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    All jokes aside, it IS both important and very much relevant to include them when you are discussing the 2 player's NT repertoire, both in terms of accomplishments, and in terms of direct rivalry.

    Boskovic for sure has the better record in ECh, but what I wanted to express in my original comment is that although Egonu was showing signs of maturity in 2017, she really matured in 2018 during the WCh and developed into the player she is and it's about how long they've played, not who won what.

    My personal opinion is that Boskovic has been playing at a high level on the NT since 2015 even though she is still improving. For Egonu that's 2018 onwards.

    So I think comparing "consistency" between Boskovic who's been playing at a high level since 2015 (with six major events: 2015 WC, 2015 ECh, 2016 OG, 2017 ECh, 2018 WCh, 2019 ECh) and Egonu who has played two major events (2018 WCh and 2019 ECh) is kind of pointless. You can talk about the consistency of Boskovic's performance, but for Egonu there's only been two events, so....

    Serbian NT has reached their peak way earlier than Italian with current starting six. We will see how will they perform after 2years when they are gone need to change 80% of their starting six. Maja, Rasic, Veljkovic, Popovic S, Brankica....

    At Rio Egonu had terrible team around her. They were super messy, and Serbia was amazing.

    Italy have possibilty to perform on the same level for next 2 Olympic cycles after Tokyo.

    I would say Serbia was good from 2015-onwards (the key event being the world cup) and Italy 2017-onwards (since 2017 GP, but it's mostly Egonu).

    First thing that they should do is to let Brankica go. They are limiting them self because of her.

    And Robinson going back to China is not rumor. It is official. But She can come back after Jan again.

    You don't know what the CVL will be like in a post-olympic year (because even the organizers do not know ;) ). Historically, it's a longer league than what we've had the last two years.

    I think in 2016-17 it ended in Feb/march

    She's gonna spend the entirety of her peak in Eczacibasi. Everything about her indicates a quiet girl with no taste for adventures who when once finds her home won't budge from it until chased away, and it's clear she found one.

    I only hope (against hope) that she will at least make them pay handsomely for it. But knowing her, she has probably willingly reduced her market price by at least 30-40 %.

    It's always better to make more money (And I don't understand why she signed a two year contract, she'll still be top level in a year) but making 10 vs 15 million in a career is not much different, in my opinion. If she enjoys Eczacibasi, then that's great.

    edit: I think she's been there since she was 18 in 2015?

    What are we gonna do about that? Shinnabe isn't around anymore. I would exchange her for Ishii in a heartbeat but that's not going to happen.

    I still don't understand why she all of a sudden felt the urgency to retire. She never clarified that part other than her having an existing injury but she was willing to play had it been last year? it doesn't make any sense.

    maybe she has insider info that the tokyo olympics are gonna get cancelled (jk)

    *knocks on wood*

    Also, Yan Ni said she will retire, 2021 Tokyo will be her last international tournament. Last tournament is expected to be the National Games, as is convention for Chinese VB players.

    We will miss her for 2022 WCh for sure.

    Apparently they forgot 2004. KIND OF JUST LIKE THE MOVIE, right sitenoise? ;)

    Honestly though 2004 is the triumph of a fast system (all the Chinese players were below 6'2; the one tall player, Zhao Ruirui at 6'6, was injured in a very early match) over a tall, hard hitting system (Russia with Gamova & Sokolova)

    Looking back there are a few recognizable names that were active even in the 2016 cycle (Fabiana, Del Core, Centoni, Kimura, Carrillo, Rivera, and Logan)

    Who else is part of the Roster 100 list? from Japan's WNT

    I don't understand the numbering did it start from 1-100 or 100-1. I saw Boskovic and my queen Naz

    Erika Araki today and I think that's it so far for Japanese women

    I didn't see Naz; are you sure?

    People blame Karsta for that 5th set loss? If any, Karch should be blamed. Robinson played like an amateur in that 5th set but decided to burn Hill’s sub by making her a pinch server.

    Karsta's the reason that 5th set wasn't 15-6 for Serbia

    It will never happen since the olympics are almost always an economic loss for the host country. The last thing they want to do is increase the number of participants. I wish it was possible though.

    I think the 12 player thing is a feature from the old days when we didn't have liberos. 14 players should be the standard these days.

    Looks like Tianjin is reloading on more talent. Seen the news that 20 players originally part of Bayi will be joining their men's, youth men's, youth women's, and beach volleyball teams.

    Also seen something online about Yuan Xinyue and Wang Simin (Beijing's former libero) possibly joining Tianjin. Was hoping Yuan would go abroad or at least join another team instead of Tianjin.

    I've seen the rumors too. I don't really believe it for Yuan Xinyue.... I'm still thinking she would go abroad after Tokyo.

    Wang has played in the Italian league before. Looks like the coach doesn't trust Meng Zixuan/Liu Liwen (I don't either)

    VNL should be a barometer for Parsons. Club performance does not necessarily translate to NT performance. Besides, I don’t think Karch even puts much weight on club. he’ll lineup Karsta even when she’s doing nothing.

    Yeah what clubs did Karsta play in? I think she played once in CVL for Beijing in 2014-15.