus on the conditioning of these players. They are still young & with lots of talent. All of them can bring a new wave of success to Thailand. Do Thailand NT has conditioning or nutrition coach?

    Volleyball is very popular in Thailand and they take it rather seriously, though they may not have the best trainers and coaches around. I'm sure they have conditioning and nutrition coaches around to help the NT players.

    They still can hide her from receiving even if she plays OH right? That way Pimpichaya can stay play as Opp coz she is most efficient on that side

    Yes, as a 1st OH she can, since chatchu-on would do receiving duties as a 2nd OH. Pimpichaya can stay as OP as long as all 3 of them are healthy at the same time. Like for example, when only 2 of those 3 are healthy, Ajcharaporn's usually plays OP while one of the veterans plays as OH. But if all 3 are in good shape, its usually Ajcharaporn (OH1), Chatchu-on (OH2) and Pimpichaya (OP).

    omg yes. I dont think I have ever seen the 3 girsl played together. There will always be some sort of injuries. 😂😂😂 but seriously those 3 are lethal combination. Thai needs to utilize them as much as possible.

    i think they need at least 1 or 2 vets on the team to glue them all together. Nootsara & Pleumjit are good fit for this.

    yes piyanut! Hope to see her play again!

    the last time those 3 younger girls played together at the world level was WGP 2017. That year, they beat a younger and mainly reserved Italy, Turkey and Brazil. They all look healthy recently, so let's hope they grace the stage together again next year.