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    Novara has so many foreigners... If Smarzek starts playing Haileigh Washington will also be sent to the bench?

    Seems like Daalderop will be bench player all season and can only come in to replace Herbots.

    Are you reading any books recently? Do you have any favorite books that you're very fond of and want to talk about how good they are?

    In these difficult times, I was looking to read genres that I don't liked, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I kind liked fantasy when I was younger, but I always thought of them as Young Adult and YA is really boring for me nowadays. But, I was impressed how much I liked this two last books I read. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Beckie Chambers and The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. The way they created such good characters with a really good world-building backing them, it was astonishing! I'm really impressed and now I have to read more :P

    I love the Way of Kings from Brandon Sanderson. Book 4 is coming out later this year and looking forward to it.

    You read fantasy? Nice! I'm just getting back into it myself. I've been meaning to get my first Brandon Sanderson soon; been watching his classes on creative writing this year on Youtube and he seems great.

    Also I've just read "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss a few months ago and I loved it. Also finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman a few weeks ago, but that one I haaaated. I'm currently reading something other than fantasy, which is "After Dark" by Haruki Murakami. Enjoying it so far.

    I also read the Kingkiller Chronicles (Name of the Wind/ The Wise Man's Fear) by Patrick Rothfuss.. wonder if book 3 will every come out.


    I suggest the book 'Blood Song' by Anthony Ryan if you like Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss. This book can be read as a standalone.

    Just speechless at what I witnessed this OQT.

    Caprara rather sink the ship than get Dijkema out.

    Why does he take 4 MB's to this tournament and then keep Ghost-Belien in.

    But in the end it is the fault of the girls themselves, They wanted Morrison out and they had decision in selection of a new coach. Now the got an equal or even larger mess. I don't like his vision of playing the tallest girls. Reception was shit all match but still he can't start a set with the team captain Maret?

    I hope that he decides to step down himself now he's not going to Olympics.

    Dijkema's setting

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    Why do you guys think both coaches play Dijkema? I don't think she is as bad as the hate on her but there must be some reason

    Before he got fired, even Morrison prefered Bongaerts over Dijkema.

    Caprara is her coach in Firenze and seems to like her a lot. It doesn't feel objective.

    NL is not going to win the next 2 matches with this approach.

    I hope Sloetjes can somehow enter her 2016 form. Dutch results the past few years are complety linked to Sloetjes form in my opinion. The others all need to rise above themselves if Sloetjes continues her 2019 form here.

    Jaque still has great reception and defense. With 2 opposites in the court that is all the team should need from her. No need to complain about her attacking stats which seem fine anyway.

    I guess people have find something else to criticze because they can't criticize her game.

    Wish Morrison the best of luck in future. Not surpised though, De Kruijff was already openly negative when they lost to Italy..

    I really hope the Dutch's new coach will be somebody with passion and VISION.

    I'll never forget when Guidetti helped to develop Stam-Pilon to a world class libero and Pietersen to OH for 2016 Olympics. They need another coach who can make players reach higher level.