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    mens' poll is sad :rolll: bottom person got only 34 votes

    Where can I see the mens' poll? But my guess is the top three are Nishida, Ishikawa, and Yanagita :drink:

    Also can anyone give me more information about Ran Takashita. Saw a few matches of his team and I'm impressed. Heard that he is the only one from high school got a call to the NT. Hope he can play a few matches against weaker teams during VNL.

    I hope Coach Lovebunny gets the spot on the sidelines so he can do airplane impersonations. I think it's possible.

    I'd be very funny to see Coach Lovebunny doing airplane impersonations around grim-faced Nakada :lol:

    Also, I wonder why Kaneda wasn't called. And I don't want to have to choose between Inoue and Kobata. The 2-lib system is perfect ;(

    This sounds very sexist to me.

    Urhmmmm what? LOL

    All I was saying is that, based on what the NT and the U20 have shown in the past year, Coach Nakada can learn a thing or two from Coach Lovebunny (I'm stealing this from you sitenoise , the name fits him 8o) . My comment is purely about her capability as a coach and her lack of progress with the NT, and has nothing to do with her being female.

    The U20 team brings back the vitality of JP Volleyball that we sorely miss, and I simply hope that Coach Lovebunny, who was behind the U20, can bring some of the to the (tired) NT. Again, it is all about who is more capable. Hope that clarify the misunderstanding :drink:

    The best part of it was coaches spending 80% of their timeouts on how to stop attacks from middle, and it wouldn't work:mirror:

    such a shame she has to play with Arrighetti now

    Do you have a link for that match? I tried looking for it but couldn't find it :(

    Did you see her games with Novara in Italian league when they didn't have an Opp? What she did there was unbelievable, even Chirichella shined with her, it was amazing, so fearless and creative

    Now that you mentioned it I will have to watch it. Hopefully it's on youtube.

    I like Carlini, I think Hancock is AWESOME, but I agree that Poulter suits Karch's system really well (I don't like the system, but that's a whole other story )

    Her games this tournament were such joy to watch. I like her altitude. She looks serious most of the time but when she smiles she's such a cutie pie, with a monster serve. And I love it when she spikes from 2. Urgh. But I don't want to wait to see her in the NT after OLP (that is if Kiraly retired and a new coach sees potentials in her, which she has, loads of it)

    She was back up setter for Carli Lloyd at WCH'18. Her best skill is serving but Karch hates jump serves...For setting abilities, Poulter has more skills.

    Why does he hate jump serve when she got a few aces every match??? Yeah I agree from what I have seen Poulter > Hancock at setting.

    I'd bring Poulter and Hancock to OLP. Carlini was ok last year. Nothing remarkable about her.


    What do you think of Hancock as well as her chance to go to OLP next year? I mean what she is doing at Novara is inspiring. Her serve and attacks from 2 are just so delightful to watch. Has she ever been used under Kiraly?

    Novara is the real surprise of the tournament, with Brako fresh after the injury and without Veljkovic, they put up a real fight against the best teams of the World. Barbolini' magic.

    This tournament is full of surprises for sure. Everyone thought Tianjin was contender for the top spots, now they placed 8th. Novara was thought to not make it to the semis, ended up placing 1st in their poor. Their players are for sure not as well-known as the other teams' but man their games turned me into a fan. Too bad they were too drained today to put up a fight against Vakif, whose play just got better with every game. Novara had to play for 4 days straight and 3/4 of those were 5 setters (right?). Plus losing Veji was too big of a loss for them.

    And anyone familiar with US Volleyball can tell me more about Hancock cos I don't know her well until this tournament. Has she ever been used under Kiraly?