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    I refuse to believe NL was serious about today's match with Anne Buijs starting each set.

    So nice to have Serbia and NL played super early for Europeans to watch and irrelevant match on primetime. I hope USA clobbers Japan for that.

    amazing win for NL. Did not expect after set 1.

    Kudos to Sloetjes for not breaking down.

    Anne Buijs is really not the tea. Plak covered her position well.

    Lohuis can serve great but actual blocking not there yet. Koolhaas not much better imo. Great achievement to reach final 4 without Robin.

    Can someone give me an opinion about the Ned?

    I haven't watch them but I'm curious, mostly because it seems to me that - if it's true that Japan has an easy path so far - then it has to be true for Ned as well, since they played in the same pools, and with similar results: if you think about it, they won vs Japan but at the 5th so it was a close match, then they lost vs Brazil at the tie break as Japan (who was already qualified, though), then won vs an already qualified and not with all the titulars Serbia as Japan did (well, more clearly, but still with a 3 points victory)...

    Of course in their case the (supposed) easier path was luck and not 'host advantages', but do they really show such more than Japan?

    NED had an easy path for sure. They need to proof they belong in final 6 now in the next pool stage. All the girls talk about is that they're here for a medal. I'm ready for them to show it.

    This should have been the breakout tournament for Nika Daalderdop. I hope she can reach her potential the upcoming club season because Anne Buijs is not reliable or consistent throughout a match at all. The team needs an OH that can score like Sloetjes. When opponent focus block on Sloetjes the matches tend to turn really ugly now.

    Thank god Morrison finally realised that Lohuis needs to be starter over Koolhaas at least.

    If you need a scorer at OPP I still think Lowe is better option than Murphy or MBH in that position.