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    Zenit-Kazan won Russia Super Cup by 3:1 Zenit St. Petersburg

    Cameho did not play. ZenitH has no chance with only Grozer. The 1st and 3rd set were blowout. Ngapet may be not as strong as Leon on offense end, but his defense was amazing with some great digs.

    I look forward to watching Kazan vs Perugia (if they meet) in CL this season.

    I have to say Leon is no doubt the No.1 men's volleyball player in the world for now. Look at his stats in Superlega so far. In the first two games, Leon had a 57% attacking PT%, given that he needs time to get used to DeCecco's setting. In last 6 games, including facing against strong teams like Lube, Trentino and Modena, Leon had a 60+% attacking PT%. He even made a 84% in the latest game against Grotte.

    As an OH, Leon's stats surpassed a top class OPP, not to mention his monster serves. His stats in Superlega are attached. Attacking PT% is in the red square.

    CL round 4 will start on Nov 20th, 2018. Here is the bracket.

    ECZ, Vakif and Novara should win the game if no drama. Two games are worth watching in this round. Imoco vs Scandicci. Although Imoco is the top dog, Scandicci won't surrender easily. Another game is Dinamo vs Fener. The winner probably nails the 1st place of Pool E.

    CL round 4 will start on Nov 20th, 2018. Here is the bracket.

    There are two games we can focus on. Lube vs Modena. Since Zaksa is also in Pool B, one of the three teams will be eliminated in group match. So every game in Pool B is crucial. Another game would be Dinamo vs Perugia. The winner most likely nails the 1st place in Pool E.

    it wasnt already a real matchup : Aydın vs Vakıf..

    two teams dominance has been lasting for many years..Fenerbahçe has intervened in the race at times ..Gala made the surprise two years ago etc..

    2016-17, ECZ got world club league champion, Fener got Turkish league champion and Turkish Cup, Vakif got CL champion.

    2017-18, Vakif got all champions except world club league champion (which was postponed due to WCH 2018), but Gala can still challenge Vakif. And ECZ and Vakif had an intense series in Turkish final.

    2018-19, It seems either Gala or Fener have no chance to challenge ECZ or Vakif.

    Vakif's easy win burst Aydin's bubble of a "good" team. Aydin didn't have any player who can score 10+ points while four Vakif's players did, even with Sloetjes sitting out the most of the time.

    This season looks kinda of boring. Vakif-ECZ duo dominate Turlish league, and Imoco-Novara duo rule Italian league. Other teams can only compete for the 3rd place.

    So far, this game is ugly. Both teams play like crap, but Gala is even worse. All Gala's OHs have poor reception. Even substitute Cetin can not pass ball well. She used to be Zhu Ting's substitute when she's was with Vakif. After two seasons with Gala, Cetin's reception dropped fast. But her reception is still better than Hande. Hande probably has the worst reception among all OHs in Turkish league. Boz is an error queen today. See how many hitting errors she made.

    If Gala can make top 6 by the end of this season, they are lucky. Forget about top 4. They are not even close, based on the games they have played.

    I just found something interesting.

    The newly launched EuroVolleyTV is created by Sportradar. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Sportradar has already acquired the core business of Sportman Media Holding, including and, in 2016.

    Therefore, I guess there will be no more CL live on Laola1.

    I remember laola1 offers two options for viewers. You can watch the game for free, but no backward option while watching the live stream. For premium members who pay the monthly fee, you can enjoy all streaming options, and with HD resolution. I don't mind paying a few bucks per month, if CEV can guarantee the streaming quality and allow us to download games we like.