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    Heynen and his captain gave statemens with lots of insolence, it's time to go back home and think.

    sorry but when?

    actually in this tournament they considered all teams they played with as teams to watch out for and teams you can't disrespect.

    so its some bullshit right there imho.

    congrats to slovenia, their fans were great. hope they will win this ECH.

    poland underperformed and made too many unnecessary mistakes (nerves?) and thats the reason why they lost bc let’s be honest - slovenia didnt played a perfect match either.

    I didn't openly mentioned it (sorry, too upset to think straight now), but of course when saying that Serbia did try to win, imho, I'm implying Poland played very good.

    It wasn’t exactly to you.

    Excuse me, but as far as I like to read the comments here about the championships, the posts about Poland recently (the team that I support and I don’t hide it) are really annoying, which in most cases are just hate and not constructive criticism. So had to cut those down a little.

    Let’s just have fun watching volleyball ;-)

    Hope to see good exciting matches tomorrow.

    God, are you for real? Some of you must really hating on Poland. Guessing Poles did something to you as Jews did to Hitler, lol.

    poland losing = weak (not an option for a bad day)

    poland winning = weak opponent or opponent’s cheating somehow


    See, this is exactly the problem of this format. Last round matches basically become practice. Teams that have already advanced play their backup players and lack motivation, and those eliminated teams, they are just whatever, this is not fair to France, if Poland played Serbia first, things could’ve been totally different.

    Serbs are playing first squad, maybe now they have changed several players because their main squad is playing trash, but Poland is just too good for them now, get over it.