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    In Canada, supported the American government closing it's borders with us.

    This makes it so much more difficult. At least you are giving us something to do during quarentine ;)

    I'd agree with your roster mostly, some changes:

    De Gennaro <==> Kotoe Inoue

    Boskovic <==> Egonu

    Tomkom <==> Maja

    but idk, i was mostly focused on replacing tomkom with a taller setter (for blocking) and Maja was the first one that came to my mind. So then I had to replace Boskovic and then led to a bunch of replacements.

    Everyone thinks it won't affect them until it does.... Virus doesn't need passport or visa.

    current active:

    starting 7:




    de gennaro



    zhang/sylla/mihajlovic (2 of 3, can't decide)

    yan/koroleva/danesi (again 2 of 3)

    gizem orge (from vakif, not a NT player)

    “ 'If #COVID19 only kills people above 40, why should we close schools' Bolsonaro now (using a teleprompter) on national TV. Zero mentions of the 46 victims in Brazil. And attacks on press and governors."

    What you saw happen in Italy and what is still happening there and the whole world... it's going to happen here in Brazil, and it will be worse, much worse... Just wait and see... And for me, I'm trying to stay calm, God knows I'm trying, but I don't know how much I can handle, I don't know how long I can take it... I know you all get pretty agitated when we talk about politics and that a lot of people won't care about any of this.. But this parasite needs to fuck the hell off, or worst, because, if he doesn't, we will (continue to) suffer... we will die!

    So, after all that off my chest... In the end, when this is all over, please, never forget what happened, remember to empathize with each other, remember that your life is worthy, A LOT, but as much as anyone's life and vote for what's right, for good people who cares about people, not capitalism puppets. Please!

    Yikes. Hang in there

    Maybe I’m a bit selfish but I really hope for nov 2020. I don’t want to loose this year for good. I hope that coming summer will heal the situation. But if medical authorities will give the opinion that 2021 would be better, then ok. Too many people dying to ignore this.

    I don't think nov 2020 is possible. For volleyball it is ok. But what about other sports that are played outside? It gets cold in the winter....

    News is Italy has taken over China in terms of total number of deaths. Is that true? How could that possibly happen?

    In South East Asia Indonesia has the highest number of deaths despite having low number of positive cases. This might due to the lack of high quality handling. I read on Twitter that it took about 3-5 days to do the test there when it took only few hours on some other countries.

    This is hard man. I wish we all could follow Taiwan's ways of handling this.

    The short answer is that Italy didn't lock down until the entire country was infected (and the medical system is overwhelmed so doctors have no choice but to choose who to cure), whereas China locked down the one province with the original outbreak and sent medical staff from the other provinces into that outbreak province. So you have a country's healthcare system supporting a province in China.

    The reason for not seeing many left MBs is the fact that the ball needs to travel longer before it reaches to their left arm compared to right arm, thus making their attack more predictable (same issue with left handed outsides but they can afford this slight disadvantage while MBs need to be extremely fast and unpredictable) also lefty MB would have less angle at attack since their approach is generally very close towards the setter

    That is true for A-quick, but what about the slide? wouldn't the left arm be closer?