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    Li Yingying is a new hopeful. Gong has improved her reception greatly since 2016 from having almost no reception so China can free up Zhu (I think she only takes 3 or 4 rounds of reception these days). Ding has gotten more stable and Yuan is better at block and attack too. Wang Mengjie is a great defender but she can't cover for the attackers in reception, like Popovic and Malesevic can have a 2 woman reception system.

    Honestly, Hui's stats were not very good in Rio (but she did play well vs Serbia). I think Zhang is like Hui, but physically stronger attack and weaker reception.

    What's interesting to me is that in Rio, Serbia had a starting 6+libero that they did not change much, whereas China had one starter for sure and the other 5 were a toss up. In the WC in 2019, China had 7 starting players for every single game (+ Li Yingying) but now Serbia has more options in OH2 and both middles, although Milajlovic, Ognejovic (sorry can't spell her name) and of course Boskovic will definitely start. So it will be interesting to see the types of roster change.

    Either way, China and Serbia haven't played full-strength since the 2016 final and they have developed a lot in the last two years. I hope they meet in the final.

    Where did you see this? I've looked everywhere and can't find it.

    Is everyone ready to watch another Oscar deserved movie between Serbia and Japan? I'm curious how good it will be?

    I guess it can't be better than what they did in 2012 Olympic Qualification Tournament. But it might be better than WCH'18.

    Ps; I guess Japan-Serbia will play in last day of group phase. Serbia will already ensure first place in the pool...?

    Yes they will play last day because they're nos 1 and 2 in group. Same should be for China and USA in group b

    But Russia also remains on top since forever and they have to compete in Europe. It's not like they have been as strong as they used to (certainly below Serbia and Italy atm) but they still qualify for the major tournaments like WC, WCh, and OG

    btw the contrast between Turkish posts in Stysiaks IG vs Smarzeks IG :rolll: comedy gold

    The crazy people in IG are there probably bcs as I said it entered #1 in twitter and with that the mainstream and the toxic masculine hooligans that we see often in football, tennis, basketball and every sport all around the world have entered. It is also really about perspective and how you look at things really a lot of times. I wish we lived in a world where we could complete ignore things as ethnicity, color, sexuality etc. but we have a way too long road ahead of us for that.

    are the comments in Turkish, Polish, or English? If it's English I might go check it out haha

    I think if russian athletes participate under the Olympic flag , Serpentine system ranking may change , What do u think about that?

    certainly balances out the groups if Russia plays under olympic flag and is seeded last (and it definitely favours them). And it won't be good for Korea.

    A: Japan, Serbia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Russia.

    B: China, USA, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Kenya

    A: Japan, Serbia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Russia.

    B: China, USA, Italy, Korea, Puerto Rico, Kenya

    you should list the host city,time shedule,and the arenas

    The indoor volleyball competition will take place at Ariake Arena in Ariake, Tokyo.

    Schedule starts at July 26 and is every second day (26, 28, 30, Aug 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) with the latter 3 days being QF, SF, F.

    I only know the schedules for Japan and China. They will play their group stage opponents in decreasing rank. So, CHN-USA and JPN-SRB will be last day.

    Groups depend on result of Puerto Rico - Dominican Republic later today.

    if Dominican Republic wins:

    Group A
    Group B
    Japan (Host, 7)
    China (1)
    Serbia (3) USA (2)
    Brazil (4)
    Russia (5)
    Korea (9) Italy (8)
    Dominican Republic (10)
    Argentina (11)
    Kenya (19) Turkey (12)

    If Puerto Rico wins:

    Group A
    Group B
    Japan (Host, 7)
    China (1)
    Serbia (3) USA (2)
    Brazil (4) Russia (5)
    Korea (9)
    Italy (8)
    Argentina (11) Turkey (12)
    Kenya (19)
    Puerto Rico (13)

    You joking? Japan is 100% making it out of that weaker group at their home olympics.

    Could they beat Serbia/Brazil? They lost to Korea convincingly in Rio, the World Cup and Asian Games, not to mention Korea always brings their best game to the Olympics. And with the Dominican Republic you never know..... they're kind of a crazy team.

    I'm not saying they have no chance, but it would depend on their matches with Korea and Dominican Republic.

    USA hasn't lost to Russia in years.

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