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    Gala is much weaker than last season.

    Hande < Kosheleva, Boz < Neslihan, Jackson < Jack, Aydinlar < Alikaya.

    With the current roster, Gala can not play a fast game like they have done in last two seasons. Vakif's blocks tortured Gala's attackers from the beginning to end in this game. And Vakif only need to serve to Hande as her poor reception is a loophole. Vakif also made many unforced errors, but they still won this game easily. Gala have a lot of work to do if they wanna stay in top 4 at the end of this season.

    Yes, I know. Like I said, there is no doubt that they were a couple; just thought kyle7n1's post implied that they confirmed they were a couple, which I was not aware of.

    Yes, "they are a couple but not officially come out" would be more accurate.

    Each set was pretty close. Set 3 seems to be a blowout. Fener made a comeback but can not nail the set point. Fener's unforced errors and poor reception in clutch time cost the game. I did not check the stats, but I think Fatma is a big problem for Fener. Sila also set some bad balls that are too close to net.

    I had no idea about Patch. :white:

    There are rumors floating around about Benjamin Patch and his teammate Taylor Averill. It's not been confirmed though. All these photos are from Ben's instagram. Maybe they are just good friends.

    i guess Vakıf wins 3-0 or 3-1 at worst..on the other hand Galatasay has a reputation for playing well against Vakı

    on Eczacı - Fener : Eczacı is the fav...if Fener shows its struggle like against Vakıf, could be a nicer match

    Yes, Gala was always a challenge for Vakif in last two seasons, but only when they have Jack and they could play a fast transition game with some amazing serves. But this season is different. Hande's reception is a weak point that Vakif will make full use of. Like what Vakif did to her when she's was with ECZ last season. In game 4 of Turkish final last season, Hande's poor reception made ECZ collapse in a 0:3 game.

    Gonna watch ECZ vs Fener and Vakif's vs Gala. My guess is ECZ and Vakif will win. Fener's serve is good, but ECZ has no issues with their reception as KYK and Larson are starters.

    It seems female players have no issues of coming out. We've seen some female volley couples - Marianne and Sheilla, Carol and Anne. But most gay volley players are still in closet. Douglas is the only one who openly comes out. Maybe the pressure on gay volley players is higher than that on lesbian players?

    More info about "Green Card":…reen-cards-for-fair-play/

    According to Lega Pallavolo CEO Massimo Righi, there are two purposes to the new green card: to bring more fairness and sportsmanship to the game; and to speed up games.

    “The inclusion of this rule will bring several benefits,” Righi said. “We will try to enhance fairness, and to shorten matches. The objectives are therefore twofold: to increase fair play and restore the value chain, re-aligning the values of volleyball with the behavior of the players, and shorten the dead times of the games.”

    The cards within a game will not have any direct benefit, but the league will use them as a way to market and promote teams that exhibit fair play. At the end of the season, the league will add up the green cards for each team in the league, and the team that accrued the most will be given a sum of money to donate to charity.

    A funny thing happened in Perugia vs Modena's match today. This is the first time I saw the referee shows a "green card" on court. :lol:

    It's a new rule to encourage an honest player when there is a controversial judgement.

    The referee signaled that Modena's spike was outside. When Modena's players are complaining to referee, Leon raised his hands to show the referee there was actually a block touch on him. So the referee reversed the judgement. It's no need to waste time on a video check. It's good for audience. In order to encourage Leon's decent behaviour. The referee rewarded him with a green card. 8o

    Another hot game in this round, Kuzbass 3:1 Zenit St. Petersburg.

    Cameho played bad with a 33% attacking. Not sure if he has recovered from injury. ZenitH's another OH sucked too. Only Groser was reliable. But it's not enough to win the game with only one good OPP. ZenitH's defense was off too. Kuzbass got some easy points by drop shots. The set 3 and set 4 were blowout for Kuzbass.

    Perugia 3:1 Modena. Now they rank No.1 in Superlega. The set 4 is kind of a blowout. Leon, Lanza and Atanasijevic all served well. With Perugia's high percentage attacking in set 4, Modena barely stand a chance. A decent win for Perugia.

    i think Perugia wants to win CL signing Leon ? right ( i havent been following men's volley in the recent years)

    Yes. Perugia swept three champions in Superlega last season. But they missed the most important one - the CEV champion. That's the reason why they signed Leon. Perugia must spend a lot to convince Leon of leaving Kazan as Leon has been with Kazan a few seasons with a huge success.