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    Italy has plenty of very young players who certainly are going to have a great career, all born between 2000 and 2004.

    Setters: Rachele Morello, Francesca Scola, Sofia Monza

    OH: Loveth Omoruyi, Terry Enweonwu, Alice Tanase, Valeria Battista, Marisa Teresa Bassi, Katarina Bulovic, Sara Cortella, Elena Pietrini

    Opposite: Giulia Frosini, Julia Ituma,

    MB: Sarah Fahr, Marina Lubian, Fatime Kone, Linda Nwakalor

    Libero: Sara Panetoni

    For the third time in a row after 2015 and 2017 the Italian under 18 NT has reached the final at the World Championships, in Egypt. Tomorrow they’ll play for the gold against the USA

    There are many others behind. Italy is World u18 and European u19 champion and European u16 runner-up. A new generation of very very strong player is growing up, many of them already playing in the A1 and A2 league. Nobody can foresee the future but Italy is probably going to be one of the World volley superpowers in the next years.

    Serbia is a true and authentic European team. Unlike Italian team which has a bunch of African players with a Italian citizenship. Serbia is going to win the final.

    They were born in Italy, taught volley in Italy by Italian trainers, live in Italy, play in Italy. They are ITALIAN!

    Trust me, the new generations born between 1996 and 2002 are way better than the ones before. Egonu and Pietrini will be the two stars, but in every position Italy will have excellent quality and power also thanks to many black players born in Italy in recent years.

    I agree. Italy is U18 World Champion twice in a row and European U19 Champion, with many absolutely gifted players virtually in any position: Rachele Morello is a very promising setter, like Francesca Scola. There is plenty of OH like Terry Enweonwu (Paola Egonu's cousin), Valeria Battista, Loveth Omoruyi (she's just 16 but absolutely sensational, with many matches in A2 league last year), Alessia Populini (great personality, a really tough girl), powerful and tall MB like Beatrice Berti and Alexandra Botezat (both playing in Busto), I guess on the same level than Lubian and Fahr but a little older (the former is 22, the latter is 20), very promising libero like Chiara De Bortoli, Sara Panetoni and Elisa Tonello. And I didn't mention players like Vittoria Piani, a great opposite in my opinion (1998), Jennifer Boldini (a very classy setter, 1999, now playing in A2, last year in Bergamo), Alice Tanase (2000, 2 matches and 26 points as OH in A2 league this year), Jessica Joly (another strong OH, 2000). The list could be much longer but I just don’t want to bother you

    Malinov will be best in the world very soon. She has natural skills and possibilities.

    Totally agree. She can manage many different situations and attacking schemes . And keep an eye on Lele Morello, u17 World champion and u18 European Champion with Italy. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a top player quite soon.