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    healthy Zhang Chang-ning (OH/OP), better Gong Xiang-yu (OP), the best substitute OH, Hui Ruo-qi, the best Xu Ruo-ya (OH), the best Wang Chen-yue (MB) focusing on block, the best Jiang Qian-wen (MB) focusing on spike and in theory, Chen Zhan who could stilll participate in 2017 Montreux

    Now - Hui Ruo-qi, Jiang Qian-wen and Chen Zhan retired, Zhang Chang-ning injured and influenced by some other things such as the ones about her boyfriend, Wu Guan-xi, Gong Xiang-yu becomes more tired, Wu Han (OH), Zhou Xin-yi (MB), Xu Lu-yao (OH/OP), Zang Qian-qian (L) and Ni Fei-fan (L) are all lack of experience, Wang Chen-yue is injured and "lost" her best block skill and so on

    Thanks tomen. I only saw Zhang and Gong get better at NT level. I guess they don't fit into Jiangsu's system as well.

    How did Changning's boyfriend make an impact on her performance? I have always wondered about this. Is he a bad influence to her? Is there a gossip somewhere? I wanna know :lol:

    Most NT members or even provincial team members are single to begin with. The old generation believes in general that dating will affect the ability to concentrate. Hence why some parents do not want their children to date in school for example. It's prevalent in the old generation (which are coaches, parents -- it's important to remember most of these girls are in their teens or early 20s, etc). They tend to date later in life -- for example some of the older members of teams are known to have boyfriends and this didn't cause a stir in the media.

    With that context out of the way, normally if the NT/provincial team members date they do not make it very public, for example Wei Qiuyue the setter in 2016.

    Also, Zhang was an OG gold medalist to begin with, and she was pretty, and Zhu Ting went to Turkey right after Rio. So naturally the media attention is on her. She was only 22 - 24 when these things occured, and should have been beginning to peak in performance. But after Hui left Jiangsu and she took over the captain role, the team finished 4th twice in the league, and she had some injuries (stupid jiangsu coach overusing her -- not "letting" her do surgery from a 2017 issue all the way until right before the Wch I think) which led to a less-than-ideal performance at the WCh and caused her to miss out on the Asian Games too. There were some other, more minor things but this is the gist of it.

    As for whether dating actually affects performance, I am in agreement with the older generation: of course it affects a little. But people need to live life too and she already has OG and National Games gold medals.

    No Fetisova? :down::down:

    I hope Yan Ni remains healthy until Tokyo 2020. She is one of the most dynamic MBs both in blocking and attacking. However, she is not getting any younger.

    I remember Gao Yi being a prospect few years ago. I havent seen her since then.

    I am sure she will, and will also secure a best Mb. Then she gets best Mb from all 3 competitions. What a great way to retire

    zhutingfan are there chinese MBs who are same level or close to Yan Ni and Yuan Xinyue?

    No, but that is different because of Yan Ni's age. In theory, the starting 7 and Li will play the entirety of the matches unless if one of the teams in the group stage is really weak, or if there are injuries/massive drop in form.

    Tokyo roster is pretty much set unless someone surprises Lang Ping. Zhu Ting was sent to Tianjin in order to build chemistry with Yao Di and Li Yingying, both most likely will succeed Ding Xia and Liu Xiaotong. Don't think they will make another Olympic cycle due to age. Both will be 34 in Paris.

    I think Lang Ping will go with 4 OHs and 3 MBs like last time so OHs will be Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying, and Liu Xiaotong. Last MB spot will be between Wang Yuanyuan, Yang Hanyu, and Zheng Yixin. OP will be Gong and Zeng. Setters Ding Xia and Yao Di. Libero: Wang Mengjie.

    If you asked me this in June after that that match vs Italy, I'd agree with you. But we've seen Yao Di's sets in club world championships to Zhu and Yuan. And with Zhu Ting injured, how could they really build chemistry and practice together?

    Better hope Ding Xia is on form for the entire Olympics (or at least the 3 knockout matches)

    I give these MBs:

    87-90: Xu Yun-li (retired) Luo Yu (retired) Wang Xian-fen (retired) Hou Jing (retired) Zhu Hui-jing (retired) Yang Jun-jing (active but weaker than herself)

    91-93: Yang Zhou (retired) Zhang Xiao-ya (active but weaker than herself) Qiao Ting (retired) Ye Qi (retired)

    94-95: Zheng Yi-xin (active), Li Wei-wei (active but injured all the time) Qin Si-yu (active but injured) Wang Ning (active but injured) Xu Jiu-jing (retired for study)

    OK. So most did retire.

    I forgot about Zheng Yixin, mostly because she looks young, but I forgot she's actually the same age as Zhu Ting and therefore older than Yuan Xinyue.

    I miss Yang Junjing so much.

    On another note, how on earth is it that Yuan Xinyue is the most experienced Mb other than Yan Ni? Yuan is 22 and Yan is 32. Wtf happened to a whole decade of middles?

    Given the recent performance at the cwc, who do you think Lang Ping will take to Tokyo?

    To me at least, there are 8 players going for sure:

    OH: Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, and Li Yingying

    MB: Yuan Xinyue and Yan Ni

    OPP: Gong Xiangyu

    S: Ding Xia

    L: Wang Mengjie

    That leaves four left, a substitute opp and setter, a substitute Mb, and most likely another outside hitter.

    Substitute setter really is key, since the setter is someone who (ideally) touches the ball every play. It's unclear if Yao Di is up for the task given this last tournament, yet it's hard to find anyone in place of her.