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    sitenoise do you know if JT have announced Hattaya's arrival or that was just a rumor that never materialized?

    we didn't get to see Chatchu-on play during Wch, but served only...I look forward to seeing her play along side Ebata in PFU Blue Cats. Also curious how the 2 Filipino sisters will do in a more competitive league than their own back home.....good luck to all these ladies

    Thailand lost, but they played well and fought for every point like they always do and never gave away anything easily. Even though they lost, I'm still proud of their great performance.

    Ajcharaporn was doing so well too;( hope she has a speedy recovery. su su

    Thailand already does great things with their lack of height. I'm always curious what more wonders they can do at 183-87 cm? lol

    Injury List:

    Korea: Yang Hyo-jin(MB) and Lee So-young(OH)

    Thailand: Pimpichaya(OPP) - A possible knee injury

    I think someone mentioned Argentina has 2 injured players as well from a collision with each other.

    And yeah for Pimpichaya, looks like a knee injury. Saw a small clip recently and she has bandage on her knee and in a wheel chair.

    the 3rd set for Thailand always seems like it's either a gift or a curse for them lol. Seen so many of their games where they either pick up steam or trail behind. Making lots of unforced errors, miscommunications, receiving badly, but looks like they might take this game in 3 since they are catching up already....we'll find out....

    Edit: and nope, TTO takes set 3. The errors by Thailand cost them this set and Pimpichaya also sustained an injury. Hopefully it's not too bad.

    Watching the KOR v THA match from last night. Fun fun volleyball. It occurs to me that Thailand's winning ways this year coincided with the return of Thatdao. She didn't play at the VNL. Is that right?

    Yes correct. Thatdao's return is a really big help to the team. Her almost 2 season absence due to an ACL injury in 2016 club season was a big blow for Thailand. She is one of the two 6 footer players on the team(the other is Chitaporn #14 who is new to the team just this year and has not much international experiences at the world stage yet). Thatdao helps both in blocking higher and hitting strong fast balls.

    So far I know, Kim Yeon-Koung was not there, was she?

    She was, both Japan and Korea basically sent the same rooster their as this WCH one. Zhu, Kim and the regular girls were all there. All 5 Asian federation participating teams in this WCH sent their main players at the Asian games. Thailand won it 3-0 vs Japan and 3-1 vs Korea but lost 0-3 to China in the final.

    not sure how accurate WOV is, but here's Canada's rooster:

    Canadian roster for Japan:

    1 Jessie Niles

    2 Autumn Bailey

    4 Kyla Richey (team captain)

    5 Danielle Smith

    7 Brianna Beamish

    8 Alicia Ogoms

    9 Alexa Gray

    11 Anna Feore

    12 Jennifer Cross

    16 Shainah Joseph,

    19 Marie-Alex Belanger

    22 Megan Cyr

    23 Emily Maglio

    25 Kiera Van Ryk

    I've been known to misread stats before, so, caution. Liu was 40/66 which suggests quality over quantity.

    not sure if i'm reading it correctly, but based on this…Bulletin_AVCW2018_No6.pdf

    compared to the other two double digit scorers(12/23 and 10/25), she got the bulk of the sets 40/66, but her rate is impressive and Thailand's smaller blockers couldn't stop her. So, yeah it's quantity with 66 balls, but quality with 40 successful swing spikes lol.

    Congrats China! and good job Thailand for putting up a valiant fight to a tie break. Liu Yanhan scored a match high of 42 pts. Is that a record for her so far? I remembered Li Ying Ying had a 40 or 50? something pts too during the recent Chinese league. Though I haven't seen the stats, Lui must have gotten the bulk of the sets.

    Thanacha (young 18 y/o Thai #21, she started set 1&2 vs AUS) is a nice filler for the NT in the absence of Chatchu-On. She basically has all the skills Chatchu-On has, just a tiny bit taller, but still very raw and even more error prone. Maybe in a couple of years, she will get to join the senior team permanently.....I also love whenever Pluemjit does pipe attacks hahaha. Her prior training as a spiker to a MB and being athletic probably helps too, but it's always a nice treat to see them either way. Btw, how many other MB does pipes? I've heard of the Cubans doing it, such as Nancy Carrillo.

    small clip of her pipe's/back row attacks