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    Apologies if this wasn't clear, but my point is precisely that she wasn't good and that her spike efficiency was quite low. Brazil faced weak opponents in the first phase as you said, and Sheilla unfortunately wasn't deivering a good game back then - her attacks were stuffed or defended very often, she lacked power an and we saw that Dani trusted Natália and Garay much more due to to her bad phase.

    Sorry, misunderstood you because >30% attack efficiency is quite good

    I said sucked before and that's not true. But I don't think she was good either. I remember that she was really bad when the competition started, but played okay in the finals. In that year, opponents often let her with single blocks, and only Natalia and Garay were being consistent in attack throughout the year. I couldn't find the stats though.

    But in the same year, at the OGs, her efficiency in attack was 36.43%.

    That's higher than everyone else (edit: among those who made the SFs) except Zhu Ting (Mihajlovic is 2nd with 31.60%, no one else is over 30%) but Brazil played 5 rather easy 3-0's in pool play and only had one hard match in the QFs.

    The levels in the knockout stages is more intense and her efficiency would have gone down if she played in those matches. So it's not really a fair comparison.

    The decision hasn't been made and I dont think it will either.

    I'd rather bring Plummer or SWP in the extra spot (or another middle, given how injury prone ours are....) but what do I know lol

    Well, I mean if she's willing to play lib vs. Italy or China, then why can't she play lib vs the other teams too and save that 2nd lib spot for another opp or middle

    Not really, from the total 14 teams that participated in the Prelim, 8 teams advance into finals; out of the remaining 6 teams, the two lowest teams, Yunnan and Macau, are spared... positions 9 to 12 only play Beijing, Fujian, Sichuan and Hebei to determine the final ranking. But frankly I am surprised that they stage this 9-to-12 qualifying round :P

    I thought Yunnan was still playing? But Macau had to go home because they had other jobs.

    If the decision is already made to make Kelsey play libero then neither JWO nor Courtney have any business being near Tokyo.

    I think club world championships should be organized at the end of the season, maybe right after CL. Scheduling it at the beginning of the season doesn't make any sense because the rosters that won their continental championships generally won't be the same the following season. Also At the beginning of the season, most teams are struggling with their team chemistry. So it is far from ideal

    I don't think it's been this way since 2017. Fivb also ended wgp and started vnl that year, so I doubt it's possible to go back.

    It's good if other countries also participate with main players cause korea never participate i think and japan i think without players i remember last time

    But imo tianjin gonna be champions so we gonna have 2 teams from china again

    i wouldn't be so sure, the schedule for tianjin looks packed with possibly 4 starters going to vnl/olympics, and more important (for them, not for us) domestic competitions in september. There's also a question about which team from Guangdong will be the hosts. It could be evergrande, but there's also a new team based in Shenzhen that is a joint project with Serbian federation and it could be the host.

    Didn't kim participate as part to Eszacibasi last time? I don't think Japan have players that play abroad so until they host again it's unlikely they will participate.

    How it's going the qualifiers this year

    Originally the south american competition was going to be held at aprim but now csv has asked to fivb to postponed it to October

    Also i didn't heard anything about assian tournament

    Heard thailand will host. Tianjin will be there. Hopefully it's after olympics so they can send their main players.

    One more clip:

    BAIC vs Shandong -- Xue Yizhi 薛翼枝 personal best collection

    A lot of fans, doesn't she?

    "Xue will graduate after next season with her degree in international business, and will have a wide open future in front of her. That could feature splitting time between America and China, it could feature a professional contract in Europe, or returning to her home country to play and train full time as a professional and future Olympian. Right now, she’s happy to be a part of Long Beach’s community as both a student and an athlete."

    I think she definitely brings something different to the table compared to the other MBs. Maybe the coaches will give her a chance although I haven't seen her called up for NT training yet.

    Well, there aren't better defensive OPP/OHs than Zhu, Zhang, or Li in China either (like, are you really going to bring the 36 year old Zhang Lei?), so it looks like the only thing a sub can do is to change the attacking tempo. Li Yao will definitely play some matches, hopefully against teams sending their best players like USA/BRA/TUR. Otherwise this roster selection makes no sense.

    Yao Di has a great head for setting, but I'm not a fan of her technique. Too low for a team with 190+ hitters.

    Really like Zheng's style of play, but I don't think she would go. The serve level in CVL (where she receives and hits the occasional back row attack) is not the same as international competitions. Also her arms are kinda short, I'd guess a few opposites would just go right over her.

    Even in next years VNL (2022) we might not see that much new faces because the World Championship is also happening so national teams might be focused on their current veteran players (some of which should be cut by then, but won't be).

    Yan Ni would retire for sure by then -- reportedly during the CVL bubble earlier last year she was playing every second match because of intensity issues. This is not a concern in the Olympics because it's a match every 2 days. But for WCh it's a very intense competition with matches in consecutive days. Like most other Chinese athletes, she will most likely retire after the national games are finished. Wang Yuanyuan will really need to step it up then. Ding Xia might make it until 2024, who knows. My expectations post-olympics won't be that high anyways. I just hope they won't get dragged through the mud again if they have a "bad result" like what happened in 2018.

    Historically, it does look like the newcomer Li Yao will have a chance to go based on Gong Xiangyu 5 years ago. Fun fact: Li Yao is two years older than Gong Xiangyu...

    However, Zhang Changning and Liu Yanhan can both play opposites. With Yan Ni's age, it's not inconceivable that all 4 middles will go to Tokyo and Gong is the only opposite. I don't really think that either Li Yao's attacking or defending is stronger than Liu Yanhan's.

    I hope to see the new faces in VNL 2020. Wang Yizhu, Ni Feifan, Diao Linyu, Mei Xiaohan, Xue Yizhi, Gao Yi, etc. Paris will be a short cycle with only 3 years. OK, maybe against USA or ITA's A team it will be necessary to play the starters to test training results, but for teams not in the olympics or facing SRB's B/C/D/E/? team give the youngsters a chance. This cycle we already started late with a combination of peoples' insistence on playing starters at VNL/WGP and keep trying players that just weren't gonna cut it (with all due respect: Li Jing, Qian Jingwen, etc)

    For Rio, Zhu debuted in 2013 at 18 years old, Yuan in 2014 at 17 years old, Zhang also in 2014 at 18 years old. Lin Li was a bit older, 20, in 2013 and Gong was 18/19 when she started in 2016 WGP. This cycle's new people are really only Li Yingying, Ni Feifan, and Wang Yuanyuan (nb: which were developed largely by their provincial teams, not the national team) and they did not get enough international experience compared to the players of last cycle. Perhaps it's the burden of being on an Olympic gold medal team and there's pressure to deliver results even for VNL prelims.

    Anyways, I sound critical but really I just want to see more opportunities for young players.

    is she one of Opposite in Beijing team? So she was a MB. That's quite explained a lot about how i always thought she has a little bit weird spiking technique from zone 2 & 4.

    I think she may have played some time as opposite in the NCAA where she played 4 years of volleyball.

    She will never be allowed to play as opposite for Chinese NT unless if she can receive though (which I don't think she can rn).

    Agree with everyone there... Maybe in the 2024 cycle.