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    Halkbank is a good proof of that bringing world-class players in a team doesn't result in a world-class team🤦

    It reminds me of Eczacibasi (W) a few years ago (2016-17 maybe?). They have all star players on every position, but did not win any important champion in Turkey league that season (except WCC before season). I still remembered a regular match of Eczacibasi vs Vakifbank. They led 2:0, and 20:10 in set 3, but unbelievably lost to Vakif at 2:3. Since then, Eczacibasi lost the momentum.

    Perugia vs Piacenza is a good match. What a come back! What happened to Leon? He'd not been on court for a month. His injury is getting worse? Sirci will be upset if Leon could not recover before the club champion match.

    Ben Tara was solid in recent games, including super cup final. But I won't make a conclusion that he's a top OPP until this Superlega season is finished. I am not sure if Ben Tara could play for Poland NT. I don't think Ben Tara could replace Kaczmarek as a starter OPP right away. Ben Tara is 27-year-old, and Kaczmarek is 29. When Ben Tara is qualified to play for Poland NT, maybe he's close to 30?

    Kaczmarek is not stable, and could be irritating on court sometimes, but he can score at clutch time. I had watched a few games of Poland NT in VNL 2023, ECH 2023 and OQT 2024. Leon could carry the team as a core player, but Kaczmarek made crucial points a lot of times. Maybe Leon drew the attention of the defense, so Kaczmarek got a chance to score at clutch time. I don't know. Check how many set points or match points Kaczmarek nailed, and the data did not lie.

    The current Brazil NT:

    Setter: Bruno + Fernando

    OPP: Alan + Darlan

    OH: Lucarelli + Honorato

    MB: Lucas + Flavio

    L: Thales

    But the bench is not deep. Lucarelli is bothered by injury from time to time. Honorato is not a top level OH in Brazil NT. I don't know where Douglas is. He's much better than Honorato as a starter. Isac should be back as another MB for Paris 2024.

    Just take a look at the stats. Italy had a little bit better reception, but Janusz played 20 balls to the middles (Italy just 9). Not to mention Janusz had to set almost the whole match from pos. 6. And he was amazing: not just the quality of the sets, but also the tachtical choices. I repeat myself: this guy is the most underrated setter of this era of volleyball.

    Yes, Janusz was pretty solid these two seasons. He's better than Fabian for sure. Janusz has some amazing soft touch while passing tough balls, which makes it easy for wing spikers.

    Can not remember when Perugia had not make into 1/4 last time? Who's gonna to be blamed? Anastasi, Giannelli, Leon, libero...?

    Even legavolley was down for now. I guess lots of Angry Perugia fans are flooding over the site. LOL

    Starting from next season, the regular season will be boring cuz strong teams will save the energy for playoff. As long as the rank is higher than No #8 after regular season, you don't need to work hard to rank higher. It makes no sense. Perugia already showed us a bloody example. LOL

    Milano 3:1 Perugia

    The team that made 22:0 in regular season can not advance to quarter final.

    Perugia has become the biggest laughing stock this year.

    Anastasi must be a hidden traitor. LOL

    Hm, so now question is, is it still the toughest league in the world?

    Really? 30 matches during regular season comparing to 22 in Superlega it quite big difference.

    How? How you got to that conclusion?

    If you count quantity over quality, yes, PlusLiga is a "tougher" league than Superlega.

    TBH, teams like Lwow, Lubin, Radom, Bielsko-Biala can barely play in A1 in Superlega. The numbers of fish teams do not make a league tougher. Check how many top foreigner players are playing in Superlega vs. PlusLiga. The level of competition is clearly different.

    Or need someone teaching them how to build a team

    TBH, no matter how we bashed Perugia for the CL's loss, Perugia is still a strong team.

    Perugia had won Italy Supercup and world club champion this season. And a team that also won all games without a single loss in regular season (22:0) in Superlega (the toughest league in the world) can not be a bad team.

    The main issue for Perugia is:

    #1 mental toughness

    #2 roster arrangement. The team ran out of energy after regular season. The tough battle in Superlega helped Zaksa "in some way". I don't think the competition of PlusLiga is as intense as that of Superlega. Zaksa can afford to let their starters to sit out and get some rest in regular season, but Perugia can not. The first roster of Perugia have to play most of games in regular season to secure their CL spot. The players are exhausted after regular season. If this CL semi was played 2 months ago, the result may be different.