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    Lube's reception was a solid system with Sanders and Jenia covering the court in last season. Now they're both gone. You can see Lube struggled with reception all the time in this season. Trentino started with a 6:2 lead in set 5, but their unforced errors eventually cost the game. A terrible loss.

    Barnes got injured before WCH, and Brenden replaced him. If Juan rest, they need an italian OH to keep a foreign MB on court. So it should be Massari. However, it's definitely not the best option. Another option is to sign Kovar back after the suspension which ends at the end of Novermber.

    Brenden Sander is just like Milan in the last season. He will rarely be on court, or maybe just serving substitution.

    Someone said Perugia might sign Kovar as a substitute for Lanza.

    Chemistry is nothing if it means not having any healthy players.

    Lube beat Perugia without Juantorena or Sokolov as titulars. I think it's entirely possible they can beat any team without Juantorena atleast.

    World Club matches and CEV are coming soon. It's not easy for an "old" team like Lube. Juan 33, Stan 33, Leal 30, Cester 30, Simon 31, Bruno 32. If you rest Juan, whom are you gonna put on court, Barnes, Massari or Brenden? As long as Lube's starters are not injuried that bad, Medei will keep them on court, like what he did in previous seasons.

    Lube can beat Perugia for sure, but they lost in all clutch games in last season. That's why they got 3 runner-ups in Italian League. With Leon in Perugia, the chances of Lube beating Pegugia look slim in this season. The last game Perugia beating Lube was a slaughter. Let's see how they adjust in the future.

    I don't think rhythm is the biggest problem of Lube but Juantorena's health. He needs to rest badly. Three of Lube's top attackers can score anytime but rest is important especially on players coming from injuries or old age and world tournaments which Leon did not participated in this year.

    The win against Trentino gives them a position to rest him in matches before the FIVB Club World Championship except for matches vs Modena or Zaksa maybe. I think battles against mid tier teams in Superlega, Lube can afford to give Juantorena skipping the matches which is the best thing they can do for now.

    Rhythm is the key of the chemistry. Juan and Sokolov have been with Micah for a few seasons. Micah and Bruno have totally different style on setting. It takes time for Lube's attackers to get used to Bruno's setting. Leal and Simon are also new in this team.

    I agree Juan needs to skip some unimportant games. But I don't think Medei has the guts to rest Juan as we want. Their attacking line still looks shaky.

    He got paid a lot to play as an opposite. He's already at the age of wanting to earn more money before retirement. I don't think he will get the same value as a MB if he remained in Russia. He already won almost everything. I don't think he'll care about it and you also need to consider the heavy traveling in Russian League which is probably be a bigger problem to him with a growing kid in his family.

    I agree. Fans just want to see him in Russian NT for WC 2019 and Tokyo 2020.

    Lanza's attacking is pretty solid in this game, but he still struggled with his reception. In last 3 games in a row, Lanza's reception % is even lower than Leon. That's not a good sign. This season Perugia replaced Aaron Russell with Lanza to help the reception, given that Lanza's reception avg % in his whole career is over 50%.

    If Modena or Zaksa gets drawn for Lube in their champions league campaign first, Lube will have a killer fixture before World Club Championship.

    Based on a few games Lube has played in this season, they have not found their rhythm yet. Bruno, Sokolov, Leal, Juan or Simon...They don't have a core play to rely on. It looks messy on court.

    Not like Lube, Leon has become the go-to guy for Perugia. Just like what he did in Kazan.

    Vakif did not play well in this game. The sets they won had a huge win/lose points gap, and the set they lost was close. It should be a 3:0 game even without Zhu. But it's just the beginning of the season. There're too many things to settle down in a sudden. We may see the trend after half season.

    Pool A is easy for Kazan. Pool B is insane. Lube, Zaksa and Modena are in same group, which means one of them will die in the first phase of CEV. Pool C and D are ok. Pool E is still better than Pool B. Perugia and Dinamo fight for the 1st place.

    D and E look a bit tough. Imoco and Savino fight for the 1st in group D. Dinamo and Fenerbahce fight for the 1st of the group E.

    But I think it's not a problem for all of them to advance to the next round.

    Lube all-stars market may be an epic fail already.

    The worst move was bringing 32 years old Bruninho for the 25 years old Christenson, which has been playing extremely well lately. I'm huge fan of Bruninho, but on the long run it doesn't make any sense.

    I wouldn't blame Balaso: Grebennikov was the shadow of himself during his 2 years with Lube. :whistle:

    The reason why Lube replaced Micah with Bruno is the administration lost the patience. Lube had four round-ups last season, esp in CEV final. They could not nail it at 11:7 lead in set 5. That hurt a lot. They think they need to change. Maybe the change turns out to be even worse this season.