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    Leal's 18% attacking percentage is not acceptable in this game. I'm glad he was benched for the last two sets. Leal is a big disappointment so far this season. His status was not even close to his status in Sada.

    Lube 15:13 Monza. Lube played ugly but won this game luckily. Monza's net touching fault at 12:10 is a turning point. Simon and Leal are still not integrated into Lube's system. Bruno's setting is not stable either. And with their shaky reception, it's a tough season for Lube.

    Monza could not nail it with a 19:16 lead in set 2. Now Lube tied the game 1:1. Lube's reception still sucks. But Juan played pretty solid on attacking in set 2. Monza's amazing aces are unsustainable with time passing by.

    I think today will be the last game of Medei.

    Lube needs to bench Simon ( shameful blocking performance. Today he can't even touch the ball) and Juantorena (humiliated at reception ,6 aces for Plotnytskyi in the first set, no attack, zero block or serve) as soon as possible.

    8 aces for Plotnytskyi so far . (We're only 5-2 in the second set). He is going to break the record

    Monza leads 1:0 now. The game is still on.

    Great game by United Volleys, even without Krick. Karlitzek had a good night in attack.

    Tzourits didnt play well, only 5/27.

    I thought the greek team was favorite before the game start. But now i think that the german team has all the chances to go to the group phase .

    Did United Volleys already lose the 1st and 2nd round both in a 2:3 game? Now they won 3:0 in the 3rd round. The chances for them to advance to 4th final was slim?

    The focus is on Fener vs Vakif. Let's see how Vargas and Bricio perform while facing a real strong team.

    Lube's reception was a solid system with Sanders and Jenia covering the court in last season. Now they're both gone. You can see Lube struggled with reception all the time in this season. Trentino started with a 6:2 lead in set 5, but their unforced errors eventually cost the game. A terrible loss.

    Barnes got injured before WCH, and Brenden replaced him. If Juan rest, they need an italian OH to keep a foreign MB on court. So it should be Massari. However, it's definitely not the best option. Another option is to sign Kovar back after the suspension which ends at the end of Novermber.

    Brenden Sander is just like Milan in the last season. He will rarely be on court, or maybe just serving substitution.

    Someone said Perugia might sign Kovar as a substitute for Lanza.

    Chemistry is nothing if it means not having any healthy players.

    Lube beat Perugia without Juantorena or Sokolov as titulars. I think it's entirely possible they can beat any team without Juantorena atleast.

    World Club matches and CEV are coming soon. It's not easy for an "old" team like Lube. Juan 33, Stan 33, Leal 30, Cester 30, Simon 31, Bruno 32. If you rest Juan, whom are you gonna put on court, Barnes, Massari or Brenden? As long as Lube's starters are not injuried that bad, Medei will keep them on court, like what he did in previous seasons.

    Lube can beat Perugia for sure, but they lost in all clutch games in last season. That's why they got 3 runner-ups in Italian League. With Leon in Perugia, the chances of Lube beating Pegugia look slim in this season. The last game Perugia beating Lube was a slaughter. Let's see how they adjust in the future.