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    Can someone explain all those Korean fans? Have they come all the way from Korea just to watch Kim, or are they people living in Turkey?

    They are mostly local Korean who live in Turkey, but there are also some die-hard fans flying to Turkey to support their idol. When KYK played for a Chinese club in Shanghai last year. Some of her loyal fans flew to Shanghai watching her game.

    I don't feel like opening a new thread for this, so I may as well post it here. Stav Jacobi (the owner of Volero) has founded a new organization - the Association of Professional Volleyball Clubs (ACPV), which you can read about here. According to information in Serbian media, his ultimate goal is to create a closed basketball-style Euroleague where the top 12 strongest/richest clubs would have a guaranteed place through contracts.

    So far, the answer from both the CEV and the FIVB has been a firm no, as one might expect. But things could get interesting over the next few years. I really don't think the current CL format is sustainable in the long run.

    I think Stav's goal is to make money from ACPV. He is a businessman after all. It's understandable that CEV and FIVB won't compromise, or they will lose the market.

    For those who like ACPV over current CEV/CL, could you explain in details why ACPV is better? Only 12 teams play in a closed league, would you think it's kind of boring? Soccer is a much bigger market, but we still see a lot of teams take part in CL each year.

    One word: "Peak". If a team performed at the highest level, surely they can't maintain that form/level in just a couple of months into the future. But everyone seems to agree that Russia was not playing at their best, Mikhaylov in particular received some criticism due to his form during WCH (or lack thereof). Also, WCH 2022 will be Mikhaylov's last chance to win the only medal he doesn't have in possession, same for Muserskiy and other legionaries like Butko, etc.

    I think either Butko or Grankin will be out of 2022 WCH. They are too old after 4 years. Kovalev will be the main setter for Russian NT. Muserskiy will be in the team if he has no big injury. Even Mikhaylov can not guarantee his spot in 2022. The WC 2019 is the first test.

    Yeah, I actually watched it live and was puzzled as to what they saw. They didn't disturb an opponent's play and moved their feet across the line, so it seemed odd indeed.

    kyle7in1 I don't know if the rule changed or not and I'm unaware of it, but from the countless games I watched where something similar happened, it's only a fault when the feet cross the line or when the player interrupts the opponent's movement or play. So, judging by this, both Smarzek and the other player did not commit any fault. It's no wonder they got so upset over it because even the challenge system showed nothing irregular happened.

    That video I posted is from 2015. I am not sure if FIVB has changed the rules since then. A normal scenario of a fake center line violation happens when the ball is already "dead". Then it won't be counted as a violation.

    IMO it was a clear mistake by the referee because neither of the Bergamo players was in the opponent court with a foot and they didn't disturb their opponents either, so the referee had no right to call it. No idea if there was a challenge, I just saw it in this highlight video and found it quite odd.

    You are wrong. According to volleyball rules: "Crossing the court center line with any part of your body is a violation. Exception: if it is the hand or foot. In this case, the entire hand or entire foot must cross for it to be a violation.

    The players' upper body, including the hands, clearly crossed the center line. It's a good call from the referee. Check this video, you will see the definition of center line violations.

    It's still the beginning of this season. I have not watched Aydin's game yet. I will have an impression of how good they are after I watch Aydin vs Vakif.

    i almost agree with you...apparently Alikaya was making a difference for Gala considering the current setters of the team..sure the reception was better when Alikaya was the setter two years ago ( i mean when the OHs were Güldeniz-Leys Duo)..MB Jackson is a good attacking MB,if only she were a better blocker..

    Meryem could play much better for sure.(she has had some good performances too) .she didnt seem to be showing her best during the match against Vakıf ..Hande is trying to adapt to the system as a STARTİNG OH which is something new for her.

    the fourth position seems to be at stake...two teams at least ,if not more, are ready to challenge Galatasaray : Aydın and THY.

    Beylikdüzü and Beşiktaş are also ready to take the opportunity when it is available

    Yes, Aydin looks stronger than I thought. They have three players (2 spikers and 1 MB) from Dominican Republic. Next game vs Vakif is a real test for them.

    Gala is much weaker than last season.

    Hande < Kosheleva, Boz < Neslihan, Jackson < Jack, Aydinlar < Alikaya.

    With the current roster, Gala can not play a fast game like they have done in last two seasons. Vakif's blocks tortured Gala's attackers from the beginning to end in this game. And Vakif only need to serve to Hande as her poor reception is a loophole. Vakif also made many unforced errors, but they still won this game easily. Gala have a lot of work to do if they wanna stay in top 4 at the end of this season.

    Yes, I know. Like I said, there is no doubt that they were a couple; just thought kyle7n1's post implied that they confirmed they were a couple, which I was not aware of.

    Yes, "they are a couple but not officially come out" would be more accurate.

    Each set was pretty close. Set 3 seems to be a blowout. Fener made a comeback but can not nail the set point. Fener's unforced errors and poor reception in clutch time cost the game. I did not check the stats, but I think Fatma is a big problem for Fener. Sila also set some bad balls that are too close to net.

    I had no idea about Patch. :white:

    There are rumors floating around about Benjamin Patch and his teammate Taylor Averill. It's not been confirmed though. All these photos are from Ben's instagram. Maybe they are just good friends.

    i guess Vakıf wins 3-0 or 3-1 at worst..on the other hand Galatasay has a reputation for playing well against Vakı

    on Eczacı - Fener : Eczacı is the fav...if Fener shows its struggle like against Vakıf, could be a nicer match

    Yes, Gala was always a challenge for Vakif in last two seasons, but only when they have Jack and they could play a fast transition game with some amazing serves. But this season is different. Hande's reception is a weak point that Vakif will make full use of. Like what Vakif did to her when she's was with ECZ last season. In game 4 of Turkish final last season, Hande's poor reception made ECZ collapse in a 0:3 game.