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    Serbia strikes back heavily in the second set. Atanasijevic is a monster among monsters! He's finally back in shape. Absolutely 100% spike rate until now. Serbia's block is killing Lyneel and Boyer so they can't spike the ball recklessly. But idk why when Serbia gets a good point distance they become loose, making too many errors and letting France get some consecutive points one after another.

    When AA is on fire, he's scary. But sometimes he choked in clutch time, such as WCH 2018 final 4 and Italian league final 2018-19.

    Fine, Serbia got 4th place in WCH 2018. France got 4th place in WCH 2014. If you still argue 2014 is also a stone age, I have no words. I don't like to discuss this topic with someone who did not even watch Men's games. You don't have to be an expert to understand what I said. As long as you watched Men's games, you will know.

    TBH, I am a Poland NT hater most of the time, I don't like Heynen and some of Polish players. But I do agree they are one of best teams in the world, based on the stats in world tournaments.

    The basic logic is: if we say Slovenia is a top team because they beat Russia/Poland in knockout. Then how about when Slovenia lost to North Macedonia and Russia in group matches, can we say they are a bottom team? Clearly not. In this case we just say they have a good day or bad day. So what's the standard to define a top team (Class A team) and good team (Class B team)? I won't use I feel, I think, I sense or whatever words. I only check their NT stats, esp stats in Olympics, WCH and WC. Hard evidence talks, just like we evaluate a player by his stats in the whole season, not just by several games.

    If someone said Slovenia is a top team in this ECH, I agree. But if someone said Slovenia is a top team in the world, I do not agree. A top team, by default, should be defined or checked by spanning a certain period of time, such as a few years, to make it more convincing. Just my 2 cents.

    I don't get that why you think the only criteria to call a team strong is to play semis in OG, WCh or WC?:what: Pol haven't reached semis in almost 40 years, same with France and Serbia. Indeed, with your logic France shouldn't be count as strong team because their only success in FIVB tournaments was reaching semis in 2014 WCh.:whistle:

    Poland got WCH champion twice in a row in 2014 and 2018. Do you know a country called Yugoslavia who got one time Olympics Bronze metal in 1996, one time Olympics champion in 2000, one time runners-up in WCH 1998, one time 4th place in WCH 2002, and one time Bronze metal in WC 2003. Do you have the idea of the relationship of Yugoslavia and Serbia? France got one time Bronze metal in WCH 2002, and one time 4th place in WCH 2014.

    Well, since you don't focus on men's volleyball, you probably don't even know the name of players, and you don't even watch Men's club games, It makes no sense to argue with you about men's volleyball.

    Thanks for the reply in details. I agree with some parts of your points. Well, this topic could be subjective, so I am not gonna argue it anymore. Just give out my opinion.

    I don't think population could be used as an excuse. What really matters is the population that engages in sports. Otherwise, China and India Men volleyball should be No. 1 and No.2 in the world because their population is No.1 and No.2 in the world.

    North Macedoni's population is also about 2M. They rank 131 in world volleyball ranking, but they beat Slovenia at 3:1 in ECH group match a few days ago. Can we make a conclusion that North Macedoni is a strong team? And how many people have guts to jump out to say Slovenia is a strong team at that time?

    Like I said, to evaluate a NT, you'd better show me the stats in Olympics, WCH and WC. I agree that Slovenia did not have chances to compete in some tournaments due to the limitation of rules and regulations. Let's take a look at Slovenia's NT performance overall.

    They rank at 25th in VNL 2016 and 13th in VNL 2017. They rank 12th in WCH 2018. Plus this year, Slovenia made to ECH final twice. It's their highlight. They got 8-9th place three times, and 13-16th three times as well. Maybe some people can call them a strong team, but I do not think so.

    IMHO, my list of active strong teams (Class A teams) is: Brazil, USA, Russia, Poland, Italy, Serbia and France.

    The list of the second class teams (Class B teams) is: Argentina, Canada, Iran, Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Australia

    Now NED had errors after errors.

    Zhu's attack at pos 4 is solid as usual. Zhang and Gong also contribute to the team.

    Yuan's attack and block improved a lot in this WC, compared with her performance in WCH 2018.

    If this China team play in WCH 2018, they might win the trophy.