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    Congrats to Lube! They are a better team in this series. IMHO, Simon is the MVP. When Simon is on the front row, he can easily draw attention of Perugia's block, which gives a lot of open opportunities for the teammates attacking at pos 4 and 2. Balaso played much better than Colaci on the contrary. DeCecco also outplayed Giannelli in this series.

    Another disappointing season for Perugia, No one in Perugia played on their normal level in this series.

    Both Giannelli and Travica can be starting setter. I am curious why Grbic did not wanna try 2 for 2 subs.

    Send Travica and Horst in for Giannelli and Rychlicki. At least it could change the rhythm.

    Perugia 3:1 Lube in game #3.

    Leon's finally back to his normal level with solid serve, reception and attack. Lube almost dragged the game into set #5.

    Perugia needs Leon play like this in next 2 games (if Perugia wins game #4 at Lube's home game).

    Kudos to Anderson. He's the most reliable attacker for Perugia in playoff even if he's 35 years old.

    Lube 3:0 Perugia, only one game away from champion.

    Perugia played like two teams in regular season and playoff. Their performance in playoff was blow their normal level.

    The team lost confidence and momentum after they had a heart-breaking loss in CL semi.

    Leon's knee injury made things even worse as Leon's attack and serve highly depend on his jump.

    Another issue with Perugia is mental toughness. I'd been watching Perugia's games for more than 5 seasons. They choked many times at clutch times, even with a strong roster.

    Perugia got top-class coach Grbic, top-class OH Leon and top-class setter Giannelli. Colaci is also a top-class libero although he's over the hill. Sole's a good MB too. Maybe only the local MB position is weak, compared with other positions. Such a strong team could not even win any CL and Superlega, three seasons in a row. What a shame.

    Anyone watched today's game? Perugia 2:3 Lube. It's the first time this season Lube defeated Perugia.

    Based on stats, Leon had another bad day with 9/23. Anderson 12/30, and Rychlicki 13/33. Dunno what's going on.

    If my memory serves well, the CL spots are calculated by the order:

    regular season champion -> superlega champion -> superlega runner-up -> regular season runner-up -> regular season 3rd winner.

    If this is true, Perugia, Lube and Trentino (regular season 3rd winner) will take 3 spots of CL next season. And Modena only got a spot for CEV cup.

    Just checked the stats of two games.

    Leon had another bad day. Luckily for Perugia, Anderson and Rychlicki saved the team with solid attack. Giannellie found his rhythm. Perugia's block was beyond their normal level, with 8 more blocks than Modena's. Anyone knew what happened to Leal? He was not even on court through the whole game.

    Garica subbing Zeytsev was turning point. DeCecco trusted Simon as his first choice. Simon, a MB, was the best scorer for Lube in this match. And some crucial points in set #5. Lucarelli also had a solid reception and attach ratio. As to Trentino, I did not know what happened to Michieletto, with only 19 attack attempts. Both Lavia and Pinali had horrible attack ratio. Sbertoli had great passes in CL and Superlega semi, but also some bad passes to kill the team momentum, unstable from time to time. He got a long way to go if he wants to become a top class setter.