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    Kuzbass won against Fakel. Zaytsev was playing good, scoring when the team need them the most. So eager to watch Moscow VS Kazan this coming Saturday! Deroo & Sokolov VS Ngapeth & Mikhaylov is supposed to be a head-to-head battle.

    Which team has the better setter, libero, & MBs in your guys’ opinion?

    Sokolov is now struggling with his back muscle injury. He already missed today's CL match. And Moscow got slammed by Trentino with a straight 0:3. If Skolov misses this Saturday's match again, then Kazan should have an easy win.

    Sokolov is MIA with their match now in CL against Trentino. I wonder what happened to him or if he even flew out of Russia at all :what:

    Sokolov's back muscle pains seems severe, that why he missed this CL game.

    I watched the first two sets. without Sokolov, Moscow and Trento are not in the same level. The game is simply a landslide.

    Moscow lost confidence in every aspect, from serve, reception to attack.

    Trento needs this win so bad to cheer themselves up after a horrible start in Italy Superlega.

    Kliuka is such a mystery to me. Sometimes it looks like he is one of the best OHs in the world, but today he's like a ghost in court :what:

    On the other side of the net, Mikhaylov is their best player so far. Such a king :drink:

    If Mikhaylov had today's performance in WCH 2018, Russian won't stop before top 4.

    Agreed. Deroo-Sokolov duo were unstoppable & Pankov did a good job distributing the ball kuzbass OHS were not helping Zaytsev at all. So excited to see the next match from Moscow. Although I have to say their MBs are not that top tier.

    Likhosherstov and Vlasov are a weak MB duo, compared with other top teams.

    Likhosherstov is ok. He's an experience MB after all. His floating serve is very offensive.

    Vlasov can only attack at pos 3, no blocking at all. His moving is slow, and reaction is slow too.

    Moscow is stronger than Kuzbass on attacking.

    They have two solid attackers, Sokolov and Deroo, while Kuzbass only has Zaytsev.

    Pankov played a solid game. Deroo's spike at pos 4 was unstoppable.

    Zaytsev played a decent game, but the other two OHs were too week.

    You clealy saw Zaytsev was so tired at the end of the set #4.

    Markin is horrible from offense to defense. He's a loophole in this team.

    Kobzar did well in set #1 and #2, but had some bad passes in set #3 and set #4.

    Obviously this season is no way close to "Worst level of Turkish league in last 10 years" if he watched games from 2010-2020.

    I think crovolley is an attention whore who likes to use exaggerating words. His behavior maybe is cute for once, but it's annoying for many times. There is another guy (I don't want mention his ID) who also did the same thing as crovolley did. They just like to stir the pot.

    Could someone who's insider confirm this salary sheet?…n-e-paola-egonu-in-testa/

    How much money do volleyball players who play in Italian teams earn? The figures are not public because the contracts are not regularly deposited (formally there is no talk of professional sport in our latitudes), but the estimates on salaries have never been lacking. La Gazzetta dello Sport went in search of the ten highest paid players in SuperLega and the ten players who earn the most money in Serie A1. To stand out in the men's sector is Wilfredo Leon , the Cuban-Polish champion who plays in the ranks of Perugia: the spiker, considered the strongest player in the world, earns 900 thousand euros a year.


    The hammer clearly distances two pawns of the newly promoted Piacenza: the German opposite Georg Grozer (500 thousand euros) and the American hitter Aaron Russell (450 thousand euros) . 450 thousand euros also for the Serbian Aleksandar Atanasijevic (opposite from Perugia) and the Brazilian Ricardo Lucarelli (hitter from Trento), while the Dutch Nimir Abdel-Aziz (opposite from Trento) and Yoandy Leal (hitter from Civitanova) stop at 400 thousand euros . The first two Italians in this special ranking are Osmany Juantorena and Simone Giannelli : the hitter from Civitanova and the setter from Trento earn 350 thousand euros.

    Among women, however, it is our Paola Egonu who dominates . The opposite of Conegliano and the national team pocketed 400 thousand euros and far ahead of three teammates: the American hitter Kimberly Hill (240 thousand euros), the Polish setter Asia Wolosz and the hammer Miriam Sylla (200 thousand euros for both). At an altitude of 200 thousand we also find Lucia Bosetti (spiker from Scandicci) and Malwina Smarzek (Polish opposite from Novara). Further back in the ranking two Italians from Novara: the spiker Caterina Bosetti (170 thousand euros) and the central Cristina Chirichella (150 thousand euros for the national team captain). Below is the ranking of the salaries of the highest paid volleyball players in Italy.



    1. Wilfredo Leon (Perugia, Poland) 900,000 euros

    2. Georg Grozer (Piacenza, Germany) 500,000 euros

    lg.php?bannerid=0&campaignid=0&zoneid=23033& Aaron Russell (Piacenza USA) 450,000 euros

    3. Aleksandar Atanasijevic (Perugia, Serbia) 450,000 euros

    3. Ricardo Lucarelli (Trento, Brazil) 450,000 euros

    6. Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Trento, Netherlands) 400,000 euros

    6. Yoandy Leal (Civitanova, Brazil) 400,000 euros

    8. Osmany Juantorena (Civitanova, Italy) 350,000 euros

    8. Simone Giannelli (Trento, Italy) 350,000 euros

    10. Matey Kaziyski (Verona, Bulgaria) 300,000 euros


    1. Paola Egonu (Conegliano, Italy) 400,000 euros

    2. Kimberly Hill (Conegliano, USA) 240,000 euros

    3. Lucia Bosetti (Scandicci, Italy) 200,000 euros

    3. Malwina Smarzek (Novara, Poland) 200,000 euros

    3. Asia Wolosz (Conegliano, Poland) 200,000 euros

    3. Miriam Sylla (Conegliano, Italy) 200,000 euros

    7. Caterina Bosetti (Novara, Italy) 170,000 euros

    8. Robin De Kruijf (Conegliano, Netherlands) 160,000 euros

    9. Britt Herbots (Novara, Belgium) 150,000 euros

    9. Cristina Chirichella (Novara, Italy) 150,000 euros