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    Honestly, really tough to watch for me was Serbian play in London 2012 Olympics. And not just tough to watch but to hear some bad things.It's a good thing that our squad and Terzic survived somehow all those troubles, it could be ugly.

    I would always prefer stressful games like this final and OI semi against USA instead some sweep wins (the joy after the match is much bigger) or losses. ;)

    I know it's not good for weak heart.

    This point in the tiebreak tied at 8-8 was the turning point for Serbia.... Egonu spikes from the back and Busa keeps it alive with a amazing defense and then Boskovic ends the rally with a insane spike.

    Yup, Busa was great today, so Bosetti on Italian side, even on that last point of the match with good defense.A little unexpected on both sides.

    After closer look, block Mihajlovic on Chirichella in the last point of the match is maybe move of the game, amazing really.And she didn't get any award. ?(

    as to best middle blocker, some people say Danesi should be given.i see all statas.Block :Yan is 1st,Danesi is second,Rasic is scores :Rasic is 1st, Yan is second.Danesi is Yan and Rasic win

    Exactly, and for example, Brankica Mihajlovic has a such high digging numbers, with that play today in final, she deserved award more then anybody.

    Guys let's not worry about individual awards, it's not that important in the end. Neither Brankica nor Maja looked bothered whatsoever ;) everyone deserves recognition really, Italian girls deserved it for something to cheer them up after this incredible run.

    Serbian girls all world champions and the best team in the world, Maja and Brankica were starters. They don't need anything else

    Great post, only if some other posters could have the same attitude.....

    I have only the best words for Italian team and already wrote that.

    The great thing about Italy is their gold championship window is still open for many years.

    Serbia is probably near its ending with Maja so close to retiring even if you have Boskovic and Mihajlovic there, serbia is weaker without their legendary setter at helm. They probably wouldn't even make it out of the third round without her in my opinion.

    Your opinion is wrong.Maja will play in Olympics also, bt don't forget, Serbia with Zivkovic won European championship.With Milenkovic, Blagojevic and maybe someone else instead of Bjelica, Serbia will be much stronger in the next big competition.

    I see a lot of bitterness and ruins here on forum because Serbia won.Well, get used to this.

    Well done our girls, you gave your hart and everything in the final!You are our queens and heroes here in Serbia!

    A small and money poor Serbia is the world champion in front of not just volleyball powers, but also world politic and economic powers.USA, Russia, Brazil, Italy, China, Japan, they all are behind Serbia, that's really unbelievable. And now Serbia is reigning world and European champion, plus world cup and Olympic silver medalist.

    Boskovic was the best when was the most matter.But real hero of this match is Bianka Busa, everybody talked bad things about Busa, but she showed a lot of that in the final and gave her heart and more.

    Big congrats for Italy, you girls are great team and bright future is in front of you.There will be many more great volleyball battles between Serbia and Italy.

    Rasic is not behind Danesi in MB statistical race.Danesi is someway better blocker, but Rasic is also someway better scorer.Rasic was better then Danesi in third round duel and if Serbia wins tomorrow, with Rasic's good play, she clearly deserves individual award (Ni Yan probably will get award). If Italy wins, then we will see, depends on other possible individual awards for Italy/Serbia.Ognjenovic may not get award, even if Serbia wins.But a lot of options are on the table.

    The better team tomorrow will be deserved winner, it's not Italy now before the match even started.I don't understand those comments about Italy being deserved champion right now.If Italy is the best, they need to beat Serbia tomorrow, it's that simple.

    The both team deserved to be in the final, Serbia nothing less then Italy.

    And don't forget, Serbia is playing with only 13 players (without Milenkovic), if we can speak about some impressions what is deserved and what isn't, that should be counted also.

    I guess that was Japan thanking Serbia in a way for their help in round 2. That ball was digged by Knip. Serbia, you are disgusting with what you did. You have no shame or honor or whatsoever.

    Some really stupid comments here, this one particularly and that's the only disgusting thing, not Serbia's great volleyball team.

    Also, please share some respect to Serbian team and Serbian volleyball, Serbia isn't one time volleyball wonder (both men's and women's teams) but has nice tradition.And all of that from the country with 7 million people and very, very poor economy and life standard.Nobody else could achieve this in those conditions.